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Uh... I'm a boy but..

1. Do you spit or swallow? I would swallow
2. Why or why not? I would want to respect my dominant and I just don't see a reason why I should want to reject anything that he wants to give me.
3. Do you like it or not? I'm not sure if I would like it.

My "Ask me Anything" thread

20 / Male / Dominant
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1. Swallow.
2. I like to please. And I kinda like cum too.
3. Yeah.
Loves: Anything semi-public (nothing crazy!), pain, anal, orgasm denial, some breath play (I'm careful!), some things a little more taboo...

Limits: Severe pain, anything leaving scars, anything that will ruin my life basically.
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I prefer it if they swallow. Though I do have to admit it's hot if they choke on it and spit it up over themselves.
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