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Location: down on my knees ready to please
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Main theme: sissy dress up, sissy exercises
How many task:about 5
Difficulty: medium
Likes/ types of task: humiliation, dressup, bodywriting, tease and denial
Comments: thank you
straight, 29,germany, 7cm, 85D

Loves: sucking ass
Likes: Bladder control, humiliation, soft selfbondage, tease and denial, forced bi

dislikes: gay

Limits: public, scat, cbt, pictures

Toys: Handcuff, Chastity Cage, Ballgag, Ringgag, Anal Plug

I fantasize about licking and sucking guys ass holes, girls do nothing for me anymore

my PM: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=80185

BDSM Test: http://bdsmtest.org/r/7335769
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Thank you for your work!

Main theme: Anal
Sex: male
How many task: 3-5
Difficulty: medium-hard
Likes/ types of task: everything in my signature
Comments: I'd love a 50:50 mix, where half is good and half is bad...
25/m/Europe/mainly straight/switch/7 inch dick
Loves : (especially creative) humiliation, edging, (not my own) feet, cbt, sissy-training
Likes: bondage, pain, feminization, chastity, anal, cum, e-stim
Soft Limits : Pee, enema, messy
Hard Limits: diapers, Scat, social suicide, permanent
My PM dares: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=71297
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Main theme: Predicament Self Bondage
Sex: Male
How many task: 5+
Difficulty: hard
Likes/ types of task: Likes are in sig. For types, looking for positions to hold, release methods, length, and any accessories to make it more....interesting.
Comments: Looking for something that would be challenging and make me pick between a rock and a hard place

Likes: Bondage, anal, edging, ice, toothpaste orgasm control/denial, hypno

Dislike: humiliation, extreme pain, ball busting, pet play

Limits: Blood, scat, public, illegal, water sports, family

Kik is Rinzler94

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I'd like to request another

Main theme: Inflatable buttplug
Sex: MTF Trans
How many task: Your choice
Difficulty: hard
Likes/ types of task: Anal, Anal stretching, Anal gaping.
Comments: Anal only.
24, usa, mtf trans.

Likes: Anal, Anal Stretching, heavy anal, pee, bondage, Sometimes A2M
Limits: using penis, cbt, food, toothpaste
WON'TS: Scat, feet, public, family/friends, show face, body writing, hard pain, diapers

Toys: 7 inch long dildo widens to 2 inches wide near the bottom, 2 inch buttplug, inflatable buttplug, large (3.8 inch at widest) cone bottle, medium sized flashlight, whisk with phallic handle

No Kik
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Main theme: Crossdressing
Sex: Male
How many task: 5 or more
Difficulty: Hard
Likes/ types of task: Semi public, crossdressing, sissy, anal, bondage, wedgies
Comments: Make it as hard as possible. I want to be as fully bimbotized as possible.
locked in chastity until August 22nd, 2018 Add days here!http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=309693

SEND DARES HERE (i'll send proof to where you want) https://lolascenekid.sarahah.com/

male.Sissy. Give me dares to punish my clitty!
Likes: wedgies, cross dressing, bondage, hypnofiles, anal, TOTAL FEMINIZATION, semi-public
Limits: Scat, full public (definite exposure, cbt, messy (only involving being clothed/poop/pee)

PM Dares!/Xdress Clothing
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Send a message via Skype™ to subjoi

I am a male looking to get 3-7 tasks, I am looking for something slightly challanging, I love to play with my Male chasity device the CB6000 and go for drives or to stores gym shower room,I also have other tools like a Penis Pump, Penis head vibrator, and also a prostate vibe.

My only limits are toothpaste, Involving other directly,Food play and SCAT..(you can check out my pm dares to get into "my swing of things"

I would appreciate any roulette you can make

21/m/new sissy wannabe/ 7.5" cock/clit

Loves: Sissy slut training, wear female clothing
Likes: humiliation, CBT, JOI, Cum eating, webcam play, Lite anal, games/bet, fap-roulettes
Dislike: heavy anal, extreme pain, shaving,
Limits: public humiliation, Piss/scat, pics or video with face

Get your very own costume fap-roulette for free here:

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Join Date: Jun 2017
Location: Scotland
Posts: 37
Blog Entries: 1

Likes: Wedgies, Hidden public, Messy not to much to clean up though, sleeping dares, private, crossdressing, underwear, slight pain, underwear stuffing, poop
Limits: family, Film, or Pic, Public, Blood, Toothpaste, cum, masturbation, buying, shit/piss eating

I'm not using get dare very much so get me back into it please by giving dares

Crossdressing items: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/album.php?albumid=13637
I don't have toys
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Apollo J
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Main theme: pants poop
Sex: m
How many task: 4
Difficulty: medium
Likes/ types of task: my likes are in my bio
Likes: pet play, age play, pooping and peeing my pants, diapers, semi public
Dislikes(might do) humiliation, full public, food
Hate: blood, permant family friends cutting
Please send pants poop, pee, and diaper tasks for me to do
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Location: Netherlands
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I like the idea and would like a roulette please.
Main theme: Cum eating
Sex: Male
How many task:4
Difficulty: easy medium and hard: medium
Likes/ types of task: likes are in sig
Comments: I have no toys or cage.
Dutch guy here.
Kik: aronvondam
likes:bondage, cum control, orgasm denial, edging, ruined orgasm, cum eating, humiliation, name calling, pet play, anal.

dislikes: pee, self bondage, spanking.

Limits: scat, social suicide, public, body writing, blackmail, blood, family, illegal, permanent damage, enema, animals, rape, gay.
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