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Best Story of 2016
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Asterisk A humiliation day at the salon

Bump... "ouch!" I yelled out. I banged my head into the side of the cage. The car had hit a speed bump and I had trouble keeping my balance. Suddenly, it stopped. My owner walked round to the back and opened the boot. He stroked my head through the bars of the cage. "That speed bump was a little higher than expected, are you alright pet?" He asked. I nodded my head yes. He opened the cage door, clipped a leash to my collar and helped me get out and down on my knees. Apart from my fluffy tail, my collar, and mittens, I was naked. I felt very apprehensive to be out in public like this. What if someone saw me? Sir saw me look around nervously and told me that it was ok; that we were going to a special pet salon. "You can do with a thorough cleanup, after that stunt you pulled this morning.
I might even get you a treat, but you'll have to behave. Oh, what fun you'll have!"

I eyed him sarcastically. Was this some sort of payback? Sure, I had been a little disobedient this morning, but I had already been punished hadn't I? Ok, I had climbed on top of Sir's desk while he was trying to work. I'd even laid down on top of his laptop. But I was bored! After he had picked me up and put me back down on the floor again, I had run off with one of his shoes between my teeth. It was very funny, watching him trying to chase me while hopping around on one foot to avoid his sock getting wet. It had rained and the grass was wet. Laughing in his face was probably a mistake though...
Quickly, I crawled off again. It was cold and wet, but I didn't want to give up the game now. Sir gave up on trying to keep his sock dry, and marched towards me. He cursed when he stepped into a muddy puddle but he had me cornered. I couldn't get away and he grabbed me by the hair. He pushed my face down on the ground and slapped my ass hard.

"WHAT SORT OF NONSENSE IS THIS!?" He yelled. Uh oh... Sir was really angry now. "I told you, no games today. I have a very important report to finish! SIT UP!" I shot upright and was sitting on my knees, mittened hands next to my tits, the way Sir likes it. "AND DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE!" He commanded. With his hand, he slapped my tits until they were red and sore. He grabbed my nipples and pinched them until I cried out. Suddenly he let go and, to my surprise, he started to take of his dirty sock. He held it up in front of me and said angrily "see what you did now!?"

I couldn't help but burst into laughter at this. That wasn't a very sensible reaction, but it was just so funny. He grabbed my hair and rubbed the dirty muddy sock all over my face and through my hair. My smile vanished instantly. He was really mad, I realised. "Open up!" He said and without further ado, he stuffed the sock into my mouth. I gagged, and tried to spit it out. It was so gross! But Sir held his hand over my mouth to prevent that. With his other hand, he took a roll of duct tape from his pocket (he always seems to have that on hand), and peeled a strip off. He slapped it over my mouth, so that the sock would stay put. "Hhhrrmmm!" I yelled. Sir stood back and smiled, satisfied. He grabbed my leash from his pocket and clipped it to my collar. He tied the other end to the fence behind me. "I'm going to finish my report now. You can have a good think about your mistakes. I will probably take a while." With that, he walked off, leaving me in the cold.

As soon as he was gone, I tried to pry the tape off my face. But my mittens were made of thick leather and they were locked around my wrists. My fingers were useless. I tried to undo the clip on my collar and the knot of the leash, but I couldn't do anything. I felt the mud drying on my face. Clumps were stuck to my hair. I felt miserable and really sorry for myself. All I wanted was to play a fun little game...

After what seemed a eternity, I saw Sir walk into the garden, holding a big towel. He stood in front of me, hand on hips, not saying anything. I wanted to do anything to please him, so I put my head on the floor in front of his feet, and wagged my tail. I gave him my best puppy eyes and after a while, his expression softened. "Seems someone has learned her lesson..." he smiled. I nodded vigorously. He knelt down and carefully peeled the tape off. Then he took out the sock and threw it in the trash. The leash was unclipped and the soft towel felt lovely around my body. After rubbing me dry, Sir led me inside and I half expected to be taken to the bathroom to be cleaned up.
Instead, he took me to the car. I looked at him with a curious expression on my face. He just smiled and helped me up, into the new cage that he'd installed in the back of the car.


I looked around me. In front of us loomed a big building that said "Plushy Paws Pet Pampering." I huffed to myself; "who the hell comes up with a name like that!?" Sir pulled my leash and I crawled behind him to the door. The sign said: "Leashed pets are welcome." The doors slid open and in front of me I saw isles and isles of pet related stuff. Soft dog beds, leashes, collars, squeaky toys, cages. Big bags of biscuits and treats lined the wall. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable... I was very naked and undoubtedly still covered in mud. And Sir just casually pulled me along, like it was normal. Just when I thought I was the only one, a woman rounded the corner and greeted Sir. There was a young man crawling next to her, dressed completely in leather. He was muzzled. "Maybe I'll get one on those for you too" Sir remarked. "That'll prevent you from stealing my shoes in the future." He laughed at my alarmed expression.

"Oh hiii guys, and welcome to Plushy Paws Pet Pampering!" a very cheery voice exclaimed. "Oh you must be the 3 o' clock appointment." In front of us was a big sturdy rosy cheeked woman, who looked way too happy. "Awww little darling, all muddy and dirty... It's a good thing you chose the deluxe treatment," she chirped and gave Sir a nudge. He winked at her, and I didn't like it one bit. "Aww cutie pie, don't pout. It'll be just like a day at the spa." She walked ahead of us towards a door and held it open. No way back now, I thought.

Inside, everything was pink and fluffy. The walls were pink, the carpet was pink. The desk was pink with gold trimmings... the ostentatious decor hurt my eyes. Cheerfully, the woman yapped on; "I'll be your assistant for the day honey. I'm Nancy, but you can call me miss, little pet." I gave Sir a foul look, but he had made himself comfortable with a cup of coffe on a pink chaise longue and picked up a newspaper. I couldn't believe he'd just handed me over to this creepy woman.

Nancy directed me up onto a padded table and fastened my leash on a hook on the side. She told me to get on all fours, and she started to rummage around in the corner. I felt quite stupid, meekly waiting on a table, not knowing what was going to happen. I decided not to make this easy for the woman. I had to be careful though, because I was sure Sir was keeping his eye on me from behind his paper.
"First, we have to get you nice and smooth darling." Nancy said as she walked up to me, holding a tray with hot wax and strips in her hands. Ohh no no no... I didn't like this at all. "Now lay down on your back and relax sweety. It'll all be over in a sec." I looked at her defiantly. I sure as hell wasn't going to do that! Sir looked up from his newspaper and asked Nancy if she needed any assistance. I got the message and quickly laid down on my back. She fastened my feet to ankle cuffs on a spreader bar that hung from a chain and then proceeded to hoist the bar up in the air! My legs were spread impossibly wide and up in the air and I had never felt so exposed. She plopped herself down on a stool and rolled herself between my legs. I glared ad her, cheeks burning red. But she was as cheery as ever and started to slather the hot wax on my pussy. I didn't want this woman touching me, but I couldn't close my legs, and the worst was yet to come...

With one deft movement, she yanked a wax strip off my skin. And then again and again. I cried out "Owww that hurts you bitch!!!" I wanted do free myself, but with my ankles secured and the mittens still in place, alI could do was uselessly flop about on the table. Nancy had taken a step back, and looked dumbfounded. From the corner of my eye, I saw Sir get up and march towards me. He got out my ring gag harness and quickly strapped it around my head. "No more talking or cursing pet. Behave yourself or you'll learn what real punishment is."
Defeated, I lay back and let the finish her work. It felt like my whole pussy was on fire! Finally she was done and proudly exclaimed "look at that, nice and smooth honey!" She gave my tail a flick and undid the ankle cuffs.

"Now hop off the table pet, and get your cute butt into that tub over there." I got off and really just wanted to run away, hide behind sir. I really didn't want to. But one stern look quickly made me get into the bath.
Nancy tied my leash to a bar. Again, I wasn't going anywhere. "Now, just relax honey, and we'll have you smelling like a daisy in no time." She turned on the tap and I jumped, it was cold! She squirted a big dollop of soap into the water, and big bubbles formed immediately. I just sat there, on hands and knees, feeling stupid. This was beyond embarrassing; being washed down by a total stranger. She took a wash cloth and covered it with soap. She started to wash my back and I shivered. But I couldn't tell her that I wanted hot water. She lifted up my tail and started to vigorously scrub my freshly waxed pussy. It was so humiliating, not to mention sensitive, that I kicked out and tried to swat her hands away. "Hey that's not nice, pets should behave in here!" Nancy cried out, suddenly not so cheerful anymore. "Well, don't I just have the thing for that, she grimaced."

She walked off, leaving the cold tap running. I sat there shivering, but unable to get out. Nancy had gotten some padlocks and a short chain and threaded it through the ring on my collar. Then she grabbed my left wrist and locked one end of the chain to my mitten. She did the same with my right hand. My wrists were now up and secured to my collar. Sir fixed me with a stare and I knew very well not to cause any more trouble. The bitch had also gotten a brush with a long handle and started to scrub me down with that. She seemed to be extra thorough with scrubbing my tits and nipples. Last but not least, she started to scrub my face with the foam filled brush. I wanted to get away, but it didn't help one bit. "Now, your owner will just be so proud of you! Such a pretty, clean little pet." She said sarcastically. I gagged and sputtered, she rubbed the foam everywhere, including my mouth and eyes. I couldn't even open my eyes now. "Now all we have left is a good shampooing and then we can move on to the drying." I felt Nancy lather my tail and hair with shampoo. Suddenly, a cold hard jet of water hit me right in the face. The ring gag prevented me from closing my mouth, so I almost choked on the water. I coughed and tried to swallow and I swear I could hear the witch snigger. At least, finally, I was clean. I smelled like bubble gum and sugary candy. Gross!

Nancy drained the water and roughly towelled me dry. So roughly in fact, that my hair stood out in all directions.
"Now wait here honey, while I go get your owner another coffee. Gosh where are my manners." Nancy said as she left me there, shivering, and walked off.

When she returned, she unclipped the leash, but left my wrists tied to my collar. She grabbed the chain and almost lifted me out of the bath. "Time for a nice hairdo," she almost sang. She yanked my leash and led me over to a gold plated cage with a hole in the top. I knew where I was going but I couldn't get away. The woman was much bigger and stronger that me. Within 10 seconds I was locked in, almost folded double, head sticking out the top. At least she undid the chain from my collar and wrists. In front of me was a big mirror. I tried to avoid looking at myself, feeling very embarrassed. While gathering her stuff, Nancy chirped to Sir "this is the grooming station we use for rowdy pets. It holds them securely and we can still give the a splendid hairdo." Sir nodded approvingly. Nancy got a blow dryer and dried my hair and my tail. Then she brushed all the tangles out. Every now and then, the sickly sweet scent of the shampoo wafted through the air. Sir got up and announced that he was going to have a look round the store, while Nancy finished with me. I really didn't want him to go, but I was tightly secured and gagged, so there was nothing I could do to protest.

Nancy was rummaging around in a drawer and turned around with a huge smile on her face. She was holding scissors and pink ribbons. She started to comb out my hair and held the scissors in front of my face. "Now you wanna be careful not to move dearie, of you'll be looking very funny with a few bald spots on your head." Angrily I kept still, while the bitch cut my bangs. When she moved to the side, I could see the result in the mirror. She'd cut them way too short! I looked like a school girl now, instead of a grown up woman...well...pet. To make matters worse; she parted my hair in the middle and made two buns on each side of my head and tied a bow around them with the pink ribbons. I shook my head, trying to dislodge them, but this evil woman had done a very thorough job. In the mirror, I could see my cheeks turn crimson. I wanted to go and hide now. I felt her tie a ribbon around the base of my tail plug as well. It made me feel like a poodle, all groomed and coiffured. "Now honey, I'm going to let you out," said Nancy. "Will you keep your paws off your hair? Or do I need to go get the special cone?" I eyed her suspiciously. "Oh yes I should explain, it's the big transparent collar we use when pets have had surgery, to prevent them from licking or hurting themselves." I shook my head no. Not that! Luckily, she let me out and directed me to the counter.

The door opened, and in walked Sir, holding a plastic carrier bag. When he saw me, his eyes went wide. I couldn't really read his expression. He looked... shocked, or was it surprise? Suddenly, he burst out laughing. He laughed and laughed until tears ran down his face. "Gosh! I'm so glad to have a satisfied customer," Nancy beamed. I sat there fuming. I'm sure Sir hated the look as well, but if he did, he didn't let on. He made a show of walking around me, looking from all angles. He clapped Nancy on the shoulder saying; "you've done a great job. And I love the bows!" From the bag, he got out a pink, leather collar. It jingled, and I saw there was a bell attached to the front. He knelt down, took off my old black collar and put the new one on. "This will compliment the look perfectly." He also took my clamps with bells from his pocket and put them on my nipples. He paid Nancy, complimented her again and, bells jingling, smelling of candy led me out of the salon, into the store. It was afternoon now, and very crowded.
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H your story is amazing!
It's not only a great fantasy. It is written so well, i can really feel the emotions. It's a pleasure to read your stories.
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