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Default Post your sex map!

hey getDare! there's this handy-dandy little website that makes likes / dislikes / limits a whole lot simpler: humansexmap.com. in it, you can click on what you like or what you don't, what you want to try, and what is strictly fantasy.

so, i'm daring you all to share yours

here's mine!

i would personally suggest putting it in your signature because it makes life a lot easier

P.S. mods, i looked for a thread like this before posting, and couldn't find one, but feel free to take this post down if there is indeed one like this.
pm me anytime!
bisexual (prefers females) f/19
owned by Master Joe
toys: bullet vibrator (6 speeds/broken), one 5" dildo, a mini-hitachi wand, a blindfold, clamps, rope/duct tape and gag
likes: bimbofication, orgasm control, degrading, humiliation, anal, forced orgasms, hypnosis
PM dares
my fantasies
hypnosis site rankings
my humansexmap
feel free to PM me regardless of gender
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I really like this idea, going to add mine to my sig. Here it is.

Likes: Humiliation, orgasm control, edging, spanking, bondage, electrostim, cam/pics, fantasy blackmail, hidden public(or remote outdoors), light anal, light cbt, JOI, being controlled/forced

Dislikes: Short term denial (days), pee drinking, cum play, hard anal, face pics (trust is required)

Limits: Full public, scat, vomit, illegal, long denial (months+), social suicide, blood

Toys: Electrostim with cock straps and anal plug, general household items

Sub points: 12
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This was quite fun to do. =]
Male 18+.

Likes: Daipers and doing in them, Pacifiers, Bottles, Helplessness, Bondage, Enemas, Minor food isertation, Piss and Poo control, Vacuum beds and stuff.

DisLikes: Public, Piss, Poo and/or Cum eating, Poo play.

Limits: Family and Friends, Pain, Pics, Full public, Bloody, Illegal, Gore, Chastity.

Punishments: Enema, Long time Diapering, Long Self-Bodage, Piss/Poo control.
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There is mine. :$
Likes/Dislikes/Limits: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=83835

Punishments that I will always remember and a never expiring invitation at the end.
Click here: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=83834 PLEASE IGNORE THIS IT IS A LOST BET
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There's still plenty of places I'd like to go.

Completed this dare on 8/15/17:
As per the dare's rules I have to send the proof of completion to anyone who asks. Please PM me or send me a Kik at Cetaphile with your request!

Likes: furry, plushie, sadomasochism, cayenne pepper, genital torture, xenophilia, exhibitionism
Dislikes: anal, feet
Limits: scat, puke, blood/gore, permanent harm, public, family, showing face
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26 - male - gay

Likes: edging, cum control, ruined orgasms, anal, pee holding, omorashi, piss, enemas, humiliation, degradation

Punishments: scat, hidden-public, bondage

Limits: food, blood, pain, public, illegal, crossdressing

Are you a guy and do you want to humiliate me? Do you want to have a bladder duel?
Send me a message!
kik: atreyu1990
threema: VAW95EWB
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There is another one or two but it is really hard to find with search.

Mine: http://www.humansexmap.com/showmap.p...a0a85.68775457

My wife: http://www.humansexmap.com/showmap.p...13aa2.19439711
Likes: RISK of getting caught...dice dares...skill/forfeit challenges, semi public, light humiliation, exploration of cuckoldry/cuckqueaning, cock torture, sounding

occasional like/dislikeee, anal, pic/audio proof, dildo sucking/swallow, cum eating

Dislikes:light cross dressing, edging/denial, extreme humiliation, full public, mild ass2mouth, ball torture

Limits: Diapers, scat, full cross dress, pics/videos that could identify me
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dislikes, humansexmap, likes, limits

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