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Default Welcome to the Commonwealth

"There?" he asked.

"Yes! Right there!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Oh yeah! Get some!" he replied in ecstasy.

Turning the corner, Desmond Arch blasted the raider hiding behind the frayed couch, spraying red foam all across the back wall. The raider collapsed backwards as the shotgun slug ripped into his chest. Pivoting on his right heel, Desmond turned and released another round directed at the core of the green Protectron.

"Negative, not host-euuuuuellll..." it managed to say as it powered down and tipped over.

"Take some of that raider scum!" Desmond declared as an excited Jayce yelled an extended "Woo hoo!" charging into the room, slamming the butt of her gun on the temple of the last surrendered raider. The final raider forcefully went to sleep as her head hit a radiator on the way to the floor.

"Fucking fantastic shit Jayce!" Desmond screamed, his blood pressure high from the fight.

"The rest of the hallway is clear Des," Zoe piped up with her head around the door frame they had just gone charging through a moment earlier.

"Sweet shit Zoe. Start taking all the loot you can carry, as always," Desmond said as he took in a heroic deep breath of gunpowder and blood. "and don't forget about the god damn ceramic cups this time!" he yelled after Zoe, but she had already walked out of sight.

"Fuckin' ace Des!" Jayce said as she unhooked a Gunner thigh guard off the body of the first raider. "This raider had a Gunner thigh guard on him! Looks pristine too." Jayce gleamed. "This'll complete my set!" Jayce said as she looked up to Desmond for approval.

Desmond looked at her childlike excitement and gave her a warm smile as she turned her attention back towards the piece of armour. Jayce quickly pulled off her kevlar thigh guard exposing her bare thigh. Jayce raised her foot and placed it on a nearby side table, forming a right angle with her knee, as she started fiddling with the Gunner thigh guard. Desmond's eyes traced her foot, up her calves, along the length of her thigh and looked straight at her bare pussy, slightly split open by the angle of her legs.

For you see, all the girls under Desmond Arch's command were technically "naked". They wore the armour pieces that would normally fit over clothes, just without the clothes. Jayce was wearing Gunner shoulder guards which reached her elbows, her Gunner chest piece that protected her from her neck all the way down to her waist in strong ballistic plates, and (finally after much searching) two Gunner thigh guards which just about covered her penalty box. The armour itself didn't interlock so one could easily catch a glimpse of Jayce's skin in the many gaps between the pieces. Something Desmond did often and with delight.

Seeing her finish tightening the thigh guard, Desmond quickly hopped over and stopped her from taking her foot off the side table. "Now wait just a minute there J! You wouldn't just flash me with a sight of your beautiful deposit box," Desmond whispered as he supported the arch of her back with one arm, and slid his fingers across her slit with the other, "without letting me make a withdrawal now would you?"

"You can't make withdrawals from-" Jayce replied before being shushed by Desmond's wet finger on her lips. Jayce understood and kept her leg up on the table to let Desmond continue. Quickly, Desmond returned his hand back down to her fly trap and resumed rubbing her lips. Looking around the room, Jayce made a mental note of what to pick up when he was done. After a minute or so, her breath began to quicken as she started getting aroused, glancing at Desmond in between her mental inventorying of the room.

Placing her hand over his, she began guiding his fingers along her clit and labia, speeding up as she edged ever closer to release.

"Alright, I'm almost over-encumbered," Zoe said as she walked past the room, glancing through the door frame to see Desmond finger fucking Jayce. "Mhmm," Desmond mumbled without taking his eyes off of Jayce's, prompting no response from Zoe as she casually turned and walked towards the exit door.

Jayce began moaning quietly as she became visibly flustered at Desmond's persuasive silence. "Cum for me," Desmond whispered as he sped up his fingers. Jayce closed her eyes as she began moaning loudly, her clit overstimulated and throbbing.

"ughhhhh," the knocked out raider, now awake and groggy, moaned as she rubbed her head.

"Oh shit!" the pair of mercenaries screamed in unison as they broke apart, drawing their weapons on the masked raider on the floor. The raider didn't seem to notice the guns pointed at her, the mask (more of a bag with holes than a mask) was turned sideways and she couldn't see through the eye holes.

"Wha- what is it? What happened?" the raider mumbled as she corrected the mask to now see the pair of gun barrels she was now staring down.

"Oh shi- what, what-who, what?" she said as she reached up with her hand to shield the bullets, were they to come.

"Who are you people? What are you doing here? Why- Why are you wet?!" she said, the last one directed at Jayce.

"Silence!" Desmond commanded, prompting a twitch response from the raider. "Take off your mask!"

The raider made a hand gesture of compliance and slowly pulled the hood off, revealing her face. She was an exotic looking specimen, not easy to pinpoint her country of origin, if there was indeed only a single one. Her hair was dishevelled, probably from wearing the mask for so long, and her skin was dirty. Underneath all the mud and soot was a once beautiful woman who may have had a job being the cute checkout counter girl at the local supermarket. Now, she was a raider by profession. Well, not any longer.

"She's cute Des," Jayce said as she dropped her hand to stimulate her clit a little bit more. She didn't want to leave the high and she wanted to stay near the peak of climax for Desmond.

"I agree J," Desmond replied as he approached the raider and violently pulled the mask out of her hands, tossing it to the side. Speaking to her like she couldn't speak English, Desmond articulated every word clearly, "WE, ARE, ALPHA, COM-PA-NY," Desmond gestured at himself and Jayce, "WE KILLED YOUR FRIE-ND-S," he gestured once more with a smile and a nod to her dead companion behind the couch.

"I just spoke English asshole," the raider answered his extremely rude introduction. "And they weren't my friends, they were assholes too. Assholes killing assholes," the raider answered, ending with a sigh, "it never changes..."

Desmond looked up to Jayce who returned his glance. She nodded silently prompting Desmond to return his eyes on the raider.

"Well, I run Alpha Company. We're a group of mercenaries, you've probably heard of us," Desmond said with a smile and a pumped out chest.


Desmond frowned but continued, "We could take you in if you want, the pay is... non-existent, but you get free food! And companionship! Plus you'll get my protection!"

The raider looked visibly disgusted combined with a dash of confused. "Your 'Protection'?" she huffed, "I can survive just fine on my own."

"Mmmmmmmm, not what I am seeing right now. You just got captured by a bunch of mercenaries," Desmond said, pointing out the facts.

"Ok, yes I concede on that point," the raider replied, "But what makes you so much better at protecting?"

"Oh I am really quite good with the whole combat thing," Desmond said as he unholstered his pistol and fired a shot, without looking, right through the centre of a clock hanging off the wall behind him. Desmond smiled a wide smile as the raider stared open eyed at the clock with a perfect hole in it's centre. She turned her gaze at Jayce who nodded in agreement that he was the best.

"I'm telling ya, I have killed a LO-HO-HO-T of people! Oh boy, haha," he chuckled at his own disturbing sentence. Either his brain was completely warped from the intense amount of PTSD he probably suffered by this point, or he was now so desensitised to killing, that it prompted only a light chuckle. It was probably both.

"Ok. Ok I believe you. But why have you even invited me? Why didn't you kill me like the rest?"

"Yeah that was my bad," Jayce piped up, "thought I did."

"Ok," the raider paused, "and why haven't you killed me yet?"

Desmond paused with her, deliberating on his answer. "Well, you're here. You're alive. And our job was to just clear out this building of raiders. You leaving this building as not-a-raider counts as a job complete."

"Plus you're gorgeous," Jayce added at the end.

"Yeah," Desmond mouthed silently with a few head nods in agreement.

The raider blushed, "Well, well alright, I- I don't want to die and being a raider was horrible, I- I guess I'll join..."

"Now hold up there sweetheart," Desmond said in his mock Texan accent that he did from time to time, "I wasn't finished with the sales pitch. Notice how J isn't wearing anything under her armour?"

"Yeah I was going to ask about th-"

"Yep that's a condition on this here contract," Desmond kept up with his frankly insulting Texan accent, "you, as a fellow companion under the umbrella of Alpha Company, are to be nude at all times, with the exception of combat armour should there be a need to use any," Desmond said, somehow being racist to Texans around the world.

"Wait but wh-"

"Now let me done here finish now," Desmond said with a raised finger, mixing up slang he had never used together, "you will also be completely open to any sexual act performed on you, at ANY time, by ANY member of Alpha Company, while under the command of said company. Likewise you may DO anything to any member of Alpha Company. Do you agree to said terms Miss...?"

"Miss Zarah, but how can-"

"Zarah, huh? That really doesn't narrow down where you come from," Desmond pondered with a head shake, looking up at Jayce who responded with a shrug.

"Wait but how-"

"We can just call you Z, would that be alright?"

"Wh- yes, that's fine, I don't care about that, I-"

"Excellent! So how do you feel about the conditions? It has been a deal breaker for some before so we totally understand," Desmond said standing back up, "if you don't accept."

"Of course it's a deal breaker, why would you even NEED us to not wear clo-"

"So if you do feel like it's not something you want to get into," he talked over her, walking towards the door, his back turned to Zarah, "we can terminate the offer here," Desmond ended with Jayce placing her gun on Zarah's forehead.

The room was silent. Nobody moved a muscle as Zarah was held at gunpoint and Desmond leaned on the door frame, his back still turned on the two of them. The light shone through the badly boarded up windows, exposing the still dust floating in the air. Zarah wondered how such a calm setting could be so tense.

"What'll it be Z," Desmond said without turning. Smiling to himself about the alliteration.

"Well now that you've put it that way..." Zarah said in her frozen state as the cold barrel of the gun held her head in place by heavy suggestion.

With sudden explosive enthusiasm, Desmond sprung around and speed walked over to Zarah who was shocked at the sudden burst of energy. "Well I think that settles things! Welcome to the team Zarah!" Desmond said as he pushed Jayce's pistol off Zarah's forehead, pulling her arm up and shaking her limp hand.

"I didn't get to finish what I started with J over there, and she must be yearning this whole time to finish, so let's get you initiated with our little group here. Why don't you eat her out so we can all get moving again? Sound good? Great!" Desmond said as he walked towards the door frame, doubling back to grab a ceramic cup on the way out.

"Wait, where are you going?" Zarah asked after Desmond. He turned and looked at her in a bit of confusion, "Oh well I don't really need to be here, there's more stuff we need to loot so I'll just get to it while you guys finish up. Have fun!" Desmond said as he shut the door.

Jayce stood there staring at Zarah with a smile. The pair stayed silent for an awkward amount of time before Jayce decided she needed prompting.

"Welp, get to it Z, let me lean against the wall," Jayce said as she turned 90 degrees and leaned her back against the wall. Opening her legs slightly, she motioned Zarah to move in between them. Zarah didn't know what else to do but she had done worse things for raiders so she figured it wouldn't be so bad. Zarah got on her knees and shuffled over to between Jayce's legs. Zarah was still wearing her whole raider get up which didn't flatter her body at all. Jayce didn't seem to care, deciding instead to prime her valve as she rubbed her clit a bit in anticipation.

Seeing Jayce so completely brainwashed into thinking this is normal, Zarah realised she was just looking at an extension of Desmond. Jayce would offer no different answers from Desmond as, to her, this servitude was normal. Seeing no other option, Zarah placed her hands on Jayce's Gunner thigh guards and gave her slit a long lick.

With instantaneous passion, Zarah gave Jayce's welcome mat long slurps, playing with her clit, prompting moans from Jayce. "So, J..." Zarah said in between her licks, "Mhmmm," responded Jayce.

"Why are you," *lick* "so willing," *lick* "to do all this," *lick* "for Desmond?" *lick*

"What do you mean Z?" Jayce asked, her eyes still shut, her body swaying slightly from the high of arousal.

"Why let Desmond," *lick* "use you so freely," *suck* "why not," *lick* "join a better merc group?"

"Des is a good guy, Z," Jayce said, sensing that Zarah didn't need to speak anymore, and thus placing her hand on the back of Zarah's head, pushing it into her golden valley. "He's a good guy and when you finally decide to have fun with his conditions, it becomes a blast," Jayce said, moaning louder as Zarah sped up her tongue action.

"He genuinely cares about us, and he proves it time and time again," another moan as Jayce edged closer once more, "he's also a damn good shot and one heck of a brawler," Jayce added with a bite of her lip.

"If you just open up to him, literally, you can have fun just like the rest of us," Jayce moaned once more loudly, pushing her crotch up towards Zarah's face as she hit the peak and began tumbling down, her body shaking from the intensity of her orgasm. Her final moan dragged on as she came down from the high and lingered on bliss. Zarah was suffocating in Jayce's pork pie, and she looked up at Jayce, pleading for some relief. Completely unaware, Jayce released Zarah's head, prompting a deep breath from Zarah as she took in oxygen for the first time in awhile.

"That was some top class stuff Z..." Jayce was still in eyes-shut bliss. Zarah looked around and wiped her wet lips with her sleeve.

"Alright, let's get going Z," Jayce said as she slowly got off the wall and walked towards the exit. Zarah stood up to follow but was stopped before she could reach the door.

"Uh uh. The conditions," Jayce said, pointing at her clothes, "Just the armour."

Zarah pleaded with her eyes but quickly realised it was futile.

"I'll wait outside," Jayce said as she walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

"How was she?" Desmond asked Jayce as she walked out of the building. Jayce replied with an Italian chef kiss, "Amazing," she followed up. Desmond handed another rifle from his loot bag to Zoe as she tied it to the brahmin.

"Is she going to agree to the conditions?" Zoe asked squinting her eyes as the mid-day's sun shone right at them.

"I think so," Jayce answered, "I hope so," she ended.

"As do I," Desmond added as he handed another piece of loot to Zoe. Zoe had a similar get up to Jayce, with her upper body protected by metal plate armour, ending a bit shorter than Jayce's. This meant that Zoe's fruit cup was always on display. In addition, she had unmarked shoulder and thigh guards which protected her entire arm and leg length.

The front door of the building creaked and Zarah walked out wearing nothing but a single thigh guard. Her skin was dirty but her tits were natural C cups that held onto her frame like glue. Her pubic hair was a bit unkempt but her slit made up for it in it's pristine look. Her dishevelled hair now added to her attractiveness and Zarah's embarrassment was beset slightly by the shouting and hollering of Jayce and Zoe.

"Look at you!" Jayce screamed with excitement, "look-ing good sista!"

Zarah smiled, "I just ate you out, could you not call me sister."

But there was no stopping them and as Desmond approached her, Zarah braced herself for his touch. Once Desmond was in range, he reached out and held her at arms length by her shoulders.

"Don't worry! We'll get you more armour," he said, as he pulled her in for a hug. Leaning into her ear, Desmond whispered into Zarah's ear amidst all the cat calling from Zoe and Jayce, "we're gonna have some fun."


This was a pilot chapter for a story about Alpha Company! You should get the idea of what Alpha Company will be like, a free use group of mercs that will fight and fuck in equal amounts, sometimes at the same time!

I kept it lighthearted and plan to do so in a Tarantino kind of way. I'll try not to make it too dreadful but it'll be difficult with those themes.

I don't plan on writing very often, but when I do it will be in huge chunks. I haven't posted here in awhile and hopefully this story is well received
Looking for a story that's different? Check out IRT Deadliest Roads

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