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Default The Public Holiday

Do note that this story is fictional and all names are randomly given names. Any form of resemblence is pure coincidence and ahould not be taken seriously. I do take some inspriation for the story from real life but the story is fictional. As this is my first story, do give me feedback on how I am doing and whether you would like to see more.

This is just some basic infomation of me in real life. I am a gay male and come from Asia, so the story might feel like it is set in Asia which in fact, in my imagination, it is. Here is the story, set in 2017, I will try to alter the language to suit it to a wider audience but just try to understand it. The language structure might be weird but it's part of the way we speak here. I hope you enjoy it!

The Public Holiday [1/2]

My name is Ken, I am gay, 15 years old this year and short 164cm. I am currently still studying in Secondary School, in Year 3. (Aka High School)
I had just recently found out I was gay in 2015, realising I had a crush on a friend named Zed. I knew Zed from our common CCA (Co-Cirricular Activity) and he is a nice guy, set at a height of around 173cm with his beautiful eyes and his good sense of humour. We have a hobby of playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) every Friday and Saturday, skyping as we play.
I had at first felt that he was gay too, like me. Once even had the feeling that he might too have a thing for me. He sort of touches me like gently on the arm and we hold hands for fun and jokes, he also likes putting his arm around me sometimes you get the idea. But generally, the guys in this school are just more, touchy-touchy. Probably just the way the school is. This is quite bad for a gay guy like me, I would't want to get too touchy with any guy just because hey are touchy. It makes me feel bad, they think I'm straight but I'm not and that makes me feel bad if I have too much physical contact with them. If they do ever find out that I am gay, what would they do?
But when it comes to Zed, I don't really care, feeling the warmth of his hand and his arm when he wraps his arm around my shoulder, I won't pull away from that!

But this story isn't about him, its about his other friend, named Len. Len is set at 170cm and was Zed's Primary School (Aka. Elementary School) classmate for 2 years. They were sort of best friends and they used to play games together as well. I get jealous whenever Zed plays and prioritizes Len over me, I often get sad and cry. It just feels sad to me. But Len is also my good friend, we know each other as we are in the same class. Len likes ducks for no apparent reason and I think that's kind of funny. Len does have his own group of best friends too and I am kind of glad to be in it. After all, I don't really have a best friend.

"It's finally over! Tomorrow is also a public holiday, ye boi!"

"I know right, oh my god, it has been such a long week!"
I replied.

"Gonna go home and sip on a cup of tea like an elegant duck."

"Better not choke and quack your tea out."
I said with a chuckle.
Len smiled back at me, grinning, "Hey, wanna go eat lunch tomorrow, maybe after going to your house or mine?"

"Kk, sounds fine."
It would be nice to have a little social life for once, maybe I won't just be staying at home playing computer games this time.

We spilt our seperate ways home and as I walked home, I was thinking about Zed, I wonder if he has any plans tomorrow. If he dosen't, and I go out with Len,
I would have wasted opportunities to maybe Skype or play with him. I shook my head, it would be better for me to go out and have a better social life.

Its Wednesday and it's drizzling early in the morning. The bus comes and I board it and I reach Len's house. I get jealous everytime I think of how close Zed and Len is, this is even worst when they live so close to each other. They live in the same estate but in different buildings, would make sense if they were closer to each other than they were to me.
Len says as he taps my shoulder and we go into the lift.
We arrive at the 11th floor. He unlocks the door and we walk in.

"No one home?"

"Nah, just you and me. My family went out to celebrate."

"I see I see."


"Come, I'll show you me room."
He says with a slight grin, revealing some teeth as he pulls me into his room.

We basically played games on our computer for about an hour or so. It felt weird going to someone's house just to play games, but I guess we did just that.

"GG. Ez game. I'll go get some water." I said as I stood up, walking to the kitchen. When I returned, he was lying on his bed, checking his phone.

"Abit boring ah..."
He said.
"Lets play truth or dare. Or something; I don't know."

Truth or dare? I don't usually play truth or dare, I have too many secrets I can't reveal and I don't want to play the game while lying ruins the fun. But I guess I had no choice.

"Fine. Siccors paper stone, see who goes first?"


"Siccors, paper, stone!"
I threw out a decesive stone, and was met with paper.

"Ha! I win. Ok your turn first. Truth, or Dare?"
He asks.

I wanted to test to see where this would go.

"Uhm.. Ok. Do you have abs?"

"Obviously not, I don't exercise. Do you have abs?"
That question was fine, nothing too big. Just guys asking questions.

"Yea, I do. I can let you touch them. Touch here."
He said, gently guiding my finger to his stomach.
I pressed in and yup, there was good solid abs there.

"What the heck, I did't know that you have abs!"
I said, amused!

"I'm pretty sure you have them too!"
He says, reaching in swiftly to poke me in the stomach.

"I knew it, there, you also have!"

"Haiz, its not really abs, you can't see the outline."
"Lol what."

"Why don't you take off your shirt so I can see?"

"That escalated quickly."
Taking off my shirt? That's gonna make me get horny, especially since I'm in this room just with him.
"Then you take off your shirt too, otherwise I feel a little weird."
"Ok then."

I wonder where this is going to lead to. Or are we just going to stop there?

"I'm waiting for you to take yours off first!"
He says.

I put my hands on the bottom of my shirt and pull it up slowly, until its up to my neck and until it comes off.
Even though its just a shirt, I already feel very naked. At the same time, I am also getting a slight boner.
He takes off his shirt, revealing his fairly defined abs and his "little above average" body while I have my skinny, bony body, although I do have some muscle.

"I told you you have abs!"
He says as he comes in again for another poke. Except this time I was ready too and went in to poke him too.
We kept exchanging pokes. The pokes tickled me, I accidentally slipped and fell onto his queen sized bed.
He trips too, falling onto me. Our falls were so well timed that he fell in a position where his dick was right on mine. I could feel the outline of his dick and I was most probably he could feel mine as well. Futhermore, my dick was already half hard. His hands were on my chest and his face was right above mine. I could feel my heart beater very quickly. Our eyes met and my whole body felt weak.

At this moment, he places his right hand above my heart, his left hand slowly caressing my right cheek. Without even saying anything, he goes in for the kiss. I was shocked and did't know what to do. What was going on? My right hand moved up onto his right hip.

He broke the kiss, moving upwards.
He moved his right hand from my chest, slowly going down to my pants.
He places it on my dick before going in for another kiss.
As his lips connected to me, he squeezes his right hand hard.
Feeling the rush of excitement flow through me, I open my mouth as I let out a moan.
He sticks his tongue in, going for the unexpected French Kiss!
I did't know what to do, so I used my tongue and tried to mimic his actions...

The Public Holiday - Part 1
- End -

I hope that the story has been enjoyable so far, if you could, please provide me with some advice as to how I have fared and can do better next time!
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