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Lightbulb I canít believe what I did

So let me get started by saying Iím on this site daily and love trying some of the anal dares that pop up. Now Iíve never owned a dildo or have played with one. Iíve played with ice and some markers/ household items. After being so horny by reading some posts on here I decided to go to the adult store and buy a real dildo! I had to make up a story of why I was buying a dildo so I made up a story of my non existent girlfriend how she was going to a bachelorette party and needed one to hand out as a gag gift. We picked out a 6Ē dark penis that was 1 1/2Ē thick. After buying this dildo I quickly went home and jammed it up my ass. My dick grew so quickly it was the best feeling I had in a long time. Although I did wish to feel something bigger in length and circumference but it did the job. Oh yeah I didnít buy any lube but the dildo was kinda slippery somehow on its own. The fun part was having a lot of pre cum come out so I came on the dildo and stuck it back in. Iím not sure why but I got scared of having the dildo at home so I tossed it out . I guess it would have to be cause I didnít want a friend to come over and think i was gay.
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