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Would you rather...

1. be known as a sexist or as a racist

2. be topless or be pantless (underwear allowed)

3. have sex 10 times a day or once a year
lots of sex :3

4. give a nude pic to anyone asking for it or have no sex
nude pic; the alternative is too steep haha

5. wear a chastity belt or go commando every day
chastity belt

6. have only anal sex or only oral sex (no standard sex at all)
not sure

7. be a sex slave or have no sex
sex slave

8. wear a butt plug or be restrained while sleeping
butt plug

9. wear a chastity belt or give oral to someone you don't know once per night
chastity belt

10. be a girl with a penis or a boy with a vagina forever?
a girl with a penis
a switch looking to have some fun

Limits: permanent, public, illegal, social suicide, photos/videos, scat, blood

Likes: humiliation, hidden public.

be creative and add in anything you wish to it as long as its not a limit!

interested in talking to me? my kik username is same as that on getdare

since you opened this, you now get to either give me a dare or ask one from me :)

Big thanks to DanB258 for the avatar

love the way you lie
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