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Mary Works Out
By Jappio

Part 4

Mary exposed everything as she finally took the shirt from her body. The naked girl marveled at her boldness suddenly. Mary left herself totally naked at the gym! Milling about were patrons and employees, and she was actually without a single stitch! Being so without clothing was only driven home by the fact the J’s took the shirt from Mary’s hands.

Jenny put her arm around Mary’s shoulders. “So, the plan is to go to the lost and found first. Then the sauna is the last place we’ll be going to. Maybe a dip in the pool,” Jenny outlined.

“Walking around naked? Skinny dipping in the pool? I don’t know about that, that’s a whole lot. Even if we stayed here, I’m not sure I can do this,” Mary admitted. She assumed she’d get no clothes back during all that.

Julie chimed in next with support, “Mary, you’re able to do this. You were able to be bottomless on your own. We’ll be sure to keep you company this time too. Like, walking to the lost and found, we’ll be your shield. You just gotta keep up with us. Simple, right?”

“My shield?” Mary asked.

“We’ll walk in front of you, behind, or both sides. You call the shots. That way, even if someone is around, they might not be able to see you,” Julie clarified. She then stepped behind Mary, and Jenny continued to stand in front of her. Mary was somewhat covered on each side, though it was a far way from being clothed.

Mary conceded, “Fine, I guess I don’t have much choice, huh?” The girls then high-fived. Mary hated how easily the two could play her. The J’s were a force to be reckoned with.

Julie placed both hands on Mary’s bare back, and began to push. Jenny led the charge and the three approached the door. Mary nearly tripped, but started to march in pace with them. She didn’t feel nearly as in charge as Julie had implied she’d be!

Without any warning, Jenny opened the door to the hall. She stepped out, and held it open for Mary. Mary tiptoed out slowly, again in the hall. This time, she had to cover her breasts and pussy, nothing left for her butt. Julie followed her out and they shut the door with much too loud of a “thud” for Mary’s liking.

“Quiet down! Hurry and get in front of me too, before someone comes this way,” Mary requested. Each girl, true to their word, stepped in front of Mary. They walked side by side, and Mary couldn’t even really see ahead of them well. That ideally meant anyone ahead wouldn’t be able to see Mary well either.

Hands and arms still clutched to her naked skin, Mary walked along with the two. They moved with purpose and no hesitation, they were fully dressed after all. Mary on the other hand still worried. She was now naked, nothing in her possession that could protect her modesty.

Mary was concerned about behind her. She kept checking over her shoulder. The exercise room had been empty, but the hall accessed more rooms than just that, she didn’t need anyone coming out from them to catch her bare bottom bouncing with each step!

Getting back to the lobby was an uneventful trip, and the J’s even let Mary know the room was empty. Mary followed them near the front. She flinched a bit as they got close, the large glass doors let the outdoor sunlight shine in. She didn’t want to let the parking lot see her naked. Her shields were no longer guarding her either, and this meant anyone who came to the lobby could see her!

“Hurry it up,” Mary huffed. She tapped her toe, looking back at the two halls. Things sounded quiet thankfully. Mary eyed up the desk as well. Her ‘friend’ from before wasn’t there. Explaining why she was naked in the lobby wasn’t on the top of the list of things she wanted to do.

“Someone will need those later I’m sure,” Jenny said, dropping the bra into the lost and found bin. Mary spied that her shorts and shirt also went with the mysterious bra! She was about to say something.

Julie saw Mary’s reaction and interjected, “Hey, you don’t need them anymore. Stakes are just a bit higher, you know you can’t get them back now. Weren’t yours to begin with anyways.” Julie giggled. Mary didn’t have a response. She just really had to make sure she earned her regular clothes back before getting to the dorms again.

“Time for a swim everyone?” Jenny asked.

Mary groaned. The idea sounded very risky. Yet as just decided, she had to do everything she could to keep on their good side. “Can we walk there with you on either side?” Mary asked. “I was a bit worried about someone sneaking up from behind before.”

“Certainly, I haven’t had a chance to look at your butt much in a bit anyways!” Jenny joked. Mary avoided eye contact, feeling the gaze of her friends on her body again. She felt all the more naked knowing they were looking.

Julie began their new trek through the halls and Mary followed behind. This time it was a lot easier to see ahead, a singular person really wouldn’t totally obscure her form. Mary wondered if it would be enough to trick someone. Hopefully if someone did come, Jenny would run up ahead of her.

Mary began to think what it would be like to swim naked in a public pool. The crystal clear water and confined area seemed like a good way to trap and expose someone! Perhaps Mary could try to pretend she was the victim of a college prank from her classmates! That would do little to lessen the embarrassment of having her naked body be seen. She also couldn’t claim her suit was stolen, as there wouldn’t be any stolen suit to prove it!

Julie flung the double doors to the pool wide open. Mary was shocked to see the pool room was not empty! At least two people were swimming about! Mary tried to step back, but Jenny guided her into the room anyways!

Mary was paralyzed as she was maneuvered into the room. It wasn’t right to the pool, but Jenny helped her to the side and against the wall. Jenny and Julie smiled, and kept looking back behind them. They had Mary cornered to the wall. Mary couldn’t quite see between the two girls, so she felt a bit safer.

“Oh my god, guys, let’s get out of here! We can’t do this, I’m totally naked!” Mary pleaded.

Jenny and Julie both snickered. They gave each other a weird look as they checked out the pool goers again. “Julie, how about she goes to the sauna instead?”

“Sauna? Guys, I think that’s over at the side of the room! They’ll catch me for sure!”

Julie nodded. “Not if we distract them for you. You just keep your head down and head straight there. No looking back. Come on, we’re letting you skip on skinny dipping. That should be enough.”

Every moment Mary hesitated, the longer she stood naked in the same room as strangers. The J’s could easily dart away and leave her with zero cover. Mary’s body trembled. She could streak to the sauna; it would provide some privacy.

“We also have a challenge for you to go with it. I mean, we could easily just toss you into the pool if we wanted,” Julie threatened. Mary looked back at her, wondering if Julie was serious. Julie continued, “you have to be masturbating when we come in there!”

“You can’t be serious!” Mary gasped. She covered her mouth quickly, realizing she was too loud. It worried her that she heard a bit less splashing after she had called out. She was awestruck though. The request sounded insane!

Julie patted Mary on the shoulder. “Totally serious. I think with how nice we’re being, you need to do this last and final task. We’ll be the next ones in the sauna, and we want to know you trust us. So, we want you to do something totally naughty! Something you’d only do if alone or alone with us.”

“I’d rather not do it with you around either you know,” Mary whined.

Jenny was next to encourage Mary, “Don’t worry Mary, it won’t be too bad. We’ve seen it before, and we’ll be for sure the first through those doors. We just want to make sure you’re having fun while you wait for us!” Jenny could tell Mary wasn’t amused by that reasoning. “Also, it’s a dare, and you have to do as we say. We just want a big finale. A bit of public masturbation oughta be just the way to really highlight today.”

Mary couldn’t believe she was even having this conversation. Having it naked, with strangers on the other side of the J’s, was also adding to the unbelievability. She couldn’t exactly keep the argument going. If the girls in the pool got up to leave, or someone else entered, Mary felt she wouldn’t be able to keep hidden.

“So I just run for it when you distract them?” Mary confirmed.

“We wait till they aren’t looking, you start moving, and we’ll do something to catch their attention,” Julie outlined. The plan seemed to require some luck, but the only safe option was to leave, and Mary knew that wasn’t an option they’d allow. Using them as shields probably wouldn’t work anymore if they got any closer to the pool.

“Just say when…” Mary finally relented.

Jenny and Julie began to play lookout. They tried to casually survey the situation, while pretending to hold a conversation with Mary. They would start to look suspicious not after long. When they did see their chance, Julie gave Mary a slap on the bottom as the signal!

Mary wanted to yelp and snap at Julie, but she had to get going! She looked over once, and saw that no eyes were on her, and she briskly paced herself to the sauna door! She didn’t look back anymore, and heard the J’s loudly greet themselves to the girls in the pool!

Mary gripped the handle for the Sauna, and opened it up! She nearly leapt inside, getting her naked body out of sight! It was only when she let the door close she finally considered she might not be alone! Yet the sauna was empty.

The room was of course well heated, and Mary knew it wouldn’t be long before she would start to sweat. Normally, such a place would be relaxing, but Mary felt very on edge. She was sure her heart had never beaten this much during an actual workout.

Finding a seat, Mary tried to just act casual. Yet being naked, no clothing in her reach, and now trapped in the small room was hardly a casual situation for her.

Her task was not forgotten either. Any moment, the J’s would burst through the door, and be expecting to see Mary’s hands busy. She hardly wanted just anyone to see it, but she didn’t want the J’s to either. It wasn’t like any time they’d seen it before wasn’t totally embarrassing!

She tried to seat me comfortable; but Mary couldn’t get her mind off her nudity. Her bare butt on the smooth wooden bench was easily enough to tell her she was naked. The beads of sweat starting to form on her skin were just another way to know nothing protected her. She tingled every time she could feel one of those beads begin to crawl over every round surface.

Mary snaked a hand between her legs. She tried to convince herself she didn’t need to actually start yet. She could just start moving her hand when the door would open. Really though, that wouldn’t help keep her safe from someone else coming in. She’d be starting anyways before seeing who it was, and be in a whole new world of embarrassment! It seemed wrong to touch herself in public where someone could catch her… though it wouldn’t be the first time.

Though her hand had meant to be idle, it still began to gently caress her lips. They were already wet from the excitement. Mary finally was able to lean back a little once she started to find a rhythm.

The unfamiliar surroundings were always a thing Mary couldn’t shake from her mind. Matters of privacy were always so ingrained in her. Doing something like pleasuring herself was something she felt was meant to be done in your own room or bathroom at worst. Doing it somewhere she wasn’t even used to, some new little sauna room for example, felt very taboo. Mary still felt weird doing it at the dorms while her roommate was out. So things just felt all the more naughty due to where she was. Even if Mary could guarantee she’d be left alone it would still feel weird.

Mary sighed deeply. The light tracing of the crease between her lips became a more firm massage. Her womanhood was becoming very slick, and her body buzzed. A days’ worth of events were bubbling up quickly. Mary’s naked escapades always left her with undeniable desires.

Mary’s other hand reached out behind her to keep herself propped up. She even wanted to lie down, but didn’t want to give too much satisfaction to the J’s. She didn’t need to let on how it was affecting her. She was embarrassed that she had to make an effort to not enjoy her task too much. Keeping that a secret was all that could protect her from further teasing.

Mary’s fingers stopped when she heard the first creak of the door. If all was according to plan, she really should keep going, as it would just the J’s. Yet, if it were anyone else, she’d be embarrassing herself more than she’d ever been. Being seen touching herself in public seemed like it would be the worst.

The only way Mary could keep going, and avoid the J’s from getting mad if it were them, was to shut her eyes. Somehow, not knowing who was there seemed like the only way Mary could be brave enough to continue masturbating. So her eyes shut, the door opening, and her hand continuing to move!
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Mary Works Out
By Jappio

Part 5

“Naughty girl! This is a public place you know!” Came the first voice. The comment alone caused Mary to blush more than ever. She recognized the voice and knew it was Julie before she opened her eyes, but being chastised out loud was all more fuel to her flustered state.

“Good, it’s just you. Are we done now?” Mary asked, snapping her hand away from her tender lips. She wasn’t going to continue if she didn’t have to.

“Don’t stop on account of us dear. In fact, keep going. It’s only us, so no reason to stop. Back to work!” Jenny commanded. Mary balked. It wouldn’t be the first time she did it in front of them, but continuing to touch herself with an audience wasn’t easy!

Mary tried to wiggle her way out of it, “I thought it was one last big thing. Just you having to see I was doing it. I should be able to stop.”

“True, but continuing wouldn’t be that big of deal, just a bit of a cool down. You never just full stop exercising, you have to do a few smaller things after,” Julie analogized.

Mary was sure she wasn’t going to win, but still tried to fight back a bit. “This isn’t a small task, it’s plenty big! And it is far from a traditional exercise!”

“What’s plenty big, your clit? Got pretty worked up while playing in here I bet!” Julie countered. Mary regretted having said anything; the two always had the edge when she was naked! She worried with how hot her skin was, she’d be making more steam than the sauna.

Mary’s hand began to move again. She looked only once at the J’s, and immediately looked to the side. Though she had stopped for a few seconds, her body tingled just as strongly after the break. Knowing eyes were on her didn’t seem to slow the ever increase to her arousal either. It also increased her ever growing bashfulness. She clamped her legs tighter to try and hide her hand’s movements more.

Not satisfied with Mary keeping to her own little world, Julie tried to pull Mary’s attention back to them. “We can supply you with some eye candy if you’d like. Help get you really going,” Julie flirted, pulling her shirt up as Mary turned her head back to them.

Mary was shocked to see it happening. One of her best friends flashed their breasts at her, all while Mary was masturbating! Mary wanted to look away, she worried it would be dirty to watch her friend do a strip tease. She didn’t stop though, and kept watching.

Julie was topless in no time, and began to push her shorts down. She turned and presented her lithe profile to Mary. Her back arched and her ass was pushed out behind her. Her shorts were slowly dropped to her knees. Her perky breasts had virtually no sag at all, and her nipples stuck out clearly. Mary wasn’t sure what to do as she was given this show. Her eyes could follow every gentle curve of the girl before her.

Mary’s stripping friend turned back towards Mary. She stood on one foot as her other foot lifted her shorts up in the air. Julie held them out towards Mary. Her smile on her face showed total confidence in her nudity. Her body wobbled as she kept balance, but she let it all hang out. Mary was a bit jealous that Julie was fine with showing everything she had. She was usually so crippled by her own modesty. Mary began to look away, knowing her staring was just going to get her teased. Her hand began to slow too, unsure if she could continue.

“Want to finish me off Mary? Get a bit of ‘revenge’,” Julie joked. She wiggled her raised foot, the shorts about to fall on their own any second. “You could strip me of my last bit of modesty!”

Mary took one look at the shorts, hanging on to Julie’s toes. Mary just then took note how Julie didn’t even have shoes on. Julie truly enjoyed being absolutely naked it seemed. “You do just fine stripping yourself,” Mary quipped.

Julie giggled, all while almost falling over. “Hey, I see your hand stopped too! I hope it isn’t because you don’t find me sexy!” Mary could recognize the trap, and just silently began to exaggerate her hand’s movements. She had never truly stopped, but she had to make it look like she was trying. Problem was, her body didn’t really seem to tell the difference between forced masturbation or desired masturbation. “So, going to take them?”

Mary looked again at Julie. She was still offering the shorts, the view between her legs quite lewd due to the one leg being raised. She half heartedly pawed at the article hanging, and let it fall to the floor. Julie seemed happy though, and stood straight. She twirled about for Mary. Julie picked up her clothes, and dropped them on the bench, not far from Mary. She then sat next to her equally naked friend.

Mary nervously looked over. Julie’s legs were parted enough so nothing was hidden still. Julie on the other hand was more overt with her staring. She got close enough so she could sit shoulder to shoulder with Mary. Mary stopped playing again; it was too awkward to naturally touch herself with one of her best friends sitting next to her. The naked skin to skin contact was almost too much.

“It’s ok Mary. Keep going. I’m sure it feels good actually. It’s Jenny’s turn now anyways. You don’t want her to feel left out, right?”

Jenny then stepped forward. She had stood back to watch Julie, but now she took center “stage.” She presented herself a bit more humbly, though Mary knew that was just in her nature. Jenny was probably going to be a bit more reserved.

Jenny removed her top with much grace. The action didn’t seem dirty, as if to put on a show for lechers, yet it wasn’t done in a way that seemed cold and mechanical. It was a classy show for her viewers. Jenny didn’t even show much more skin without her crop top, her bra still hid enough of her skin to be decent at the gym. Julie and Mary were both transfixed even still.

Jenny next turned her attention to her yoga pants. She made sure both girls were watching, and smiled. Her face did turn red, the effect of having an audience as she undressed surely. It was different of course than in the locker room; she now was the center of attention.

Mary watched as Jenny skillfully was able to remove her yoga pants. Despite how tight they were, Jenny was still able to lower them over her hips with little effort. They bunched up at her ankles.

Without trying, Jenny gave up on lowering the pants any further. “Oh my, stupid shoes. What am I going to do about this?” She commented to herself with an added a fake huff of annoyance. Julie and Mary each knew that Jenny wouldn’t make such a careless mistake on purpose. Jenny bent forward and hooked her thumbs into the back of a shoe. Her chest began to hang, but the bra held them firmly. The naked girls on the bench would have been treated to a close view of Jenny’s impressive cleavage, if not for the modest cover of the sports bra. However, the view would still be tantalizing to most!

Jenny hopped about, as if struggling with her shoe. She even did so, moving in a circle. First, Julie and Mary watched as her sports bra did it’s best to not let Jenny’s chest bounce too much. Then, as she got faced away from them, her white thong was shown off. Being a thong though, it was mostly just Jenny’s nearly naked ass that was shown. The tiny thong, whilst Jenny was bent over this whole time, didn’t cover much skin. Just the faintest bit of Jenny’s crack was hidden by it. At the right angles, Mary could see the delicate white fabric encase Jenny’s nether region too! The shape was outlined and framed thanks to Jenny’s tightly closed thighs!

“She’s such a tease. She really knows how to keep an audience’s interest, right? She acts sooo innocent. Sort of makes me want to join you in the playing,” Julie whispered to Mary. Mary’s face had yet to cool down. She was still touching herself as she was ordered. It felt so weird to do so while watching other girls undress; she’d never done it before. She had a silly thought, wondering if it was like this at strip clubs or watching videos online. Mary also thought about how she’s been in Jenny’s shoes before and having to embarrassingly undress for a crowd. All these thoughts actually increased the amount of pleasure she was receiving from her playing. Julie had started to openly rub her thighs.

Jenny got out of her shoes and pants. She sat her thonged bottom on a bench perpendicular to the bench the two naked girls were on. Jenny peeled each of her socks off, now determined to leave herself in just her underwear. She seemed to be trying to act modest, but she still couldn’t fully hide her thong covered pussy as she lifted and moved each leg to reach her socks. Perhaps though it was just Jenny knowing how to make it look like it were an accident she was showing so much.

Standing up, Jenny covered herself. She draped an arm over her bra, and a hand hid her thong. “Oh dear, you two have been watching me a lot, haven’t you? I can’t believe it… I feel so exposed to be doing this while you two are getting off on it!” she accused.

Julie just giggled, her hand massaging her thighs even more sensually. Mary gasped, “I’m not doing this by choice!” Her face burned more. The two knew how to make her feel guilty for something she wasn’t even doing on purpose!

“I know, just teasing you,” Jenny undid her sports bra, the material dropping a few inches from her breasts before she caught the bra and held it back up. She looked behind her, towards the door. The three were after all still in a publicly-accessible steam room! Mary’s worries returned too, she’d forgotten where they were for a moment.

Jenny pulled the bra away and off her arms. She bared her large chest to her friends, and the hard nipples on each proved that all three girls enjoyed the situation on some level. The heat was getting to them, and Mary noticed beads of sweat dripping down not just her own body, but Jenny and Julie’s too. Jenny wiped some away from her chest and she did so firmly enough to have her breasts bounce afterwards. Jenny really was good at making a show of something that otherwise seemed like an innocent action.

Mary was breathing heavier. The two shows were actually helping build up her arousal, and it had already started high. She was starting to worry she may actually go all the way. Though the two girls were the ones who told her to masturbate, and the ones who chose to undress while she did it, Mary still had conflicting feelings of guilt. She wasn’t sure if it was wrong or not. It wouldn’t be the first time the two had helped her to orgasm in some way though.

Jenny finally got rid of her thong. Wisps of brown curls freed themselves from the white fabric. The tangled thong was rolled down her legs, and she lifted her feet one at a time from the holes. She took her time to straighten it out. She too joined Mary on the bench, the opposite side of Julie.

Mary had a harder time controlling her breathing. A naked girl sat at each of her sides. Their shoulders and hips would occasionally touch her own. Each was looking towards Mary. They were looking not only at her naked body, but at her masturbating!

Mary didn’t stop. Her body was starting to yearn for it. Her fingers started to glisten from all the moisture they picked up with ever pass against her puffy mound. She could feel the contrast between the steams heat on the outside of her body, and the growing warmth emanating from within.

“That’s right. It’s ok Mary. It feels good, right? Nothing wrong with that at all,” Jenny consoled.

Julie offered more solace, “It’s a bit naughty, but that’s half the fun, right? We like when other people see us. We like being able to see you. And we’re pretty sure you like it both too. Just let it all out.”

The cheering was honestly embarrassing to Mary. They were trying to coax her to masturbate even more. The problem was, such embarrassment did loop back to more arousal, to more desire. She couldn’t believe how easily she could get wrapped up into such emotions. Guilt was fading, but she still felt self conscious. Her body’s desires didn’t yield though, and her fingers kept their motions.

Every time Mary pictured the endgame, what would eventually happen if she kept playing, she’d feel a pulse throughout her body. Her clitoris felt like it buzzed every time she pictured herself cumming while in the sauna with her friends. It also became easier to picture each time as her arousal climbed.

Mary felt nothing could stop her anymore. She was sure she could have kept going no matter what. Having the J’s watching felt like the most embarrassing thing, but that’s when she heard the door! Its creak as it slowly opened was enough to get her hand to halt!

Mary’s eyes went wide; she had again forgotten their lack of true privacy! Her hand quickly pulled away from her hot lips. The hand that’d been kneading her breasts released her sensitive skin as well. Being caught in the act was the last thing she wanted! She had nowhere to run or hide, her naked body was going to be exposed regardless. Her instincts to cover up were overridden by the desire to not be caught pleasuring herself. She brought each hand over her stomach, interlocking her fingers, trying to look natural.

She was trying to think of an excuse. The three of them were naked. What would the visitors to the room think? Would they think the worst: that the three of them were partaking in some extremely devious, public threesome? Honestly, a masturbation show in public wasn’t all that less damning! Could the people entering be convinced that nudity was Ok somehow?

Mary’s prayers were answered. The solution to their problem seemed obvious suddenly. A totally naked girl busted into the room! Her breasts bounced about as she got into the room. She had a broad smile on her face, no sign of worry! She giggled and looked out the door, waiting for someone it seemed. Her bare butt pointed towards the three. Mary was shocked. What was going on?

“Come on Megan, get in, the steam is getting out!” The happy and naked girl commanded. The girl to follow her in now was a dirty blond, and she was wrapped up in a towel. She was far more timid and shy. Unlike the naked one who paid them little attention, the girl in the towel seemed very shocked to find people, and shocked that they were naked!
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Mary Works Out
By Jappio

Part 6

“Oh my gosh! I’m so glad we’re not the only naked ones!” Jenny called out. She had her hands wrapped around her breasts, and her legs crossed. Mary looked at her, shocked to find her suddenly in such a pose. Jenny didn’t seem to miss a beat to get into character. “I was so scared we were going to get in trouble. I really couldn’t be sure if this was a clothing optional place or not!”

The towel girl looked up, and seemed confused. Her shoulders were bare, so Mary had to assume she may have been naked too. Mary then realized her legs were slightly parted still and she quickly shut them. She hoped neither girl had seen her lips, nor how pink they were!

“See, it’s perfectly fine to be au natural. I told you it was fine,” Julie played along. She wasn’t of course shy. Seemed the two darker haired girls had little modesty when it came to nudity! Mary didn’t add anything, she was too shocked to be sitting naked with two strangers seeing her now. Her body still ached for her touch to return as well.

“Don’t mind if we join you, right?” The bubbly girl asked, skipping to a bench at the side of the room. She sat down.

Julie welcomed the new guests, “Sure, go right ahead. Nice and warm, really relaxing in here. You feel so at ease and free.” Julie seemed happy with what was going on. Even though Jenny was blushing, she had a smile as well, being caught naked. The shy girl was quiet, and took a seat next to her friend. The two began to talk about something.

“Dare you to continue where you left off,” Jenny challenged. Mary could tell it was a joke, and didn’t even dignify it with an answer. Part of her regretted not being able to take her up on that offer; she did yearn for some sexual release. She could tell the other two girls were occasionally looking at the three of them, and the staring didn’t help her calm down.

Mary’s heart almost jumped from her chest again when the door opened up for a third time since she got in there! In walked a short haired blond. She too seemed to consider the sauna clothing optional, because all she had clad to her body was a pair of pink and black striped bikini bottoms.

She seemed shocked to see the room of naked girls, or at least shocked that there were so many people in there. She crossed her arms over her chest. The bubbly girl got up though, and invited her to sit down. She took a seat next to her, and the two began to chat.

Mary nervously shifted in her seat. Eyes were on her, and she didn’t like that. The shy girl was looking over less often, as she was in a conversation with her friend. The one in just the bikini bottoms did look over. Mary wasn’t sure which of the three of them she was looking at. Surely someone who was topless in the sauna didn’t find it too odd that five girls were totally naked?

Mary also caught herself staring a lot as well. She had five very exposed girls around her, and she wasn’t sure what to do. The three grouped together were an interesting mix. One was brazen, the other was very shy, and the third was somewhere in between. She seemed to be baring her chest fine, but the bikini bottoms made it seem like she wasn’t totally comfortable with the situation.

The thought that the topless girl was shyer though was quickly dashed. Mary wasn’t sure why, but the girl in the bikini bottoms stood up, and started to push her bottoms to the ground! Mary watched it all, as the girl’s round bottom was revealed, and Mary even saw the girl’s pussy! The newly naked girl was now as naked as everyone!

She sat down, and reached for her panties. Her breasts hung and pressed to her knees. Mary caught herself staring. She wanted to curse Jenny and Julie. Their show earlier had gotten her into some sort of mood. Mary couldn’t believe she was checking out random strangers undress now!

Though she had seemed to choose to strip, the short haired blond seemed to have a healthy, red glow. It could have just been the warmth of the sauna.

The two strangers turned their attention to the still towel covered girl. The three had a small discussion, and Mary did her best to not eaves drop. She tried to look to the J’s, but both were of course watching the other three! Mary couldn’t believe she was so tangled up with such perverts.

Yet just like them, she too looked back over, and the shy girl was actually fiddling with her towel! She gave a worried look all around, and Mary felt a bit bad to be caught staring at her. Did they convince her to take it off?

Her timid demeanor reminded Mary of herself. She was slow to get the towel off, but that just made Mary all the more curious. First Mary could spy the dirty blonde’s modest chest. She seemed to want to cover, the way her body was tensing up, but that just caused the soft mounds to jiggle and almost create a bit of cleavage. The towel finally pooled around her waist, and she was modest enough o keep her legs shut, but Mary could still barely tell the girl wasn’t shaved bare, unlike the two girls to her side.

Mary was wondering if she looked like any of the three girls. Was her act good enough to appear as confident as the long black haired girl? Or maybe she did seem as flustered as the two on her sides, looking as if they really wanted to cover up. She felt more alike the two embarrassed ones. Really though, Mary just wished she were hidden whilst being naked, some other area of the gym where no one was seeing her!

Mary’s hand almost started to rub her thigh. She wasn’t cooling down, and she really needed to. Mary needed privacy for more reasons than to hide her body. “Can we go?” Mary whispered to the J’s.

Both girls giggled. “The show is getting good though. Don’t you like it?” Julie asked.

Giving Julie a look of desperation, Mary tried to plead and offer, “We did what you wanted. If we go now… I’ll have to walk naked in front of three strangers. That should be enough, right?”

“So that means you’re not going to finish here?” Jenny asked, barely keeping her laugh suppressed.

Julie was ready to deal, “You have to face towards them, don’t’ cover, and wish them a good day.”

Mary weighed her options. She did want to get out of there. One final embarrassment was surely worth it. She wasn’t sure if she could make it look natural, but she had to do it. Mary desperately felt the need to get in a shower and her original clothes back. She nodded her head in agreement.

The J’s first got up, grabbing their clothes. Mary hadn’t noticed they had brought towels too! They each wrapped themselves up in them. They of course didn’t have a third for her, so she’d surely stick out even more!

Mary slowly got up, and tried to act natural. She followed the J’s to the door. As they headed out, Mary grabbed it, and held it open for a second. Her window of opportunity was closing; she had to do as Julie said. If she didn’t’, she’d probably have to sneak naked back into the dorms.

Mary turned, and faced the three naked girls. Despite their equal exposure, Mary felt more on show. Her feet were shoulder width apart, so just enough so everything could be seen. Mary was ready to say something, but her voice caught in her throat when she saw the three pairs of eyes on her!

“Um…” Mary mumbled, realizing the mistake of saying that. It just made it all look more forced. “Um, it was nice meeting you all. Hope you have a nice day!” and Mary quickly darted out of the sauna. Her face felt all the hotter as she stepped into the cooler pool room and it wasn’t because of the steam!

The J’s were nearby, clearly happy to see just how flustered Mary was. Mary felt absolutely embarrassed. She didn’t say anything more than “let’s go to the lockers,” and gave both the J’s a shove on the shoulder to get them walking. Though just in towels, they didn’t hesitate to lead Mary back into the hall.

Mary didn’t say anything as they walked, the J’s acting as shields again. She couldn’t even feel nervous in the hall; most of the people were in the sauna still anyways. Yet she was just at a total peek of embarrassment as it was. She was ready to put an end to the day.

Also at its tipping point was her arousal. Something about that final show really drove it home how bad she needed release. It took all her will power to not gently touch herself on her walk back to the locker room.

The trip only proved a barrier of time. The halls were quiet, and they didn’t approach any employees or other guests. The locker room was soon reached. Mary let herself in, finally somewhere her nudity wasn’t against any rules.

“Ok, time to shower up, then we can head back. Though we understand if you need to attend to some stuff in there Mary,” Julie said with a giggle. Mary wanted to say something back, but had nothing. She wasn’t sure if Julie truly realized how much Mary wanted to take her up on the offer.

Jenny got out a few showering supplies, and Mary took what was handed to her. Once in the shower area, she found a small curtain cubicle she could call her own. Even the warm water felt cool to her still hot skin. It was soothing though none the less.

At first, she stood beneath the stream. She was hoping to cool down; she could wait till she was home and alone in her dorm. She tried to control her breathing, and focus elsewhere. The water running down her body though brought her mind right back to her desires. The trickling stream passing by her hard nipples was especially tough to ignore. They tingled and ached and wanted more.

Mary tried to applying some soap to her body, but the touching was all the more build up to her arousal. She was turned on, and she didn’t think there was any way to really drop it. Mary couldn’t believe the J’s were somehow able to do this to her indirectly. Did they plan for their games to get her so good?

She moaned slightly as she tried to continue to wash herself, but it was no good. Mary knew she had only one option remaining.

She stood still for a moment. She heard the sound of other showers, Jenny and Julie surely. Mary didn’t think she heard anyone enter the locker room. She was also safe behind the curtain. Only Mary’s legs from the knee down could be seen from under it.

She turned her back to wall and leaned against it. Water still ran down Mary’s body. She traced the path it followed at her extremities. Her fingers delicately found her nipples thanks to the path. Mary’s motions were slow and methodical, not wanting to just rocket to the end and probably make a noise. Mary was too sensitive to trust any sudden stimuli.

Stifling another moan, Mary was trying her best to pretend she was just showering. The J’s had no way of knowing she was doing it if she kept quiet. Mary was squeezing her breasts and it was having the desired effect. The pent up arousal felt like it was boiling in her. Her whole body felt alive.

Mary started the next phase by massaging her thighs. Fingers crept up with every rub, and they found her hidden treasure. The puffy folds were very welcoming of Mary’s fingers, and she cooed lightly. Even with the shower water washing over her, she could tell her boy was producing its own moisture. Mary couldn’t believe how good she felt.

It wasn’t taking long for her to reach the very edge. She’d been close earlier, and she felt more pent up every since. She was radiating heat from a certain button at the top of her lips, and rubbing it just a couple of times was starting the first tremors of her orgasm. They built up and her body shook in time with them. She was cresting over, and it felt phenomenal.

Her fingers couldn’t slow; she was experiencing so much pleasure, it seemed impossible to stop. She kept going, and feeling great. She wasn’t sure how much time was even passing, but she didn’t care. She even spied the shower curtain move and open, but it didn’t stop her! The voice that started to say something about helping her out didn’t stop her. If they could help her keep going, she would gladly accept it!

That’s when some part of her brain better realized what was going on. Who as offering what? What was going on?

Her heart had a sudden pang. Her body tensed again as a second orgasm racked at the sudden realization a stranger was at her shower curtain, looking in! She couldn’t quite see, but it looked like the shy girl from the sauna?!

Mary suddenly did want to stop. The pleasure had to cease! Yet her body felt trapped, unable to stop. She had, she couldn’t just masturbate in front of a stranger! Yet it was too late, and that second orgasm was just as strong as the first. Mary wasn’t sure how, but she was more embarrassed than ever!

The curtain was shut, and she could just barely hear hurried footsteps head away. She heard what seemed like a “Sorry” being said. Mary wanted to still stop, but the embarrassment was catching her in a strong afterglow of arousal. She coasted off her second strong orgasm with multiple tremors still.

For a few moments, Mary was unmoving. Her fingers were still between her legs, but they had finally stopped. Her body felt so satisfied, and she wasn’t sure what to think of that.

Mary was caught masturbating in public. This was such a new thing to her. It was surely one of the most embarrassing things she’d ever experience. It left her face burning hot. Mary refused to even think what the girl possibly thought!

On wobbly legs, Mary exited the shower. She wanted to be done with the day, feeling she definitely paid her toll. That’s when she noticed that a few extra showers were in use. The other sauna girls must have joined them. Mary couldn’t even be sure it was the shyest one who had caught her, but she wasn’t going to stay and find out.

Jenny and Julie were toweling off at the locker. Mary was relieved to see she was offered a towel. A smile on Julie’s face told Mary that the J’s probably had guessed what she got up to. Considering how out of control she was during the middle of it, Mary did fear she maybe did make enough noise to clue those two in. Or perhaps they could tell from her glow.

Mary was allowed to dry and even fully dress! Mary was shocked to feel proper cover on her body again. Underwear, outer clothes, and even shoes and socks were finally donned. The J’s were also dressed, but were slow to leave. They seemed to be looking for something. They had held out the shirt Mary had been wearing. They must have gotten it back from the lost and found. "I hope you don't expect me to wear that again!" Mary whined.

"No, it wasn't for you. Yet it seems she must have found her own way out by now? We tried at least," Jenny said. Mary didn't understand, but let the matter go. Mary was just happy to get out of the locker room before the girl who caught her could perhaps confront her.

Mary wasn’t sure if she should tell the J’s what happened. Admitting to her masturbating would be tough alone. Telling them she was caught mid-orgasm was also going to be tough. Yet for some reason, Mary felt they should know. Each was surprisingly kind about the situation. They of course teased her about it, commenting how the girl was lucky to see something like that! Yet besides some light teasing, they let the subject go. They even assured Mary that the girl didn’t think any less of her. They probably thought Mary needed cooling off.

Mary was worried about having a cooling off period. She had a long day of many embarrassments. She was made to play crazy games the whole time, and she wasn’t sure all the stress on her heart was good for her. Even though it was witnessed too, her orgasm had been one of the strongest ever as well. Yet, even with all that factored in, Mary was starting to shift her legs around, rubbing her thighs together. Memories of the day still had her buzzing. Her body somehow still wanted more, and that sort of scared her. Having idle time to cool off and reflect could lead to more deviant behavior. This time though, she really would wait till she had the safety of her dorm room at least!

The End
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Very good. I like a good ENF story.
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Do not have kik or other phone apps, i prefer Skype, other messengers i may consider or, email or talk here.

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Thanks 'call me sir'. I'm glad you enjoyed the stories!
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