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I would rather not do either, but if I was forced to do one or the other, the cold night walk. I would even do the cold night walk for an hour over the daytime one for anything longer than a minute, unless I were allowed to cover parts or walk where people won't see.
LIMITS: Photos with face, illegal, involving others, permanent damage to body, poop, public exposure

NOTE: I am willing to do exposure in locker rooms, restrooms, and other semi-public settings (but deserve the right to say no to any exposure dare outside of a locker room or restroom)
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Originally Posted by andrew_b View Post
If you had the choice between walking nude at night but it being quite uncomfortable cause it was cold or to walk during the day but it would be comfortably warm

We shall say the night walk takes 10 minutes and the day one takes 5 minutes
Night time definitely

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Limits - Scat Eating, Piss Drinking, Blood, Social Exposure, Full Public

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Originally Posted by cheese_and_nacho View Post
Yes! Once, and not for a very large distance. Actually, it wasn't even outside, technically, but the place I lived in was very drafty, lots of open doors and windows, it was in the middle of winter, and the dead of night, and it was a hostel, which meant I lived with lots of other people. I was terrified someone might wake up, and my teeth was chattering, and it was so exciting!

I definitely want to try that again sometime.
Oh and what was the place you did it in?

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