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Well, I also rolled a six to start so here goes:

SECTION 1: Masturbation

1: Right hand or left? Right hand.
2: Slow or fast? A good mixture of both. I like to start slow and edge but then get faster as I get closer. Although it's been quite a while since I've done that. ;u;
3: Porn or none? I nearly always use porn.
4: Toys or none? Yes to toys! A good plug or dildo really makes a lot of difference.
5: Lubed or dry? Dry.
6: Bed or shower? Definitely bed.

SECTION 2: Celebrities (in bed)

1: Zac Efron or Leonardo diCaprio? Zac Efron. I mean, look at him.
2: Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, Ulraviolet) or Cameron Diaz? Milla
3: Barack Obama or George Bush? Barack Obama 100%
4: Michelle Obama or Laura Bush? Michelle Obama
5: Vanessa Hudgeons or Miley Cyrus? Vanessa
6: Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Opera (phantom), Nim's Island, P.S. I Love You) or Antonio Banderas? Gerard Butler, he's a daddy ;3

SECTION 3: Fetishes

1: Feet or piss? Uhh, feet, I guess
2: Armpits or nipples? I love burying my face in someone else's armpits but prefer having my nipples played with.
3: Ice cream or pudding? Ice cream
4: Piercings or tattoos? Piercings
5: Caucasian or Asian? Uh, either
6: Leather or chains? Leather, but closely followed by chains ;3

SECTION 4: Pornography

1: Fetish porn or plain old sex? Nearly always fetish porn
2: Gay porn or lesbian porn? Gay porn
3: Furries or rubber? Furries
4: Doctor's office or school? School
5: Animated or live-action? Live action
6: Anal or oral? Anal

SECTION 5: Rituals

1: Shower/bathe in the morning or at night? I'm a morning showerer
2: Sleep naked or not? Sometimes, I prefer just some underwear tho
3: Masturbate in he morning or at night or not at all? At night, when I'm allowed
4: Wash hair or body first? Hair comes first
5: Put on pants before socks or socks before pants? Usually the pants come first
6: Get online right when you get up or later? Right when I get up


1: Teeth or tongue? Tongue~
2: Head or whole shaft? The whole thing
3: Condom or bare? Definitely bare
4: Lube or not? My spit works best as lube
5: Giving or receiving? Definitely giving :3
6: Standing or kneeling or sitting? Kneeling

SECTION 7: Basic Sexy Crap

1: Boys: Boxers, boxer-briefs, briefs, none, or other (specify)? I prefer panties and jockstraps
2: Would you rather a dick (yours or someone else's) be cut or uncut? I prefer uncut tbh
3: Virgin ass or not (Yours)? Mine is definitely not virgin
4: Ice or hot wax? Ice
5: Nose or assh*le? Asshole
6: Electricity or fire? Electricity
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