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Default Clothing Donation

You are going to help charity

Dotted around, especially in supermarket car parks, you can find many clothing donation bins for various good causes. Park at least 200m from your chosen clothing donation bin. Go to the bin, strip out of what you are wearing, and donate it. Make sure it is properly in there - underwear too if you are wearing it.

Doesn't it feel good to help others? Bask in that feeling for a moment - at least till you realise you are naked in public with no way to hide. Dash back to your car/stored clothes and know that any who saw you appreciated your sacrifice
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I don't recommend this if where you live has laws around Indecent Exposure.

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Pretty good idea for a dare though!

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I have done this a couple times before. Hmm, time to switch out the winter clothes for summer clothes so maybe I'll find some to donate and try again.

Do you park a few spaces away? Across the parking lot? Perhaps the parking lot across the street?

For the comment on indecent exposure, so many dares on here are risky. So you have to look at where you will do it and if you don't like a particular area, choose a different donation box. And probably not in the middle of the day either... And of course, if the dare is too risky for you there are plenty of other dares to try.
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donation, public

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