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Default Unlucky at cards

Me: No
Julia: I dare you
Me: No, not her
J: Why not, loads of girls have seen you naked, why not her?
Me: Because she is your little sister.
J: Not that little, only 14 months younger than me.
Me: Iíll think about it.
************************************************** *************
Me: Ok, Iíll do it, but there must be some reason for it, not just going to strip off in front of her.
J: Yay! Youíll think of something.
************************************************** *************
Me: I have it, you must help me arrange it though.
J: Of course, what is it?
Me: Well, you and I will play some games at your house, I will accuse you of cheating and come up with a game that you couldnít possibly cheat at, but you will be, so I lose.
J: A strip game?
Me: What do you think!
J: How does Sarah get involved?
Me: I pretend to come up with a card game and we get her to deal the cards so neither of us can cheat, but it will be fixed.
She deals us 1 card each, one of us turns their card over and the other looks at their card and the person showing their card has to guess if theirs is higher or lower.
J: What?
Me: Like this, S deals us 1 card each, I turn my card over, say itís an 8, you look at your card and I have to guess if it is higher or lower. Loser of each round takes something off.
J: How come you will always lose then?
Me: Easy, when you pick up you card, if you hold it by the top it is higher, if you hold it by the bottom it is lower.
J: Ahh! I see now.
Me: You will have to lose a round or two to make it look fair, but you will keep your knickers on!
J: No question of that, youíre the one taking yours off.
************************************************** *************
Me: How come you have won every game today? You must be cheating some how.
J: Nah, youíre just a rubbish bad loser!
Me: Lets play a card game where you canít cheat then.
J: Ok, prepare to lose.
Me: Iíll deal 1 card each and we have to guess if our card is higher or lower, Iíll show my card the first round, you show yours the second, ok?
J: I suppose so. Want to make it interesting?
Me: How?
J: Strip
Me: What, 1 item off for every lost hand?
J: Yes, scared?
Me: No, Iíll deal.
J: Hold on, if you are dealing you could cheat.
Me: well youíre not dealing, you could cheat.
J: what about S dealing, neither of us can cheat then?
Me: Ok, ask her.
J: Hey S, want to deal the cards for us, he cheats!
Me: Oooh!
S: OK, if you like, what do I do?
Me: S, deal one card each, one face up to us in turn, the other player looks at their card and we have to guess if that card is higher or lower.
S: Ok, tell me if I get it wrong.
Me: My card is a 10, I think yours is lower.
J: No, a Jack! Come on, shoe off.
S: What?
J: Itís a strip game.
S: Oh
Me: Deal again, J gets the face up card this time.
J: A 4, yours must be higher.
Me: 3, you lose, 1 shoe off.

J: I win again, now what shall I chose? Trousers or shirt? Trousers off
Me: OK, If I must.
ē Takes trousers off and stands in just tshirt and underpants *
S: Nice blue knickers
Me: Shh you.
J: Deal again
Me: I win, left sock off.
J: 2 shoes and one sock off, I like this game, you have lost shoes, socks and trousers, shirt next!
Me: Another round to me, other sock off
J: Yes, shirt off.
J: Only 1 more round to win.
S: Will he do it? Will you?
Me: only if I lose the next round, last one.
J: Spoilsport. Ok S, lets have the last round.
J: Yes, you have a 3, must be hÖ.., hang on, you smiled then, it must be lower.
Me: Shit!

J: Yes, I win, get your pants off!
S: I want to see.
ē Takes underpants off and throws them at S *
Me: There.
J: S, deal a card, thatís how many minutes he stays like that.
Me: A 9, nine minutes, start counting.
We will have to play this again, I will win next time.
J & S: In your dreams!
************************************************** *************
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Quite a cute little story.
How often do people really do set-up like this, I wonder? Lol.
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