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Default Anal dare

I was given an anal dare, kind of.

I was told to give myself an enema. My response to this was enemas are outside anal training. His response was before anal sex an enema is common, and if I am doing anal training I should also do prep.

I was dared to give myself an enema with my shower hose and agreed.

My instructions

1. Take off shower head so I just have the hose.
2. Lube up my ass
3. Get the water like warm
4. Insert hose into rectum
5. Turn on water to a slow speed
6. Let full for a minimum of 1 min and 30 secs
7. give report under true story's.

So I made it to the mark, my stomach felt full, and was cramping. I hopped out of the shower and let it all out, the cramps continued for a few minutes, but stopped. I did not know I had that much stuff in me.

Well that's the end, thanks for reading
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