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How straight or curved is your cock, when fully erect?
Curved, though less curved than a banana. Not sure how to describe it.
Pull back your foreskin and inspect the crevice just behind your cock head. How clean is it right now and what does it smell like?
What foreskin? Its as clean as the rest of my body, and I cannot describe what it smells like.
Did you ever ask for a date or use a pick-up line but got rejected? If so, what did you say and what was the response and/or reaction?
No, I haven't.
When did you last pee? How much and what exact color (shade of yellow) was it?
An hour ago. I don't remember how much or what color it was.
What, exactly, are you wearing right now? Name all clothes, accessories and possible jewelry and name the color and fabrics too.
Dark blue Nike basketball shorts, black Hanes briefs (underwear), blue collared shirt, glasses, and a black digital watch. No idea on fabrics.

Daring Questionnaire (10 questions)
Male / 24 / Likes and Limits
One Hundred Game Score: 85
Denied by Girls Until: Dec. 5, 8:19 AM (GMT -8)
Last Orgasm: Nov. 2
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Did you ever have phone/skype/voice call sex with someone? If yes, who? If not, would you?
I have not but it sounds like it would be fun. If the right person wanted to I would definitely be ok with it.
What did your last poo look like in terms of shape, structure and color?
It was normal shaped and brown. It wasn’t really big.
How many consecutive push ups can you do?
What was the last thing you bought? How much did it cost?
A 6 pack of Hanes briefs for $12
What is the most disgusting thing you have ever done? Why did you do it?
One time I tried to cum only using a vibrating prostate massager. I felt like I was about to cum, but instead of orgasming I peed all over myself unexpectedly. I was trying to cum using a prostate massager for a dare
Kik UndiesSlave

likes: underwear control, wedgie, orgasm control/denial, femdom, hidden public, light humiliation
dislikes: cbt, chastity
limits: cross dressing, scat, public,
face pics, friends and family

PM Dares
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What do you usually wear to bed?
Shorts and a t-shirt or a tanktop.
What do the fingers of your dominant hand smell like right now?
Nothing. Water, I guess.
Who is your favorite porn star and why? What part of his or her body do you like most? What part of his or her body do you like least?
I don't know any porn stars, sorry.
How often do you have diarrhea? Did you have it last time you pooped?
Not very often. No.
What type, color and fabric of underwear are you wearing right now?
Not wearing any underwear right now.

Likes: Pussy stretching, anal, verbal humiliation, edging, hidden public

Limits: Blood, food, scat, piss, friends, family, permanent, pics

Toys: 7 inch dildo, curved silicone plug, small steel plug, bullet vibrator

Send me tasks to stretch my out my little pussy
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Do you have any tattoos? If so, where exactly? Be as specific as possible.
I don't have any tattoos but I would like one on the back of my neck
Which do you, or would you, enjoy more? Vaginal sex or anal sex? Why?
Vaginal sex because for me it brings more pleasure and there are more things you can do with a vagina
What was the last thing you failed?
Off of the top of my head... Probably an orgasm denial task here on getdare
Do you have any piercings? If so, where exactly and what kind? Be as specific as possible.
I have an industrial bar on my right ear
How hairy is your asshole right now? Do you shave it? If so, how often?
I don't shave my asshole but in all fairness it's not that hairy

Do you listen to music when you masturbate?
Likes: Denial, Toilet control, Hypnosis, Exhibitionism
Limits: Showing face, Videos, Messy, Public

Feel free to PM me for any dares or just a good chat!
Kik: zzutter
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Have you ever eaten something that came out of your ass? If not, would you? What about somebody else's ass?
I'm not into eating anything from my ass.
I have tasted my own poop, but only after having had a finger up my ass, dried it with paper, then licked it. Actually I did that today.
I would eat very small amounts of my poop if it would mean I could get away from other/worse punishments, but not very willingly. If I am to be honest, being blackmailed into doing that is a fantasy...

Of all the questions you've seen in this game (yours or from others in the thread), which is the most extreme and why?
Not read any but the first two in this thread, so I don't have much to go on.
The poop one might be it tho.

How many different cocks have you sucked in your life? If the answer is none, why not?
I have never sucked a cock. I have no interest in men at all.
I would (sort of) enjoy it if it was a female forcing me(possible?), while tied up, to suck a males dick. I would not enjoy the cocksucking itself.
Futa on the other hand is a different story, but not something that is likely to happen in real life.

What’s the most embarrassing item you’ve ever used to get yourself off?
I struggle to remember any but my own hand, but the water beam from a shower-head if that counts?
Do you paint your toenails? If yes, how often, what color(s) and why?
No. I would however if I could get away with it without anyone noticing.

I got a post about if women wear t-shirts only. I did not think it would be nice of me to answer a question targeted at females.

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