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Default Magaluf 2017: Charlotte's Story

Author's note: Long-time lurker, first-time poster. This is the first time I've ever written a story of this length, so feedback would be appreciated. This is the first part of quite a number of parts, and there's a possibility of a sequel. Once I've finished the story, I may bless you with a picture of the "Charlotte" that I've based the main character on

Summer 2017. A-Levels behind her, University ahead. But academia was far from Charlotte's mind as she stood on the "booze cruise" boat off the coast of Magaluf.

It hadn't been her idea to come here, of course. It had been Megan's. Well, Megan, Ellie and Morgan had ganged up on Charlotte to persuade her to come. It would be a fun way to celebrate the end of A-Levels, they said. A fun way to spend time together before parting ways for September.

A "booze cruise" was definitely more Megan's scene than Charlotte's. Charlotte had always been the most innocent one of the group. Innocent in many different areas. Alcohol, sex, drugs, criminal records: Charlotte's experience was at best limited, and worst non-existent.

So to say she was feeling nervous at 3.05pm that afternoon would be an understatement.

"Wheel of Luck." That was the name of the game. Again, she hadn't exactly chosen freely to be one of the contestants. That choice had been, once again, Megan's. Charlotte's three friends had once again ganged up on her to persuade her to play. Within a few moments of the DJ asking for players, Charlotte was finding herself being dragged to the front of the deck. There wasn't a lot she could do.

And now she was standing third in line, out of four, in front of a slightly intoxicated crowd of 18-25s. Next to them was the DJ, and next to him the "Wheel of Luck." Twenty-four different segments, some red, most blue. Red segments had the name of a prize on it. Blue ones had the name of a dare or a forfeit. Except the names didn't give much away about what the forfeit involved.

The top red prize, the segment that made it all worthwhile, was a free holiday for four to Magaluf 2018. And the rules of the game meant the four players would keep playing until someone won the top prize. Charlotte was desparately hoping she would get lucky with the first spin. But, as we all know, these kinds of games are always fixed, and there was no way that was going to happen.

"And now," announced the DJ, "let's meet today's players!"
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Charlotte stood waiting her turn as the DJ went down the line asking the same five questions of each girl. She crossed her arms across her chest, covering the logo of the free Booze Cruise t-shirt each girl was wearing. The t-shirt was black, so Charlotte's turquoise bikini top didn't show through. The only other thing she was wearing were her matching boyshort bottoms. This was pretty much the attire of all the girls, except two were wearing denim shorts as well.

Jess and Hannah. Those were the first two players. Hannah was clearly in a similar position to Charlotte. Her friends had put her up to it. Jess was a pretty mouthy Essex girl who seemed tailor-made for this kind of game.

Then it was Charlotte's turn to answer the DJs five questions.

"What's your name?" Charlotte. Or Charl for short. That question was easy enough.

"And Charlotte, how old are you?" 18.

"Tell us one interesting fact about yourself." Charlotte had played in the national youth water polo team. That was interesting. Some cheers from the crowd.

"And what's your bra size?" This was a bit more awkward. Charlotte's answer wasn't as impressive as Jess and Hannah's. 32B.

"And who was the last person you fucked?" She had been dreading this question. Because she hadn't ever actually "fucked" anyone. Yes, Charlotte had reached the age of 18 without experiencing that particular pleasure. The crowd seemed to enjoy her answer. And Charlotte went bright red.

The last girl in the line-up was Emma, a fairly posh girl who seemed to be an expert at banter.

And with the interviews complete, the game was ready to begin. The crowd cheered. Charlotte took a deep breath. The DJ spun the wheel for Jess. Was it going to be her lucky day?
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The first spin of the wheel. The pointer stopped on a blue segment, with the title "Tongue in Cheek." The DJ explained the forfeit to Jess. She had to choose any other player and make out with them for 20 seconds. With tongues, obviously.

Jess eyed up her options. Charlotte avoided making eye contact. She didn't want to be chosen. She hadn't ever made out with a girl before. And she hadn't made out much with boys either.

But then Jess made her choice. "Charlotte, come here and let me snog ya!"

Charlotte took a few steps towards Jess and smiled nervously. Jess didn't wait around but lifted her hand up to Charlotte's face and guided her mouth towards her own. Her lips prised Charlotte's apart. Their mouths moved together. Their tongues met.

The kiss wasn't unpleasant, and yet it wasn't great either. It wasn't a romantic kiss, after all. Jess was somewhat half-hearted, Charlotte was somewhat inexperienced. And 20 seconds feels like a long time when you're kissing under obligation.

Finally the DJ called time. Charlotte stepped back into line, against the cheer of some teenage boys who were pleased at the display. She looked awkwardly at the floor. Time for Hannah's turn.

Hannah got lucky on her first spin of the wheel. Not the big lucky, not the 2018 holiday lucky, but a "free drink from the bar" lucky. Given the booze prices on the boat, that was still a valuable prize.

And it was that kind of spin Charlotte was hoping for as she stepped up for her first turn. She watched as the wheel turned: blue and red, blue and red, blue and red. And then it stopped, on blue.

It was time for Charlotte's first forfeit. She waited for the DJ to explain the meaning of the cryptic title: "Bananarama."
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I love this idea


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this sounds promising looking forward to more
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