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Default unexpected nipple torture

i'm sorry but i just had to tell someone, i'm lay with my friend and i start playing with his nipple and i get on top of him and start playing harder, using my nails, hes super turned on form pain, it then continue harder and harder.
i have my knees on his wrists and prompt him its going to hurt a lot more now so get ready, i try to put his shirt in his mouth so he can bite down on something but it doesn't work, so i grab some nearby underwear and gag him with it.i then use my nails and with all finger strength i can muster, pinch, push and batter his nipple as hes writhing in pain, finally he wiggles his arm under my knee and i then grab his wrist, slam it to the ground and put my knee back over it and continue to relentlessly torture his nipples.
after a while hes had too much , hes bleeding but i don't stop. finally he stops grabbing for my hands to stop me pinching but rather is reaching for his dick because he's about to cum.i roll over and prompt him to hold his dick till he ruins his orgasm
it was such a cool experience, it was super dominating, he was so submissive and i had my other hand on his throat , it was so hot
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dislikes- pee , poo,diapers,blood,
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A really hot event, wishing you more.

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so hot. i want this done to me.
Likes; controlled edging, orgasm denial/control, light pain, nipple torture, truth or dare, webcam (no face)

moderate pain, forced multiple orgasms (not tried this yet, don't know if i can)
eating cum.

Limits; anal public, family, friends, diaper, pee/poo, blood, permanent

22/m bi
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