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Target Walking around with cock out

When I was staying at a friends house I was walking back from work and decided to get my cock out while walking along the road. It's a rural area so I was relatively safe. As I got to the nearby village I was thinking that I would want to be a bit more risky so I decided I would start masturbating. I still didn't feel it was exiting enough so I stripped down to my boxers at which point I decided to wet myself, It felt pretty good since it was a cold day so the warmth was amazing. I walked a bit further at which point I saw 2 women around 30. After walking passed them I decided to lose the boxers since I couldn't take them to her house covered in piss so I left them hanging from a tree so I walked towards her house and finished in her driveway before redressing and then went inside her house and acted like there was nothing different.

Not so exiting but hope you enjoyed it.
likes: family, piss, semi-public, cum-play, edging, scat, animals.

dislikesain, messy.

limits: public, long time, permanent, involving others, heavy scat, face pics.
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