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Default Spring Break

A couple weeks ago my family and I went to Costa Rica for spring break. We stayed at a wonderful resort that was right by the beach, and had a large amount of pools. I had a separate room from my family thankfully. I went down to the pool pretty quickly after we got there and approached a really cute guy. we made some small talk, and then went and played beer pong at the ping pong table by the pool. We met another girl who was relatively attractive and another guy who jumped in the game, we were playing 2v2. We hung out and screwed around until around 9-10 pm. The pool technically closed at 8 o clock, but we were still allowed to hang around it. After it was just us at the pool, I suggested we play a game of truth or dare. We started off with some basic truths. I'll give the guys/girl a name so you can keep track of what happened. Lets call the first guy Jake, and the second matt, and the girl Elaina.

I asked Jake "How old were you when you had your first kiss"

He responded with "Umm, idk, probably 13 or 14."

Jake asked Elaina "How many boyfriends have you had?"

She responded with "Three, both were pretty short relationships though.

Elaina then asked me "Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?"

I replied "Yes, a couple times."

I asked Matt "How old were you when you lost your virginity?"

He said "16, it was just a hookup though, nothing serious."

Matt then escalated things and said "Elaina, I dare you to have another drink"

Elaina then took a shot of vodka, and said "Jake, I dare you to show us your penis"

Jake said "ummm, how about you first?"

Elaina said "Nope, I gave you the dare."

Jake then whipped out his penis and gave us a nice look, then put it back in his swimsuit.

Jake then said to me "I dare you to twerk for a minute."

I said "ughhh fine" And I got out of the pool and twerked for a minute. Felt kind of weird doing it in front of people I barely knew, but it made me very horny.

I then said "Elaina, I dare you to take off your top."

Elaina said "Fine" and proceeded to drop her top off

Elaina then said to me "I dare you to strip naked and run to the beach and back" Now, the beach was a good minutes or two away, but I said fuck it and did it. When I got back my clothes were all hidden.
Jake said "Well, I guess you gotta do us a favor to get your clothes back."

I said "Such as?"

and he replied "How's a blow job sound?"

Now I really didn't have an option here, so I went down on him. Right before he was about to cum I stopped, and could see the disappointment in his face.

Both elaina and Matt had left, and I presume they had my clothes as well, so I just sprinted up to my room to grab some clothes. I was wearing just a skirt. I met them at one of the bars and we had a drink, then just went to sleep.

This is just the first day, we had much more fun than this, if you guys would like to hear more let me know.
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I would love to hear the rest of the days
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Day 2:

First thing when I woke up I found a nice looking Dress, and put on a bra and a thong. I walked downstairs to breakfast and saw Jake sitting at a table, so I grabbed some food then sat across from him.

He said "Hey, how's it going"

I replied "Alright, hbu?"

He said "Got reallly bad blue balls, thanks for that."

I said "No problem, maybe I can fix that later tonight"

He said "How about right now?"

I said "Nah"

He said "How about you at least show me something, don't remember a whole lot from last night. You should take your panties off."

I said "But theres a ton of people around, and I'm wearing a dress."

Jake said "Even better."

I followed his instructions and tried to stealthy take of my thong, but it was pretty obvious if anyone was actually looking. I tossed him them under the table and he slid then in his pocked.

Jake said "so, how about we continue that truth or dare game?"

I say "Sure, why not."

Jake says "So, This question might seem a bit odd, but what's your deepest, darkest, sexual fantasy?"
Now, I didn't expect this, but for some reason I decided I'd tell him the truth.

I say "Don't be scared off by this but I want to be tied up, brought to orgasm countless times but never given release, and used by whoever has me tied up. Another one would be being blackmailed, and being extremely embarrassed.

I was really nervous about his reaction but he said
" Wow, how odd. My fantasy is to tie someone up, and bring them to orgasm countless times, and use them.

To be continued
Welp, I just finished writing about the day and exited out on accident. Great.
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We finished breakfast, and then looked for something to do. The resort offered various activities such as going out on a boat,
snorkling, etc.. but we decided on jet skiing. We found Matt and Elaina and got the Jet skis then headed out.
Each jet ski had two people, I was with Jake, and Elaina was with Matt. We eventually found a private beach after 10-15 minutes
and pulled up. As soon as we got off, Matt stole Elainas bikini bottoms, she said
"What the hell Matt?" and proceeded to pants him. Jake thought it was a good idea and simultaneously stole my bikini top and bottom,
so I was completly naked. The only obvious option was to pants him, so I did that. Matt then said "Lets go swimming!" so we
all got in the ocean. Jake had a gigantic erection, so I decided to tease him and kept touching it, but eventually he grabbed me and I jumped
on his dick, I was riding him in the ocean for about 5 minutes when some people approached from a path behind the beach, so we all ran grabbed our clothes and
jumped on the jet skis naked. We found another little private beach, and got dressed, then headed back to the resort.
After we returned the Jet skis Jake said "Hey, want to go up to my room?" I said "Sure, why not."
We went up the stairs and eventually got to his room. He went over to his bag and pulled out two ties. He said "Put this over your eyes as a blindfold,
then lay down so I can tie your hands." I said "What the hell? Why would I do that?" He said "You're clearly a sub, and I'm a dom, just do it, I'll be gentle."
I thought what the hell, I'm on vacation, why not. I got on the bed, blindfolded, then he tied up my hands. He removed my swimsuit so I was sitting on his bed, tied up,
blindfolded. I heard him approach me and then suddenly felt a cold sensation on my stomach, and he worked it down and inserted it in my vagina. He grabbed another ice cube, and did this 3 more times.
He then inserted 3 more into my ass. He said "Alright, nod if you're okay with this. I'm going to be in full control of you over this vacation. For the time being, you are my slave.
I instantly nodded, just the thought made me horny. He said "I'm going to give you rules to follow, and if you don't you will be punished. The beginning rules are:

1. You must follow all reasonable commands I give to you without hesitation
2. You will not wear panties this entire trip.
3. You will not have an orgasm without my permission
4. I will assign your outfit each day.
5. You can not pee without my permission.
6. In the room, you will not wear clothes. The second you step foot in you must strip, before closing the door.
7. You are not allowed to touch yourself, period.
8. When tanning you must remove your top.
9. You must always be drinking a drink of some kind, at least be sipping on something.
10. When you eventually have an orgasm, it will not be inside.

He then said "Alright, now we're going to have some fun." He ran his hand up my leg and started rubbing my clit, then began finger fucking me.
He suddenly stuck his dick in me and started going really fast. I came extremely close to an orgasm but managed to hold back. After a while he
pulled out, and stuck it in my mouth, then finally came, and I swallowed. He then said "alright, you're going to sleep like this, and he put my bikini bottoms back on. then stuck a vibrator in them.
It was too low of a setting to cum but just enough so I was on edge all night.
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Please keep going it's a great story. Keep up the great work.
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yup keep going it's really very interesting....

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Please continiue... it's so hot. How did you manage to do all this without your family noticing? Didn't they check on you?
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