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Well if I actually had a partner I would want my partner to swallow my cum and I would swallow theirs
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everytime i cum in my wife's mouth she swallow i never had to ask or anything.
I love to watch her swallow, i think she feels naughty doing it and she loves kissing me right after which is fine by me
M/37/ straight

likes: cum dares, soft anal, edge
dislike: cross-dressing,
limits: public, semi public, permanent, pictures, diapers, candles, scat, ice, family, pee, pain

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Hand I love it

I find it sexy when girls swallow it greedily ... I love it when my gf looks up at me while with that playful smile and the greed for my cum.. It actually makes me cum more for her ... My ex used to spit it , i used to find it disreptful and i stopped cumming in her mouth altogether
Straight ! M ! Dom

Looking for the right sub
Are you the one
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Well, I prefer to swallow. Easy clean up and wonderful taste (most of the time). I also love it when a girl or guy swallows, especially when they seem to thirst for it, if you get me.
Likes: Anal Play, Wetting, Slight Food Play, Anal Stuffing (Food), Ice, Watersports, Age Play, Edging, Cum, Slight Scat, Mild Blood

Negotiable Limits: Pain, Crossdressing, Online, Slight Public, Wax Play

Non-Negotiable Limits: Public, w/ Others, Pee Drinking, Messy, Vomit, Scat Eating


PM Dares! Feel free to shoot some my way!

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Im a guy, and I swallow most of the time.

Kik is exposec9
PM me if you want to control my computer
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