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getDare Addict
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Location: netherlands
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I love my juices. Specially when i squirted and caught it in a bowl orso to drink mmmm
Ps same with cum lol

A pint of cum/juices a day keeps the doctor away lol
like: public, dressing, humiliation
limits: poop/pee, pain, family, pict, cam

Ps i dont own any panties, bra's or any other kind of lingerie
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Honestly I think it's the worst thing I've ever tasted.. I rarely ever taste it. Bleh.
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Senior Member
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I tried my cum once and it wasn't as unpleasant as i thought it would be, having said this i haven't done it again. I prefer my precum and consume this quite often

LIKES: foot worship, used socks/underwear, masterbation control, denial, cum play, submission, mild pain, ice, mild CBT
MAYBE: mild public, CBT, humiliation, cum eating, mild anal, pictures
DISLIKES: Pee/scat, public and family, permanent, illegal, webcam, body writing

Toys chastity device, 5.5" vagina sleeve, ball parachute with weights, a 6.5"dildo and a 4.5" dildo
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When I am drunk sometimes I've ended up watching CEI vids but once I cum I never had the desire to follow through. I think this is somehow a naturally selected trait amongst all hetero males.
Setting:26/M, have GF but live alone.
LIKES: Creative diabolical dares, Humiliation,
Body writing, Forced Masturbation, Messy.
DISLIKE: chastity/anal.
LIMITS: public, permanent, family.

wanna masturbate to a random person you know:
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Memories for Life
gD king
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Originally Posted by sm_limb View Post
I love my juices. Specially when i squirted and caught it in a bowl orso to drink mmmm
Ps same with cum lol

A pint of cum/juices a day keeps the doctor away lol
Unless the doctor has a huge cock then you can't wait to get your bare legs up in his stirrups!
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Junior Member
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I would love to do that after sex with a woman : ) have her want me to go down on her to lap my cum out of her : ) HOT fantasy!
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Old 03-18-2012, 08:35 PM   #22
Sunshine Daydream
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No, I only consume my fiance's cum :3
Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

Give me some dares for my gym class?
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Location: So-Cal, thats as close as you will get.
Posts: 83

Precum is fine, im horny already and its easy to lick up. But Cum is nasty...

If i blow directly into my mouth i can swallow it sometimes before gaging, but if i blow into my hand or onto a desk, it just sits there and i gag just thinking about trying to lick it up.

I do wish i could get past all that though, cause that is a really easy cleanup method >.>
Likes: X-Dressing, humiliation/embarassing, various levels of control.
Hard Limits: Gross/messy anything that will get me caught.
Ask me about anything else, odds are ill do it if its reasonable.

Always willing to cross-dress for the ladies, just have to ask me (and prove you are a lady)

Pi, a haiku:
Three point one four one
Five nine two six five three six
What am I doing?
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Senior Member
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I love my own juices. I never even considered trying it until about a year ago. I thought, heck, why not? Can't get enough of it now.
Female, BBW

So far:

Likes: Orgasm control/denial, insertion, bondage, pussy torture. Just being dominated in general.

Limits As everyone lists, anything illegal or permanent. Scat. Blood. Public or involving other people (exceptions when they're unaware) Photos (These are possible, but not for the general public). Anal

Clit vibe, normal insertable vibe, dildo or two, duct tape, nipple clamps, gag, blindfold, rope
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getDare Devil
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I don't mind my cum or pre cum, I don't set out to eat it or get turned on by it, but if I need to clean up in a hurry why not?
Likes: RISK of getting caught...dice dares...skill/forfeit challenges.

Dislikes cross dressing/feminisation, diaper, scat
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