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Default Start a new life... naked!

If you had the chance to move to any place of your choosing and have any job you want on the one condition that you could never wear clothes ever again, would you take it?

Where? What job?

If not, why not?
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ashley white
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i want to be a slave if interested
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No, my dream job would have to do with some sort of private l armed security.

And I really really love the cold and would not be able to enjoy it without clothes.
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Good question, I am tempted, but I really don't know.

I am a closet nudist. I love to be naked. And I'd love to be naked outside. But so far I am too shy I guess to go naked in public. I guess the answer also depends on what state other people would be in. If everybody is naked it would be easier.

I also have the life-long dream of living alone on a tropical island. In that case, yes, I would definitely want to be naked permanently.
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Default Yes

I would love to have reason to move to a nudist community. I am in northern ontario, Canada, very little nudist colonies or beaches. Plan to travel eventually.
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Provided it was warm, I would not hesitate to sign up. I almost don't even care what job I'd be doing- from digging ditches to high end computer work, "maid service" to management.
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daddy dom
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It depends. If everyone else in that community was naked also i would consider it but if it was only me by myself i would have to think about it.
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Originally Posted by daddy dom View Post
It depends. If everyone else in that community was naked also i would consider it but if it was only me by myself i would have to think about it.
This, very much. If everyone else is naked having clothes on feels just as wrong as being the only person that's naked.

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Heart Oh Yeah! :)

I would move to a very crowded place where a person being naked will be treated as a lowly creature and will be humiliated and abused for it. The important thing should be that everyone else should be fully clothed and I should be the only one naked. I will take up the job of a human pony in that place and be treated at a stature below animals.

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Its a tempting offer to get your dream job anywhere you want but I don't think i could go without clothes forever. Even if you didn't feel shy about it it'd be very impractical during the winter when its freezing cold. Nice question though.
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