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Default Red light district transgender experience

Im from the Netherlands so excuse the poor writing ( i never write stuff)

So living close to Amsterdam has it's upside as the famous red light district is pretty close by home.

I was at work and the whole day i had felt horny and not just a little bit either.
So shift ends and i get in the car, only to see this huge traffic jam which i had to go through to get home.
Now im thinking to my self, my wife and home today....and im horny...and i have a little spare cash in my wallet, You know what ill go to Amsterdam and see if there is some nice girls out there.

I parked my car at the trainstation and took a small walk to get to the Red light district.
Having never done this before im actiually quite nervous to look the girls in the eye, let alone talk to them.

But after walking around for 45 minutes checking out the girls i finally gather the courage to walk up to one, it was a very pretty small blonde girl wearing a green body stocking.
I asked for a price and what that offered, she gave me a pretty standard price of 50 euros for a suck and fuck.
Not knowing what to expect i went in and well...i have had better sex she wasn't into it at all, just a bunch of fake moaning and seeing if i had finished( which i didn't since she turned me off with the fake over the top moans)
So i said i had enaugh after about 10 mins and went my way.

Pretty dissapointed having spent 50 on basicly nothing i walked through a couple more streets to end up at the blue lights( trans girls use blue lights instead of red).
Now it's safe to say that i have had enaugh fantasies that involve a transgirl but i had never seen them before in real life.
After walking past a few windows a couple of times one of them opened the door and called me over, her name was Paula.

As i walked over to just have a chat ( since i was broke after the earlier dissapointment) she asked if i wanted to suck.
I smiled and replied sorry but i have no money on me, which she didn't mind and replied "it's okay come on in"

Now im starting to get nervous thinking wait do i really want to do this?, do i really want to have a dick in my mouth?

Before i had my thoughts in line i was inside on my knees sucking a dick ( it was huge btw...23cm).
I never sucked a dick heck even touched a different one other than my own, but the idea that it was on someone with boobs and female looking somehow made it not gay in my head ( don't know how that works ).

After 5 minutes of being really bad at giving a blowjob she stopped me and asked THE question, Want to fuck?

Now at this stage my head was exploding , i just sucked a dick and now this person wants to fuck me aswell? what the hell do i do now?
Being flustered i replied that i didn't have money so i couldn't have sex.
Well i didn't even have time to finish what i was saying as she interupted me by saying "it's okay, you're ass is the payment" .

After thinking for about a minute and trying to find an excuse i agreed to do it and started undressing.
I got on to the bed as she laid me on my back asking if it was my first time, to which i quickly answered yes and asked that she take it easy.

She put on a condom and lubed me up, pushed my legs up and started pushing her dick against my ass.

Now to be clear, i had no previous anal experience other than maybe a finger, so a 23 cm long 6.5cm thick dick is very large compared to that.

As she pushed harder it went in, tip first followed by the rest.
At this point im in pain, my ass felt like it was being ripped to pieces and she hadn't even started moving yet!
She then slowly started moving in and out going in further every thrust untill she was fully in.

I was honestly hoping that it would start to feel good after a while but sadly that didn't happen.
She kept fucking me slowly for what felt like an eternity ( it was 4 minutes at most) before pulling out and tell me to get on my knees.
This is the part where i started to enjoy it a little bit , as she put me on my knees and slowly put it back in while slowly fucking me.
By now the bad feeling was fading and i started getting a hard one my self again, however this soon changed as she was done with the "gentle" fucking and out of no where started ramming my ass like there was no tomorrow.

The pain was unimaginable, yet there was a sense of pleasure aswell as somewhere during the ass pounding i somehow managed to cum.
She fucked me for a good 5 minutes like that before pulling out and quickly turning me around, taking off the condom and stick it in my mouth to blow her load ( great so i touched someone elses dick today, sucked it, got fucked in the ass and now i get a mouthfull aswell, and no i dndn't swallow)
After she came she just looked at me smiling while i laid on the bed trying to comprehand what had just happened to me.

I went to the sink to spit out the load i just got and washed the remains of my face and got dressed.
I thanked her for the free service and walked back to my car , the whole way thinking what the fuck just happened.

This was last tuesday and i still have a sore ass....
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Would you try the sex again? And was Paula passable?
Used to be a sissy, kinda moving away from it now
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not sure to be honest, maybe with on that doesn't have a weapon between the legs.

And she was definitelly passable
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