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Eye Naked on the trail

Hey guys this is a story about what had happened to me and wanting to be naked in the woods! So today I got the bright idea that I wanted to be naked in the woods and be himiluated with being naked and being seen in the woods, well on my walk through the woods I found a nice trail to strip on so I strip my clothes off and set them to the side I get all my rope out I tie my balls first then I find my gag I put that in my mouth now I also have my dog collar on I bend over to grab my hand cuffs to hand cuff myself and I hear footsteps I look to the right and there is a person jogging down the trail while im just standing there with my balls tied with clamps on my balls and nipples and a gag in my mouth he looks and me and I look away let me tell you what a rush that really gets the heart going! I've never been so scared in my life but im glad I got the experience it was fun!

Im always open to new ideas to try I'd love to try new things or to explain my story Better if anyone has any questions feel free to pm me or Kik me at cumboy18 I'd love to talk to new people thank for reading guys and girls!
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Could have used some punctuation and other basic grammar. It's readable, but needs some basic work. Interesting story, but not a lot of details on all that happened afterwards.


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Default Thank you

You are very correct thank you for the feedback if I end up doing something like this again for a dare if someone gives me one I will update and post a better one thank you
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