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Default Going past the 'Public' limit.

So I guess itís obvious that public is a limit.

Now I would like to point out, I'm not averse to doing dares/things in public, but I am more comfortable choosing when, how and why I am naked/ exposed.

This little story is about the time I was having some... fun... along the banks of a river. What river it was, isnít really important is it?

So my day begins as it normally would; wake up, freshen up, have breakfast (I love cookie crisps and cold milk) and try to find a way to spend my time. It had been raining the days before, but today was a welcome break- a lot of sunshine, so I decided to make the best use of it.

I packed a hiking bag with food, lots of water, my camera and I was off. I was wearing grey sweat pants and a tshirt, but since it was cold, I had a fleece jacket over. When I had started the day, I hadnít really planned for it to be kinky, and I spent a good half hour clocking photos, until I reach this treeline which separated the river banks from the village. That's when I decided to become a little adventurous.

Naturally, I started slow- I pulled down the sweats and my underwear until my dick and balls were exposed, and I continued walking. I found this beautiful place in the beach, made into the rocks and trees, there was a fireplace and a wooden sitting arrangement. By the time I had reached this place, I was already used to being exposed, so my dick wasn't aroused- I guess I was just used to it by then.

So I decide to strip and relax. And I second guess a little, but figure its a now-or-never situation: I knew I had to do this now, or Iíd wriggle my way out. So I did. I stripped, neatly folded my clothes and sat there.

The first five minutes were the most jumpy for me. I kept looking around, wondering if I was being seen, but I had been in that area for weeks before and I knew the place and I also knew it was secluded.

I took a few photos next. Not for sharing them, just to be comfortable being naked in public: thereís something about it which didnít really work like I had hoped it would so I stopped. I pondered if I should skinny dip, but I hadnít really brought a towel or something, and the water was fucking cold to do it.

Skipping to the boring parts where I just walk taking photos, while coming back the way I had gone, a few hours later, I spotted a couple, near the place I had my bag in the morning.

Now I had been naked for long enough to be comfortable to walk, but I couldnít really do it, because I also spotted a small kid (it turned out to be their daughter. I guess.) so I did the one thing I felt right, and I put on the sweat pants. I had (wisely? Thankfully?) decided to carry my bag with me and was quite relieved I hadnít left my clothes there: had it been only the couple, it wouldíve been awkward, but I wasn't going to go nude in front of a small child.

That's how I walked back and nobody was the wiser that I had had a very...exhilarating experience (I hope)

A/N: I'm not really sure why Iíve decided to start writing this down, but I hope you like it. PM me your stories if youíd like! Or email them. whatever you prefer.
a switch looking to have some fun

Limits: permanent, public, illegal, social suicide, photos/videos, scat, blood

Likes: humiliation, hidden public.

be creative and add in anything you wish to it as long as its not a limit!

interested in talking to me? my kik username is same as that on getdare

since you opened this, you now get to either give me a dare or ask one from me :)

Big thanks to DanB258 for the avatar

love the way you lie
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