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Default Ice, Tampons, Marshmallows - What are they like

I'm planning a self bondage setup for a few days time - My predicament self bondage - and was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the above up their ass.

I have done ice before but was wondering if the people who have done tampons or marshmallows could share their experiences. Im looking to dd one to the scene and want the feeling of being full and also having to hold on to them.

Thanks in advance.

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I cant speak for tampons, but I did try marshmellows once, without success. I couldnt get the marshmellows up my ass because they kept getting smushed and it was super sticky. But, i also had a really tight ass back then, and had no lube. I havmt teied it sence tho. Cant immagine tampons would be that bad, but might dry you out. They are super absorbant after all. I guess all i can say is be safe. And use plenty of lube. Your rectum can be rather sensitive.
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Please don’t stick tampons up your ass! I’ve worked in ER and we had several cases of people with tampons stuck in their ass. It was a thing some years ago to soak them in liquor first, and then insert them in order to get drunk in an alternative way. They thing is, they’re so absorbing, that they dry out and stick to your insides. The little rope to pull it out with, isn’t always strong enough for all that resistance.

Marshmallows should be safe. Just don’t do it if you’re a diabetic.
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Ice is freaking cold!
Tampons I only had in my nose so far
Marshmellows must be sticky and I wonder if I'd be able to get them out again
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Originally Posted by Jaroface View Post
Marshmellows must be sticky and I wonder if I'd be able to get them out again
I truly doubt that they would ever be lost given they are laxatives =p
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Ice really sucks, tampons will dry out and get stuck, marshmallows are messy but fun...
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Circus peanuts are basically dry marshmallows. They are a little easier to work with, but the only time I used them I felt like I had a pretty intense sugar rush and it kinda made me feel sick.
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(I'm not trying to be rude, it's literally dangerous for your health and poses a high risk of getting stuck and requiring medical help to remove)
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