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Default Shaving your butt

I want to know if anyone here likes to keep their butt shaved and if so what are the downsides that people don't expect and what do you really like
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I do this occasionally. One of the downsides has to be sitting on skin with razorburns/ingrown hairs :P.

The nice thing is no stubborn hair that's in the way, and it looks more attractive imo.
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I try to keep my ass shaved, but genetics does not always help me keep it smooth. Aside from the logistics of actually shaving between the cheeks, hygiene is probably the most unexpected challenge I've noticed. Yes, a smoother, clean surface is easier to maintain, but the loosening of a certain gateway that comes as a result of the reason many of us shave our butts can cause an increase in gaseous anomalies. Hair in the area can break the surface tension of the offending bubbles, keeping them contained. However, without the hair, the first obstacle is the underwear...

(Translation: hair keeps fart bubbles from leaving brown stripes on your underwear. Gross, but true.)
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I used to shave my ass before I started getting laser hair removal done. The only downsides were occasional razor burn and ingrown hairs. Otherwise, it is nice to have a smooth behind!
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