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Default Three in a bed at a sleepover

This is based strongly on a true story, but will veer away from the truth at some point, so I'm putting it as fiction. Sorry if it's crap, enjoy!

Hi. I'm a nerd. Hence, I'm not exactly, well, sexually active, until my 16th birthday. I'm also probably bi, but I'm not even sure yet! Anways, being a geek, I held a LAN party followed by a sleepover for my birthday! (For those less nerdy, a LAN party's basically a computer game party!) The gaming went well, we had a bit of fun, and most of my friends had a few drinks and got a little drunk.

Anyway, we retired to our rooms, and my room, being rather large, held three people, Jacob, Andrew and Tom on the floor, and my bed, being a King-sized one, held me, Niall and Barnaby. (These are all true names, so if one of my friends discovers this website, I'm screwed! :P) Niall was a little drunk and is a little crazy all the time, so he suggested we shared it. Barnaby, I have always suspected was gay, so that could be why he didn't refuse!

A little background information, I have always tried to start a truth or dare game at any sleepover or party I have been at, with the intention of seeing something, perhaps doing something, or at least having fun!

So, with this intention, I suggested we play truth or dare, and with the drunk people, and the suspected gay people, (I also thought Tom was gay), everyone agreed, asides from Andrew, who had fallen asleep immediately. Oh well, 5 would be plenty for a bit of fun, and who knows, tonight could be incredible.

I turned to Niall, who was a little drunk, with no shame, and with a pretty permanent girlfriend, and was under the covers in his boxers only. "Truth or dare?" I said, already excited for what might be to come...
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This has started very well! I really hope you continue

glue would like to tell everyone reading this to stay
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could be very good. keep writing
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Me likey so far.
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I like it keep going!!
Not on a lot sorry but if you want to contact me kik is RRU2 .........
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Wow, I was connected to this story very quickly. Looks great!
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Where's the rest!?!??!
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ooffff tooo a gooood starttt! dont abandon thiss
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birthday, fun, nerd, sleepover, truth or dare

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