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1. What is the most taboo thing you've thought about?
Well, i don't remember anything specific, but i guess my regular bestiality fantasies in various forms would qualifiy for that.
2. Worst taboo thing you've actually done?
Hm, nothing too fancy, i'm afraid. It would probably be the time i masturbated in a train compartment. The train was almost empty (at least the train car i was in definitly was and the ones next to it were as well) and i got horny, so i dropped my pants, stood up in front of the window and just jerked off. Just before i had to get off the train, well ... i literaly got off and shot my cum against the window. Thing is, it was night, the train was lit from the inside and it was going through the city, through villages and along a busy road, so pretty much anyone looking at the train could have seen me. Does that qualify as taboo ?

3. Are you interested in incest, if so with who?
No, never really though about that. Maybe some smaller 'indecent' thought about a cousin of mine when i was a teenager - because she was freaking hot back then - but nothing more.

5. Have you ever acted on it, if so what did you do?
No, haven't.

6. Do you get turned on by piss?
7. Would you ever drink it?
Same answer to both questions - Hell no. I would probably try a lot of crazy stuff given the possibility, but piss and scat are just a no-go. For me, that's nasty and not in t he fun way.

8. Have you ever licked, or have had your asshole licked?

9. What is the youngest age you would hook up with?
This ... is a tough one. Age of consent where i live (Germany) begins actually as low as 14 (though if you are above 21 you can still be prosecuted if you sleep with someone between 14 and 16 as long as there is any form of exploitation is involved, say for example a teacher/student-relationship. It requires the juvenile or his or her parents to file a charge with the police though. if that doesn't happen, it's not illegal per se) and the definitive age of consent is 16. At that age and above, sex is completely fine by law, even with adults - as long as other laws aren't broken, of course (rape and such). And yeah ... i'm 29 now, and i think i'd consider 16 okay, depending on whether i think the person in question seems mature enough.

10. What is the oldest age you'd hook up with?
Can't say. Depends on how attractive i find the other person.

11. How old are you?
29, as stated above.

12. Are you curious in anything gay?
Yes, at least when i'm horny. Weird thing is, i'd probably suck anotehr guys cock given the chance, let him suck mine and fuck him or get fucked, however, i would never kiss another man.

13. Have you ever done anything with the same sex, if so what?
Nothing particularly special until know, just jerked in front of some other boys when i was younger. Friends of mine, i was allready masurbating, they weren't and they asked me to show them, so i did.

14. Would you let a dog lick peanut off you dick/asshole/vagina?
Well, as stated under the first question, i do fantasize about bestiality here and then. So i'd like to think that i'd do it, given the chance. However, i might still chicken out if it actually came to it, so i really don't now. But i tend towards 'Yes'.

15. Have you done anything with a dog, if so what?[/QUOTE]
Well, when i was a young boy my uncle's dog humped me. However, i was fully clothed, i didn't know what he was doing and i certainly didn't ask for it and thought he just wanted to play, so that probably doesn't count Apart from that, nothing.
I'm a 25 year old male

Love Masturbating in hidden public or semi public

Likes Nothing specific, like to try all sorts of things

Limits Pain (may be okay in a certain range though) , family, other people's stuff (with exceptions), pee/poo (definitly a no-go for me), diapers, bladder control, enemas, stuff that could get me into serious social/legal problems, public pics and pics for complete strangers (though that may vary)
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