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Default Desktop or Cellphone?

Ever since joining getDare I've almost exclusively used the website from my cellphone. It's always been much more convenient for me as I can browse from anywhere. Of course there were little things that bugged me when using my phone when it came to posting and browsing the site, but I put up with it with my limited use. Lately though as I've been trying to be a little more active here I've been using my laptop more and more as it seems to be a much cleaner and efficient way to use the site.

So, my question is: do you generally access getDare from a cellphone or a desktop?

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Sometimes I'll check in and read stuff from my phone, but if I have anything to write out or edit I'll definitely wait until I can do it on a desktop. I hate typing on a phone sooooo much >:(
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It's almost always my phone
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Recently, I've been only using my phone because I have rarely ever been home so it is just easier to check in on getDare while I'm waiting in traffic, during my break, etc.

But I agree with that fact that typing, especially for a longer or Truth post, is much harder on your phone, making me prefer that aspect for using my laptop.
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I prefer using my desktop, mostly because i have a habit of pressing the wrong link due to touchscreen issues.

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Laptop for me, smartphone screen is too small, besides I don't own a smartphone.
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Use my laptop for major typing, and the cell phone to check PMs.
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I read gD on my tabletty thing or on my laptop, but I write only on the laptop (w/ external monitor, keyboard and mouse). I'm too sausagefingery... I don't use my phone for checking gD - or only very, very seldom.
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