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Default What's Your First Action on getDare every day?

When you log in to getDare, what is the first thing you click on or the first thread you check? Do you go to a specific section on the forum? Do you check out your subscribed threads? Do you check out unread posts? Or check out the blogs?

My first action is to check the Ban List. I enjoy reading the mods' comments on the bans, especially those from RiskyFlame. It's a shame that such creativity is not widely visible.
Male, Straight, Dominant
Likes: Anal (giving), rough play, bondage, humiliation, degradation, objectification, obedience training, online control
Limits: scat, underage, playing with males, TV, XD etc; text speak

To play casually or long term with me, you must be able to prove your gender.

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My stories:
Non-fiction: Non-consensual Roleplay With a Stranger
Fiction: The Cabin in The Woods

My poems (yeah, poems):
The Winter
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I look through the front page and see if any of the last threads posted in look appealing to me, if not I head to the lounge games or slave/master area depending on my mood

Please don't pm me asking for dares unless I know you

Originally Posted by wewhoare View Post
alias - Secret agent of the Straight Doms Alliance, aka "Mr. Nick".
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Nick wild
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I check my subscribed threads and My pm’s
20 M sub to humans, alpha (switch) to other pets

Likes: animal role play, pet play, nudity

Limits: no public, no family/other people. No dares to buy things. no public Keep dares in my bedroom and bathroom

open to most sane and safe things

pics: (no face and I can turn down any without giving a reason)

Body functions: piss and cum-not on clothes/furniture. Scat-no eating
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I check the contacts popup, then usually check my subscribed threads.
Likes: strip games, dares, (mild) hidden/semi-public, light pain (sometimes), wagers, contests, games of chance, multi-player games.

Limits: denial, cross-dressing, slavery, face (until I know you well), gross, heavy pain, risky public, social suicide, you know, the usual...

Skype: trinoncemore
Kik: trinagain
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Whenever I log in, I always check private messages first to see if anyone with whom I chat with has sent me a message and then I go to Truths section in hopes of finding a thread which I find interesting. Sometimes I might read a particular thread before heading to Truths section, but that's not the case, usually.
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Usually straight on chat haha then check pms
I am OWNED i do NOT want a dom! Or to punish/dare anyone!!!


I want to be a good bimbo goth fucktoy for my dom... Feel free to use my pm dares to help learn to be obedient
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1) I begin by checking for private messages.
2) Then I scan the Blogs section for interesting topics.
3) Then I check how many unread posts there are - and if there are too many, I mark as read less interesting forums. (Less interesting at the moment, ie. It varies with my mood.)
4) Then I go through Unread Posts.
5) Most days I also check Albums and the Ban List.

I use Subscribed Threads mainly as a bookmarks list.
M/sexy and interesting, but middle-aged like Morrissey or Madonna
I'm especially keen on hidden/semi public stuff (preferably outdoors) and I like pictures (though I may not
want to share mine). I'm averse to anything unethical, illegal, harmful, painful, messy/unsanitary/dirty/icky
or otherwise unpleasant.

"You are a middle ashes male in your dig"
cstellecstelle" P U R V E Y O R c O F c W E I R D c B O N E R S "
"If it's any help, you can fall in love with me, but it'll have to remain unrequited" -- iSpuds
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[email protected]
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Firstly I see if there is any new interesting blog that I can read, If not then I see the latest posts and read if something catches my attention otherwise I move to the lounge games section and post in some threads. I also check the Ban list occasionally but it is generally my last action before logging out!

female/submissive/straight/ NOT looking for a Dom or a sub
Likes | Dislikes | Limits | PM Dares
Punishment Dictionary - A reservoir of creative tasks!

A bot with natural intelligence not artificial @
- Acronym courtesy a flower by the sea
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Checking private messages (if I've got a notification) and then browsing the unread posts to see if anything interesting's been going on.
M / 27 / Bi-Curious / Switch

Likes: Body writing, Cam, Crossdressing, Edging, Forfeit Games, Humiliation, Nudity, Pain
Love/hate (v.likely do anyway): A2M, (Small) Anal, CBT, Toothpaste
Soft Limits (break at my discretion only): Face, Pee, Scat
Hard Limits: Dangerous, Permanent, Public
More info: Sub Guide (likes, limits, toys) / Own my body

Denial status
: Denied 2nd Dec - 1st Jan (at least)

Skype: [email protected]

AMA / PM dares / 100 game - 93 points
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kurious kat
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First I go to Bets & Challenges to check on any threads I've volunteered for.

Next I usually check the Truth section for posts with titles that intrigue me or that have updated answers to interesting questions.

Finally, I browse other sections as the mood takes me, click on recent posts/blogs on the main page, or enter chat.
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I check my subscriptions.
Then I check the Truth section hoping there will something new and interesting to answer.
Finally I check the Blog section.

I used to do a lot more in the past like browse the TORD and Dares sections, but I hardly ever do that anymore.
Worm owned by
Princess Butterfly & Goddess Icey

Taunt me in my humiliating landing on 30 sentence!

Are you looking for a sub/little? Butterfly is searching for a daddy dom here!

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Browse/post loungegames and in parallel check notifications if any
F 28 bi

~~ shaping ~~

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I usually go to the dare section to see if anything new and interesting was posted, but sometimes I'll start off by the AMAs to see people's replies

Denied by Girls until 15/12/2017 at 1:01am UTC+2

Loves: Bondage, Orgasms, Anal, Orgasm Control
Likes: Gags, Nudity, Ice, Rope, Cum play, Dice Dares
Dislikes: Pain, Spanking, Wedgies
Limits: Public, Face Pics, Permanent, Illegal, Scat, Piss
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I always click on usercp first to see if I have any messages or any of my subscribed threads have any updates and then it is straight to the blog section.

After that I will check the unread posts and read through reported posts and approve photos that people have uploaded.
Faithfully devoted to my Husband and Devious Dom: Asslvr
We are searching for a Co-Dom
I own a worm's orgasms!
*~*~*~ Love/Likes/Limits ~*~*~*
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It is the spank dare and paying my loan off
My PM Dares Diaper humiliation - enema - suppository. only wear panties -ike public cross dress especially skirts- light public humiliation - self paddle.
Dislike scat, public spanking, exposing panties, may make exception as part of punishment.
Limit Family, illegal, local
A well thought out request will get more attention.
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action, getdare, truth

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