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Thanks for the great game Zenitech, gonna have a lot of fun with this.

This was my roll

Total number of spanks: 374
Spank your right buttcheek 92 times with a wooden spoon
Spank your left buttcheek 48 times with Crop
Spank your right inner thigh 23 times with a wooden spoon
Spank your left inner thigh 44 times with a wooden spoon
Spank your dick 87 times with your hand
Spank your balls 80 times with a paddle

Likes: Edging, CBT, Hard Ball Busting, Orgasm Control, Bets, Pics (No Face)

Limits: Face Pics, Cams, Public, Crossdressing, Anal, Messy
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Location: In a messy diaper in front of a computer
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Someone roll for me? No max
Kik: diaperboy06
Skype: daremenow1

Loves: diapers, SPH
Likes: forced messy diapers, prolonged diaper wearing, cbt, messy, self bondage, wedgie
Limits: public, blood, permanent, other people, mouth soaping, crossdressing, anal
Feel free to send me any dares and I'll provide pic proof.
Anything else just ask.
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Can someone roll for me make it easy, not to hard
Likes: Masterbation, private, tord
Dislikes: messy, semi-public (back garden)
Soft Limit: Edge, pics, cum eating, anal
Hard Limit: Family, friends, public, iligal, face recording, scat

PM me ADD and I will add a PM dare that you tell me
PM Sleeping edge and i will edge 3 times before going to sleep not being allowed to cum before the next day
PM me CHILLY X I'll insert X amount of ice cubes into my ass
PM me STUFF X I will stuff X into my underwear (You can choose time limit)
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Location: Poland
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scrolling problem - cant scroll

limits: permament, piss, poop, public, dangerous, sexual (masturbate, porn, anal, edge...) hanging & messy & shouder wedgie, (other wedgie I like) blood, x-dres extreme pain, more than 1 h
I only send pic when i like to
When you dare me to something you accept:
if you give me dare and not respect my limits i give you 3 dares and you must send photos after dares
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Originally Posted by oleks View Post
scrolling problem - cant scroll
Yes for some reason the scrolling doesn't work (probably due to the way jsfiddle embeds the script), but you can still "click" your mouse wheel to get the "autoscroll" or whatever it's called, or use the arrow keys of your keyboard.

Likes: bondage, CBT, cum eating, cum play, edging, forced orgasms, nipple torture, private humiliation, spanking
Dislikes: anal, denial, exercise, post-orgasmic torture, toilet control
Soft limits: Messy, pee drinking, pics
Hard limits: blood, crossdressing, illegal, permanent, public, scat

PM dares list
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Join Date: Jan 2017
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Total number of spanks: 901

Spank your right buttcheek 86 times with a belt
Spank your left buttcheek 445 times with a belt
Spank your clit 370 times with a belt
Looking for dares that deal with spankings.
Also looking for something to do with knives. Maybe pussy?

Nothing else at this time.
All other request will be ignored.

2017 spank count: 0/36,500
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