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If your still making them

I'd love one with cum eating, anal and something of your choice

Looking forward to it!
I am honest, friendly and obedient. I enjoy many things, by my fav is anal, tasks and punishments.

My likes mainly include: Anal, Edging, Tease/Denial, Semi/Hidden Public, Tasks/Dares, Ice, Soft Crosdressing, Soft Cum play.

Dislikes: Pain, Soft Pee Play, Soft Bondage, Cum Eating (as punishment).

Limits: Scat, Family/Friends, illegal activities, Much Pain, CBT, Blood, Permanent Marks.
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I will be simple, base it off of my likes and send me the link to it once you are done with it. I hope you don't spend too long on it.

30 || bigender || Pansexual || Little Sissy

My Name Is Alexis
2-Week Trial Period with Grand.Master691

Loves: Feminization, Cumplay, Edging

Likes: ice, anal (light and medium), oral, orgasm control

limits|PM dare list|My items
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Would love one dealing with chastity.
Sissy looking to be locked in chastity.

Single and bisexual. 54, 5'8", 160 lbs, in the USA.

Likes: chastity, humiliation, exposure, panties

Limits: blood, scat, anything illegal


Kik is Pocono333
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There is only like 5 I know of that are wedgies.
Bi but likes women slightly more/Toilet fag/19/Sub/5 inches


Likes: Pee/Wedgies/Toilet dares/ Eating or Licking Disgusting things

Limits: Social Suicide/Extreme Pain/Blood/Blatantly public/Expensive/Eating lots of scat

PM Dares- http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=83873

Rules I have to do-http://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=83875

Eat-I will eat whatever you PM me.
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