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Default Lock Out Dare... at Work!

A few weeks ago I learned the hard way a lesson about keeping your social and professional lives separate. My boss came to me near the end or work and asked if I was doing anything tonight. We're fairly close and keep each other apprised of the things we do outside of work. That particular night I was free, my first free evening in a while, and I had planned to spend it playing the newest Zelda game. Unfortunately, when I told my boss I was free he dumped a new project in my lap. Deadline: the following morning. And not late morning but before 9:00 am so the client would have it first thing.

I sighed but got to work. At least I got a free meal out of it as my company allows you to order delivery if you plan to work past 8:00 pm. It was around eight when I took a walk around the office to stretch my legs. The office was completely empty. That's when an idea hit me. My office has no security cameras so why not drop my pants and underwear right there! I did it immediately just outside the main conference room. It was a bit of a thrill but as I knew the office was empty, even the cleaning crew had already gone through and left, it didn't feel as daring as I had hoped.

I went back to work and started thinking about things I could do while I was here alone, stuff more daring than basically pantsing myself. Something daring but not too risky. I didn't want to get fired.

I finally settled on the lock out dare. It's fairly simple concept. Go place a key somewhere, then lock all your clothes up in a car, house, room, or even a box. Now you have to go naked to the key to find your clothes. I had done this before at my house, placing my keys across the street, but it hadn't been much more daring than just streaking across the street with the exception that I couldn't chicken out.

But to do it at work... that would be fun! I grabbed my key and exited the office. My office is in a small building with only nine floors. My floor was shared with two other companies which both looked very empty as well. I propped open a door then looked around the common areas trying to decide where I wanted to hide my key. Eventually I settled on the men's room which was about fifty feet down the hall and around a corner. I placed my key behind a trash can.

Then it was back to my office. I went all the way back to my desk. I looked around and listened one last time before I stripped off all my clothes and placed them on my chair. As I headed towards the door, I hoped no one decided to come back to the office. I paused at the door. This was it. Once I closed it there was no coming back till I got the key.

I shut the door. I was locked away from my clothes completely naked. My heart was racing as I quickly walked down the hall. Every noise made me jumped, even that of my own feet on the carpet a few times. I made it to the men's room without incident and grabbed my keys.

On the walk back I heard the elevator ping just as I was about to pass it. I scrambled back around the corner and breathlessly listened. If I heard anyone I would retreat into a stall in the men's room and wait a long time before exiting. I heard a few chuckles and soft talking and then the elevator doors closed. I counted to twenty before daring to crawl back down the hall. I peeked around the corner to the elevator lobby. No one. I sprinted the rest of the way and fumbled quite a bit before getting my key in the lock. I breathed a sigh of relief when I was back inside my office. It was then a short walk to my desk, redress, and finish the project.

The only thing I was missing was a co-conspirator to watch or join me in the fun.
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That would give me such a rush. Loved reading it.
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