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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Brazil
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I'm a student

Name: bzofxD
Courses: Marketing and Geography
Electives: Art
21 male and gay. Kik: bzofxD

Likes: feet and sneakers, orgasm control, moderate pain

Limits: poo, blood, permanent
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Join Date: Sep 2015
Posts: 64

Courses-arts and sciences
I am a slave to all of get dare, I must complete all dares that are sent to me

Limits: Outdoors, pics/videos

Likes: everything else
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I want to be a student!
Name: Maggie
Course- Medical and Vet
Elective: Choir
Likes: School dares, panties, pee control

Dislikes: Obviously Public, Sex, Illegal activities

Give me dares to do at school!
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Send a message via Skype™ to YN2911

For Sports students, it is time to try out for the football team. Each student needs to complete 100 crunches. While doing the crunches the back of your underwear needs to be tightly tied to back, so while standing you are in a small wedgie, but while squatting the wedgie is very taught.

As I am busy with tryouts, Science students, you are to study on your own today in class. This week we are learning about the works of Yuan T. Lee. In his honor you are each going to be assigned a type of porn to study.
Gay Men/FTM: Asian Lesbian Porn
Bi Men/FTM: Asian FTM Porn (see here)
Straight Men/FTM: Asian Pegging Porn
Gay Women/MTF: Asian 'Lesbian' Porn [Note: 'Lesbian' porn is porn designed for straight men featuring two straight women. Lesbain porn is porn by Lesibans for Lesbians. ]
Bi Women/MTF: Asian Shemale Porn
Straight Women/MTF: Asian Lesbian Porn
If you do not see your catagory PM me.
In order to properly prepare for the test, watch at least 10 hours of porn this week. Remember, I do not allow orgasms in class so please refrain from having any while researching.
21 / Male / Switch / Queer / 6'
Likes /Limits
PM List
PSSST I have a bias towards completed profiles.

kik: Boyno29
Unofficial PM Dare Commission
Chemistry and Gym teacher, and Football Coach
Triggers: "Bend over now"; "Cock Tongue";

Dont look
Now you have to send me a PM Dare!
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All choir students i want you to sing two songs in front of an open window naked if you chicken you may not cum today edge all you want though.

I have two spots open for my task so if you're interested send me a private message. you don't have to be in choir but it would be best as it may break a limit otherwise
My blog: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?u=138857

Likes-anal,edging,denial,simple,exposure,video game dares,hidden public,long,bondage(short term).

Limits-full public,involving family,scat,diapers,furry,messy.

If i fail a dare ill pm you to pick a punishment below!

ice play,weird porn,piss play(no drinking),long term bondage,how i sleep tonight.

pm me with a game dare and i will post it on my blog or do it myself!
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I wanna be a new student

Name: Lucy
Classes: Law and Vet
Elect: Costume Design
Looking for a Mistress or female to control my life
Call me Lucy
My Clothes
Last thing in my ass was: A large Dildo
I beg you, Please control my life(add ANYTHING)
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Join Date: Nov 2016
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Default Student

I am a student.

Name- Aaron
Courses- Masturbation and Porn
Elective- Gym-exercise

To teachers: i highly prefer Kik or Skype over pms as I am able to respond much faster, however, pms will work too.

My Kik is aaronB_5
Pm me for Skype.

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I'm in as a student

Name - S.E.

Courses - Marketing, Vet

Elective - Gym


Pm Dares

I'm currently looking to add more dares to my Pm Dare list. Send me one and I'll add it.

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Courses-Arts & Sciences
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dare, domination, fetish, getdare, school

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