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Default My first BI-experience. Turned into some kinky stuff.

I knew I'd had a few drinks too many when I was seriously thinking about having sex with a male co-worker of mine. The bar was about to close and I sat there talking with him. He had told me this evening that he was bisexual. And gave me a lot of hints that he was into doing something sexual with me tonight.

I'm the kind of guy who likes to dress up like a female slut, and crave cocks. So you could say I'm kinda bi, too. I'm into all sorts of other kinky stuff aswell, but I haven't explored it very much in real life.

He told me how much he loved my slim feminine figure, and that he would love to see me naked. I was of course very flattered and aroused by this. He have a girlfriend, but she was out of town, and he didn't seem to care about her right now. Neither did I. Maybe it was the alcohol doing the thinking for us.

On the way over to his place he told me that he liked to be dominant in bed. I told him it was alright as long as we didn't do anal this time. I didn't reveal that I loved being a submissive slut. Not yet, at least. He was okey with not doing anal. We went straight to their bedroom when we got to his place.

He stripped down to his boxers and sat on their bed.
'Would you get naked for me? I've been eager to see how your slim naked body looks like'.
'Yes, I love the bulge in your boxers', I answered, as I stripped my clothes off.
'All of it. Your boxers too. And then turn around'.
I replied with a simple 'Yes'.
'OMG. Your ass look amazing! It's way hotter than my girlfriend's ass.'
He grabbed my ass cheeks hard. He really seemed to like it. I loved how he slapped and grabbed my ass.
'This might sound weird, but can I ask you something?', he asked.
'Yes sure'. My cock became erect due to him grabbing my ass.
'I really want to see your feminine ass in some sexy panties. You can borrow my girlfriend's. She have a lot of sexy underwear'.
My head was spinning. Was he really into to that? This was like a dream come true. Dressing up for a hot stud and service him. I was a little nervous about it. But also a little drunk, so I said yes. I even said I liked to dress up in women underwear.
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'I'll think these will fit you perfectly'. He'd been poking around in his girlfriend's underwear drawer for a few minutes. It seems like he'd already planned which ones he wanted to dress me in, and was looking for that pair. He gave me a lacy pink bra and thong. He sat back down on the bed and watch me put it on.

'Yes that looks so good on you. Turn around, I want to see that ass again in that thong!'. I turned around.
'Do you like it?', I nervously asked.
'Yes you're sexy! I want you so bad. Would you come over here and play with my cock?'
'Thank you. Yes! I've been wanting to play with it all night!'
I got down on my knees and started rubbing his crotch outside his boxers. Then I pulled his cock out of his boxers and started stroking it. He soon became rock hard.
'Get up and sit on my lap'

I did, and we started making out. He grabbed my ass and I stroked his erect cock. We kissed for a long time. I could feel his precum on my fingers.
'You're such a good slut. Not thinking about your own pleasure even though I can see you're fully erect.', he said.
'Yes, your pleasure is the only thing that matters. I'm just your slut'.
He began to spank me.
'Moan for me as I spank you. And you can let go of my cock. For now'.
I tried to moan like a girl. It's was very humiliating.

'Stay here', he told me, as he went and pulled out something from a drawer. It was ropes and a blindfold.
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'Is it okey if we get a little kinky? You make me super horny!', he asked.
I was unsure. A little nervous, but didn't resist as he started to tie my hands togheter behind my back.
'It's just fun. I know you like it!' he said, as he tighten the rope around my hands and proceeded to tie my ankles together.
'How long will you have me tied like this?', I nervously asked. I began to shake a little, but this was also making me extremely horny. Being in that vulnerable position. He didn't answer and put the blindfold on me. My cock was dripping at this point.

He touched the tip of my cock with his fingers and put the precum in my mouth.
'You like that, don't you slut?'
'Yes, very much. Thank you'.
He placed the tip of his cock on my lips.
'Tell me how much you love to suck cocks'
I didn't hesitate. 'I love cocks so much. I love to suck cocks!'
'Say you're a cumdumptser slut'
'I am a cumdumptser slut!'
'Start sucking'

I did, and it was amazing. I sucked it for a few minutes, then he told me to stop. He removed the blindfold. I saw he was holding his phone.
'Haha! Are you nervous? I've been recording you', he said.
This was superscary, but also very hot. My cock didn't go soft.
'Can you please delete it?'
'Oh, don't be so uptight. It's no biggie, I just want some memory of this night. You look so sexy and I love humiliating you! You look so adorable'.

He played the video for me. It was very humiliating.
'I want to record you some more. I know you like it. Your little boner don't lie' he said.
'Please, can you please not', I pleaded.
'I don't understand why you're begging me. Just do as your told. Otherwise I might post this video online. You understand?'
'Good slut. Now look at the camera and say “I'm a stupid slut who let men dress me, tie me up and abuse me”'
I did as instructed. My cock wasn't getting any softer now either. I both loved and hated this.

'Say “I let myself get blackmailed because I'm a dumb blondie slut”'.
I was rock hard and horny and completely lost it.
'I love being blackmailed. I'm a dumb blondie slut and I love to wear thongs and bras! Please blackmail me into doing whatever you want! '. I realized that I'd revealed that I was into blackmail.
'Oh, my. This is so good, slut! Now I want you to suck my horny cock!'
He stopped recording me and threw his phone on his bed and started to facefuck me. I loved sucking his cock. He soon shoot a big load of cum in my mouth.
'You swallow that you slut!'
I swallowed and said, 'Thank you'.

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He went away for a bit. I just waited there beside his bed, still tied and on my knees. When he came back I saw that he had brought a vibrator and a new thong.
'Does the slut want to cum?', he asked.
'Yes, I'm so horny'.
He lubed up the vibrator. I didn't dare say anything about our agreement about no anal. He put the thong I was wearing to the side and inserted the vibrator up my ass. He gradually pushed it deeper and increased the vibration. I liked it. I felt very submissive and my cock leaked precum. After a while he started stroking my cock too.

'I'll count you down from 15. If you don't cum by the time I've reached zero I'm posting the video online'.
'Yes, omg. Yes, I'll make it'
He counted down.
'Nine. I think I'm going to start by sending it to your ex-girlfriend. I know she's a total bitch, she is going to love to have this video of you.'
'Omg, please no'. I was very close to cum.
'Four. Three. Your so fucked. I hope you realize that'. He stroked my cock harder and faster. He pulled the vibrator almost all the way out and pushed it in again as far as it goes.
'2. I'm going to love exposing your slutty ass!' I started dripping and cumming.
'1. You better cum, you blackmailed blondie sissy bitch! I'm going to fuck you over so bad if you don't cum!'
I began to cum, and at that moment he let go of my cock. Totally ruining my orgasm. He had the other thong he brought ready and put it up against the tip of my cock and let me cum all over it.
'Good slut.'. He stuffed the cum-filled thong in my mouth.

He pulled me up so I was standing in front of him.
'Keep it in your mouth. I'm going to let you stay here and think about how fucked you are for alittle while'. He then pushed me so I fell into their bed and he left the room.

I laid there. Dressed in a thong and bra. Hands tied behind my back, ankles tied together and with a cum-filled thong in my mouth. I felt so ashamed. I thought about the recordings and if he would share them with anyone.
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I didn't hear from him for weeks. Except a simple 'hello' when we passed each other in the hallways at work. A part of me was very scared, but another part of me really wanted to play with him again. He'd told me he would keep all the recordings to himself. I didn't know if I could trust him, but I didn't really have much of a choice. Besides, he was cheating on his girlfriend with me. It would be in his best interest not to expose me, because then she would know about it too.

On a Friday right after work, I received a message on my phone.
'GF is going away this weekend. Want to play? I need you're firm little sissy ass'.
I didn't quite know what to do. It instantly made me horny reading the message and thinking about what kinky stuff we would do.
'Hi, I'm not sure. What would we do?'
'Come on. I'll let you wear my GF's clothes. I know you like that and I don't think you want to say no. I still have the recordings from last time remember? Hehe, jk'.
I could not decide if I thought he was serious about the recordings. But I really wanted to play with him. And his threats, even if he was not serious, made me very horny. The thought of being exposed made me very excited.
'Yes I want to play. When can I come?'
'As soon as you can'

I'm not a very hairy guy and keep most of my bodyparts shaved, but decided to go over myself with the razor so I was smooth all over. It made me feel very feminine and horny. After that I quickly got over to his place.
'Hello, slut. Why don't you call me Master from now on?', he said when he opened the door and let me in.
'Hi. Yes Master'. Saying Master to him made me feel very submissive.
'I have laid out some stuff for you in the bathroom. I want you to put it all on, slut! I'll be waiting in the living room'
'Yes Master'
He had prepared a very sexy outfit. Black thong, bra and stockings. And a very skimpy pink dress, that I realized barely covered my ass when I put it on. It was also a medium sized, silver buttplug there. And a black collar that said “Slave” and a blond wig. I'd had put on everything except the buttplug when he suddenly came in.
'Oh shit, you look so sexy, slut! Turn around, I want to see that ass'
'Thank you, Master'
I turned around.
'Bend over, slut'
I did and he felt under the dress.
'Well, we just need to get that plug inside you and then I'll help you with the make-up'
Make-up? I thought to myself. I always dreamed about being totally feminized and with a man that use me. He told me to relax and let him lube up my ass as I stood there.
'I want you to look at yourself in the mirror as I insert the plug up your ass'
'Yes Master'
I felt so submissive. I looked at myself in the mirror. My mouth opened as he inserted it. I could see him looking over my shoulder and into my eyes in the mirror. I made a feminine moan as the end of the plug slipped inside my ass. It felt amazing and I dropped to my knees in submissiveness.
'Master, I want your cock so bad'
'Oh, my little sissy slut. Not yet. We need to fix your make-up first. But if you are a really good girl I'll let you play with my cock later. Will you be a good girl for Master?'
'Yes! I will be a very good girl, Master'
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He was very skillful with applying make-up. My face was very feminine and girly after he was done with it.
'You look so fucking hot, slut!'
Before I managed to answer he kissed my lips. It felt very good. I was so horny and put my hand down his pants and felt his cock.
'Hands off and get down on your knees, slut. Crawl after me in to the living room'
'Yes Master'
I crawled after him. This made me feel crazy. I was ready to do just about anything for him. He pointed at a chair and told me to sit down on it. Then he tied my hands behind my back and my legs to the legs of the chair. He rubbed my cock outside the thong and dress. I was rock hard.
'You horny and willing, slave?', he asked.
'Yes, Master!'
He sat down in the couch with his computer.
'You know... I'm part of a closed forum on the internet. We are twelve members and have a common interest in sharing pics and vids of sissy slaves'
Oh my fuck. Here I was, dressed like a sissy and tied to a chair as he tells me about this. I'm so fucked, I thought to myself. Although it made me more horny than I'd ever been before.
'What do you mean, Master?', I very nervously asked.
'Well, I have been freeloading for a while and only enjoyed watching the stuff the other members have supplied. They are saying I need to share something, otherwise they will kick me out. That's where you come in'
'Please Master. Please don't expose me on the internet', I pleaded.
'It's a closed forum. Only the eleven other members will see. Although they might of course post it on other sites, I guess', he said, as he laughed a little.
'Can't we just play us two together?', I asked.
'That's exactly what we are going to do. Just that we will share it too' He paused.
'I've already shown them recording from last time. And they love you. They want more and have given me a few requests'
He stood up and walked over to me. He crabbed my cock under my dress.
'I know you really want this, sissy. Don't deny it. I don't think you have any choice in the matter, anyway'
I realized I couldn't do much about it now. I really did wanted this
'Yes, Master. You are right. I want this'
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great story. can't wait for more
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Love reading your stories.
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Thumbs up

Blimey Jenna to say you have got me hard is a bit like saying sex is ok!!!!

Definitely one of the hottest things I have ever read
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