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Originally Posted by kmacroxs View Post
Hey, if you're facing an unpleasant situation IRL, then we understand. We're not completely selfish (some of us, anyway). I wish you the best with said situation.
Glad you understand Thanks for the support.

Originally Posted by em52388 View Post
I agree with kmacroxs. RL comes first and I hope everything works out for the best.
Thank you! Things aren't necessarily calming down, but are becoming more manageable around here.

Originally Posted by Nick View Post
This is an amazing story! Both of you are fantastic writers! Keep up the great work!
Thank you, glad you are enjoying the story. I was able to write a few days ago, now I'm just waiting on my partner to find some time in his hectic schedule. Hope to post soon!
Hey! Did you see my ad in the slave/master area? No? Well that's because there isn't one! So please, save us both some time and don't PM me asking me to serve you or dominate you.

My stories: Kristy's New School (completed), It Started At Camp.

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