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Default The Everlasting Story

Hello everyone. Welcome to my new Story called, "The Everlasting Story." Each week I will have gathered a theme from you all and will work on creating a story with this theme. Since the story won't end until I deem it, each week will be a new theme to add on and have the characters enact.

Adam(Cross) - 40 year old male, married to Bella. He works for the government, but no one really knows which agency or his position. He likes to do many kinky things.
Bella (Butterfly) - 27 year old female, married to Adam. She likes to do many kinky things.
Jason - 32 year old male. In love with Kara, but won't tell her. Will follow her to the ends of the earth and do whatever she likes. Is a construction worker. Likes kinky things.
Kara - 40 year old female. She works for an entertainment company, but won't say who. Loves when people fawn over her and do what she likes. Is a kinky woman.
Kisune - 26 year old male. Youngest of the group, but just as mature. Works for a computer technology company. Good with his hands. Likes many kinky things.
Lola - 34 year old female. Works at a high end fashion store. Is kinky.
Serena - 30 year old female. Works at a veterinary hospital. Is kinky.


It all started one day during a pretty normal Sunday afternoon. Everyone had gathered at Adam's house for the Sunday night football game. It was the start of the new season and everyone was wearing their favorite jersey's if they had them or their teams colors if they didn't. Adam and Bella were wearing the jersey's of the Daring Kinksters, Orange and Black. Jason and Kara were wearing the jersey's of the Tryhard Monkey's, Purple and Black. Kisune wore his Red and White jersey for his Bondage Brothers. Lastly, Lola and Serena were wearing the color's of Blue and Green for Insatiable Desires. It was obvious that they all had a love for their team. Today's game featured the Daring Kinkster versus Bondage Brothers. Obviously everyone was friendly, but there was a competitive streak between Kisune and Adam.

Suddenly, 20 minutes before game time and Kisune said from in the kitchen, "Cross. I bet you that my team wins today!" Adam looked over his shoulder from the couch and said, "Oh really? And what makes you think that? They get beat by our team every season. What makes this one any different?" Kisune worked his way out of the kitchen, holding a bag of Barbecue chips and barbecue sauce. "It's because we've got a few new players who actually show promise, unlike your quarterback who is of old age and retiring this year," he said. Bella and Adam looked over at Kisune, then at each other and finally back at Kisune. "If you're so confident that they'd win. What kind of bet are you willing to wager," Bella started up. Kisune was a bit surprised, but not so much surprised. Bella and Adam were into handing bets and whoever lost always had to do something for the winner.

Jason, Kara, Lola and Serena all began looking at the three of them. "Whoever loses should have to do whatever the winner wants for the week," chimed in Lola. Everyone looked at her as she held a large smile on her face. "In fact, if Jason and Kara join Kisune, Serena and I will join Cross and Butterfly. It'll make the teams more even and more fun. What do you all say?" she asked and stated. Everyone looked at each other and everyone grew large smirks on their face. "It's a bet!" they all exclaimed. Adam went over to his office and grabbed some paper and wrote up a quick contractual agreement. It listed the simple bet and the forfeit. Below listed who was on which side and a line for their signatures. "If everyone could please sign the paper, that way it is official and no one will be able to back out after the game is over," Adam said. Everyone walked over and signed the paper before returning to watch the game.

The game was action packed. Scoring from both sides, supreme tackles. Lots of cheers, boos and 'in your face''s. Everyone was having lots of fun. Then came the final two minutes of the game. The score was showing the Daring Kinksters leading over the Bondage Brothers by 3 points. The Daring Kinksters had the ball and looked to be scoring the deciding touchdown at any point. "Well Kisune. It looks like we win," Adam stated. "Not so fast buddy. The game isn't over until the time hits 0," Kisune said. Suddenly, the ball gets intercepted and ran all the way down the field for a touchdown. The Bondage Brothers kick a field goal and are up by 4 points. Another 'in your face', is heard from Kisune towards Adam who just puts his head into his hands. Looking at the game clock, there is still a chance for the Daring Kinksters to come back, but the kickoff forces a touch-back and it inevitably seals the deal.

Kisune, Jason and Kara all get up and give each other high fives while the other four are looking either at the ground in disbelief or towards the three celebrating. "Okay, time to own up to the bet Cross," Kisune points at Adam and states, "First off, I want you to come over and get on your knees. The apologize for having a bad team." Adam looks over at him, grumbles and walks over before going to his knees. "I'm sorry for having a bad team," he states. "What else?" Kisune questions him. "And for being a little overconfident before the game was over," Adam said. Kisune motions for him to stand and they shake hands before verifying what everyone would be willing to do or not do. The three winners gathered in the kitchen and had the losers clean up the food and drinks. "I know just the thing to start off the week for them," Kara said, "Watch this."

She called over to the other four and had them come by the kitchen. "Starting now until next week, none of you are to be wearing any underwear. However, if you absolutely must, it will have to be someone else's underwear that you wear. Hope you all are able to fulfill this. Because if not, then you will be punished and your contract will be extended for the one's who break this rule," she said. The four of them looked at each other and slowly took off their pants and underwear. This was the first time any of them had seen each other naked minus Bella and Adam who had obviously seen each other naked. Some hoots and hollers as everyone checked each other out, before they all had their pants, shorts, or skirts back on. The losers finished the cleaning and everyone said their goodbyes. The week was bound to get interesting. Who knows what would happen to the losers of the bet.


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If you give me a repeated dare or a "do your own dare," I will not do it.

My goal is to give good dares and receive them because that's how I enjoy the game.

I don't do reports on dares I complete, unless you either ask or I tell you directly if I can or will.

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