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Default The Ad: Nude In Public Adventure!

My biggest turn on is exhibitionism. The thought of being naked around even one other person is exciting, but the more the better. Unfortunately, I've never had a chance to experience my fantasies. The best I can do is a locker room, and that's not really fun or daring. I love masturbating to videos of men and women being nude in public, dreaming of taking their place, but knowing I will never be able to enjoy it myself... or so I thought.

Surfing through the web and checking out craigslist for some side jobs during the summer while I'm off school, I found an ad that was almost too good to be true.

"Photographer looking for nip model, will pay well."

Of course I clicked on it, my thoughts and heart racing.

"Photographer looking for a male or female model who is comfortable to be naked in public for a video shoot/art project. Will be paid for time."

With my hand subconciously shoved down my pants, I clicked reply and began to type:

"19 y/o male interested in your project."

Short but sweet I thought. I loosened the grip on my member.

"What am I doing? This is insane there's no way I can actually go through with this. It's probably not even real." I thought. But I knew it was something I really wanted, and I clicked reply. I eventually masturbated to cum and laid on my bed, feeling stupid for replying to that ad now that the sexual high I had was gone.

"I'm sure he won't reply anyways." I thought.

The next morning I was very surprised to find a message from the photographer in my inbox.

"Hi! Thanks for my replying to my ad, the name is Andy. I'm sure you have questions but I'll get the obvious out of the way, the when, where, how much $$$ and all that. 100/h for your time. Obviously you probably are wondering how it's even legal to be nude in public, but our city is having a Pride festival this weekend and they are pretty lenient when it comes to nudity. However, any trouble you come across, I have the money to bail you out. I can come pick you up if you like. Any other questions please email me."

Wow. Holy shit. Do I reply?

"Hi..." I began to type. I took a deep breath.

"So what time would you pick me up? What's the game plan exactly?" Send.


It didn't take long to get a reply, Andy was obviously online.

"The festival starts at noon, I'd like to get an early start, so depending on where you live, probably around 10. The gameplan is I'll pick you up, and I would like to head to the subway station and park there, because downtown parking will be a hassle. Then when we get to the festival, I'll begin filming and have you get naked. If possible, could you shave your pubic hair if you have any? I'd like the best possible shots of your penis and testicles. Send me your address when you have the chance. Thanks!"

Wow. It hit me when I read his request to shave. I already shaved my pubic hair anyways, but I was going to be on video, in public, my penis, everything! I was rock hard. This was everything I'd ever dreamed of. I sent him my address and got one last reply.

"Thanks! You don't live too far actually. See you saturday, and if possible, wear light clothes please so it's easier to slip off and on in a hurry!"

Saturday could not come fast enough.
If you're friendly, PM me or add me on Facebook I love chatting about dirty fantasies, especially public nudity! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007149407768 I want to have some fun on FB
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i really hope you continue this story that is aswell one of my biggest fantasies
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Eventually Saturday came, and I didn't sleep at all Friday night out of excitement. I put on light clothes as asked, a basket ball jersey, briefs, and basketball shorts.

Andy showed up right on time, he was a hipster looking guy with a beard and glasses, and he was very friendly.

"Hey Tim! Good to see you. How you feeling? Nervous?"
"Yeah... a bit."
"I don't blame you, since you're about to get naked in front of a lot of people. Do you mind if I see your genitals quickly?"

That question caught me off guard.

"Uh... Why?"
"Just curious to see what I'm working with."
"Oh.. okay haha." I nervously laughed as I slowly pulled my pants down to my underwear. He noticed I was getting uncomfortable.

"You sure you wanna do this? If you wanna back out you can."

"No I do really want to do this. I'm just nervous, it's my first time but I really want this. It's kind of a... fantasy of mine. But I am insecure, especially about my size."
"Ah! Well that's cool, we both get something out of this then... well you were getting paid, but now you get something more. And I'm sure you're fine sizewize."

I was about 5 inches hard, but half that soft, and I was going to be soft more than hard on this adventure, so people we're going to see the smaller side of my penis.

I slid down my underwear and pulled out my penis.

"Nice, circumcized. And you shaved! Thanks! Your stuff looks fine buddy, don't worry about it."

We drove to the subway station and got out.

"So what I wanna do is take the train downtown to the festival and probably strip you somewhere quiet first if that works for you? Maybe we can start you in your underwear first."

My heart was pounding, I wanted to do this now before I changed my mind.

"Andy, I think I wanna get myself undressed asap, like ripping a bandage off I guess."
"You want to take the subway naked?"
"If possible."
"Hm. Okay."

We walked to the platform and the train hadn't come yet.

"Do you want to strip here? It's pretty quiet."

I looked around and saw 2 people on the completely opposite end of the platform where they were barely visible.

"Okay..." I shakenly said.

Andy handed me a bad and I pulled my jersey off and put it in. I sat down on a bench and took off my shoes and socks, and then my shorts. I was in a pair of grey briefs at this point and absolutely nothing else.

"Okay just give me a bit Andy."

"No worries, mind if I start filming and interview you?"

"Oh okay."

Andy pulled out a video camera and turned it on.

"Hey this is my friend Tim, introduce yourself."

This almost made me more nervous than being in my undies in public

"Um... hi I'm Tim.
"How old are you?"
"And I assume this is your first time being naked in public?"
"Are you nervous?"
"Well, I'm about to get nude in front of who knows how many people so yeah I guess."
"Oh look the train is here, let's go!"

The train stopped and a decent amount of people got off, all looking at me like I was crazy... maybe I was with what I was about to do!

Andy filmed the reactions of people on the train, as well as making small talk with me, still in my underwear.

"Okay Andy, I'm going to do it."

And I did. I dropped my underpants to the ground and there I was... naked. And people noticed. I felt my face turn hot and red, knowing people were all seeing me naked.

If you're friendly, PM me or add me on Facebook I love chatting about dirty fantasies, especially public nudity! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007149407768 I want to have some fun on FB
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really good...please continue...
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good start cant wait for more
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