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Default I got caught by my friend

This story is based off zig888's 'puppy play dice dare'.

Chapter I

I was in the middle of the dare when my friend walked into my room. I was there on my hands and knees, with a dog collar on my neck, which was tied to my bedpost. He smiled evilly and quickly snapped a photo and said, "I will post this everywhere if you don't do what I say!" He then bound my hands behind my back (in a painful way) and kicked me hard in the balls.

He looked at my computer and saw the dare I was doing. Another evil grin.

"Well now what's this?" He asked, while standing on my penis. At this point I was screaming blood murder, so he gagged me with 3 socks on my floor and duct tape (around my head at least 15 times).

He saw the dares and made me do them. He got cooked beef, yogurt, watermelon chunks, his piss and my cum in a blender, and made me eat it on all fours with my hands behind my back.

He bound me up to my bedframe and shoved his cock in my mouth. I thought I was meant to suck until a warm liquid filled my mouth. His piss.

Then he put the collar back on me and re-applied the gag. He attached the leash and pulled me down the stairs forcefully, so I fell slightly.

He went into the kitchen and picked up a wooden spoon.

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