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Default Infractions

I'm unsure if this has been posted elsewhere before, if so please just trash this thread and point me in the right direction, but I have a question about infractions.

If you get an infraction does it ever go away? I know they expire, but I was wondering if they ever go totally away.

For example, I got an infraction over 5 years ago when I was fairly new to the site still. In my opinion it was a silly infraction as I was trying to explain something a previous poster had said. Admittedly I could have been a little nicer about it, but still, that doesn't change the reasoning behind it. It still makes me feel bad when I go to my page and see that "infractions" tab at the top. It's been over five years, I would've thought that would have gone away by now, especially since I haven't gotten another since.

I think that each infraction should disappear after 2 years (especially if no other infraction has been earned), let alone 5 years. If it is possible, can that be removed from my page, so I don't have to feel bad every time I see it?
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Infractions never go away, but as you said, they do expire. The only person who could possibly remove it is Rachie, and I don't know if she is capable or willing. Past infractions are helpful for mods to see on your page in case of any further issues.
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