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[QUOTE=naked40;148016]Please answer giving as much detail as possible, not just yes or no...

ASL 23/M/Finland

1 Have you held another guy's cock? Yup, on multiple occasions.
2 Has another guy held your cock? Yes, on multiple occasions as well.
3 Can you lick your cock? No, which is a shame.
4 Has a sibling held your cock? Nope.

5 Have you put a finger up your ass? Yes
6 Have you put a finger up another guy's ass? Nope, I don't really want to put anything inside someone else tbh.
7 Has your cock been in another guy's ass? See above
8 Have you had another guy's cock in your ass? Yes, many times.
9 What is the largest item you have inserted in your ass? Probably a medium-sized cucumber. Diameter around 5 cm I suppose
10 What is the largest item someone else has inserted in your ass? A buttplug, not a very big one.

11 Has another guy masturbated you? Yes, whenever I haven't been locked up while having sex.
12 Have you masturbated another guy? I have, it's so much fun.
13 What is the most times you have masturbated in 24 hours? I'd bet that most I've cummed in a day is like 5 times.
14 What is the longest you have gone without masturbating? A little over a month.

15 Has your cock been in another guy's mouth? No.
16 Have you had another guy's cock in your mouth? Yes, I love it!
17 What parts of other people, Guy or Gal, have been in your mouth? Basically all except for rimming one's ass.
18 What is the strangest thing you have had in your mouth? Uhm, I don't know? A dildo? Seriously, can't think of anything.

19 Have you swallowed your own cum? Yes, a couple of times.
20 Have you swallowed someone elses cum? If they cum in my mouth,
I swallow like a good boi.

21 Have you had someone elses cum on your face? Yes, once.
22 Have you had someone elses cum elsewhere on your body? If so, Where? Yeah, on my stomach.
23 Can you cum on your own face? Yes, I can, and I've done.

24 Have you slept with another guy naked? Yes, both sexually and non-sexually.
25 Have you seen other guys naked, (except in changing rooms etc)? In bed, in the sauna, skinny dipping and many other places. Nudity isn't exactly taboo in Finland.
26 Have you stripped another guy? Yes, sexy time is more fun when you are naked
27 Have you been stripped by another guy? Well, that too.
28 Have you been seen naked by gals? If so how many? A ton, in bed,
in the sauna (again), after the sauna, skinny dipping etc.

29 Where is the most public place you have been naked? A bar. Or the street outside it. We went for some naked shots from the bar closest to a friends house, maybe 200 meters from the bar. Downtown Helsinki.

and finally;
30 Do you dream of doing sexual things with other guys? If so what? Well, obviously :P Getting tied up and fucked mostly.
Likes; Anal, bondage, chastity, marks, humiliation, pain, hidden public, dice dares & bets, pics, emlalock.
Limits; Scat, illegal, family, social suicide/full public, extreme pain, very messy, permanent. Also wedgies and ABDL.
Anything else is up for debate.

My toys and PM dares.

My BDSM test and sexmap.
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