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It was supposed to be a Christmas decoration that I liked a lot and got stuck with.

Likes: Hidden Public, Risky, Messy, Rules, Clothes Control/Dress Up, Anal
Limits: Obvious Public, Pain, Pics, Illegal, Pee/Poo
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getDare Sweetheart
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My avatar is my picture, one of my personal favorites of the ones I've taken
20, Female, Sub. NOT looking for dom/slave, just fun i dont give dares/tasks


KIK: WalkingWholockian
INSTAGRAM: WalkingWholockian_official
( basically only available weekday mornings/afternoon US east time...sorry! I'll try to get back to people asap! I do NOT send pics proof to people I don't know)

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mildura man
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My avatar is a chimp and when i first saw it i liked it strait away so i used it as my avatar.
LIMITS- family friends social suicide.
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Mine is just me. It's from a dare I did for one of andom4444's monthly challenges. I'm naked on a walking trail trying to avoid people seeing me.

Not sure why I made it my avatar. I didn't know what else to use.
Male. UK. That's me in my avatar. Kik @gdBob
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sir sam
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I wanted to have a sadistisch master as avatar and tried a few photos i found on the internet. I found it a bit scary however. It's one thing to be a sadistic master, it's an other thing to express that always, with every single post, with every comment, with every pm.

So,.. I started looking for something less scary but still sadistic. This one is clearly aggressive and somewhat scary with the black eye-pad. At the same time it's clearly playful which expresses that it's all a kinky play.
M, Europe, dominant

Proud owner of sweet pet sub.lucy

Want to read? my pets 2016-awarded story

Join the >>The big Boys versus Girls..... Cornertime Competition<<
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Mine started as a humiliating picture for the "Share the burden thread", I havn't been able to change it back...
Skywise (straight/m/45/Norway)

Mmm baby, I hate to see you leave but I love to watch you go.

truth or dare, strip games, dice dares, bets, masturbation, teasing/denial, edging, forced orgasms, toys, bondage, mild chastity, nudity, CFNM, hidden public

semi public, humiliation, pain, mild cbt, long time denial ,ruined orgasms, cross-dressing

face, public, social suicide, CBT, heavy pain, watersports, scat, blood, messy, diapers, permanent, illegal, family
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I chose mine because it has a hot horse character in. I'm not really a furry but I do look at yiff sometimes, and I always gravitate towards equine characters. Probably to do with the size of their cocks. I also like it because it has 2 characters, one submitting to the other, which shows how I like to switch.
Just an 18/bi/M guy from UK.

Likes: Most things
Dislikes: Pics
Limits: Poo, Pee, Blood, Family/Friends, Public

Give me PM dares here!
I have KIK - BMStallion!
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Send a message via Skype™ to SissyPrincess_Jenny

Mine is a beautiful princess, my dom, Miss Britt pick that pic and edited adding tatooes (like her name on belly)and then put that as my avatar, and I'm very satisfy about that
23,m,switch(more dom at the moment :P)

Ask me anything here

^ Updated with dom preferences ^
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It's a dolphin, because I like dolphins.

Specifically I like their intelligence the most but that's kind of hard to convey in a single picture so I picked an image that displays other admirable traits they have, like athleticism, having fun, and a carefree attitude.

PM me the word "shower" if you'd like to see me taking one

Likes: furry, plushie, sadomasochism, chemical play (cayenne pepper), genital torture, xenophilia, exhibitionism
Dislikes: anal, feet
Limits: scat, puke, blood/gore, permanent harm, public, family, showing face
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It's pichu from Pokémon and it's fucking adorable.

Yay necromancy

*Spin* Twin Blades go above *Spin*
Rules go left - PM Dares go in the middle - Likes and the likes go right
Stats go 20yo 183cm 71Kg Male Pan Brat in between
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Mine is a gloomy landscape that then says "I fucking love rainbows" and honestly I just think it's really funny.
Likes: rope play (very new and just starting to learn), spanking and other forms of light impact play (still learning pain tolerance)

Limits: anal, piss, scat, video, pics, perement damage

I am still learning about what I like so this list is likely to change as I learn more.
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My avatar is a real pic from me !

I must wet my pantys on this time .
50/m/sissy slut/germany
My KIK : bonsai50


My PM Dare`s
My Slave <Calendar> ! fell free to add
Limits - permanent, illegal, face, blood, poo, public, family, hard pain.
Likes -bondage,,naked,humiliation,,,anal,wet clothes,cum-eating Love-clothes control,orgasms controlled,pee,tease and denial
Dislikes-pain,ruined orgasms,hidden publick,pain,
Can I be a Sissy ? (dream)

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My avatar is a pic of me after my first local kink event, if you look closely you can see the smiley face scratched onto my chest that started me down the road to submission and being collared. I can still remember how happy and erotic that simple gesture made me feel, it made me realise what I wanted in a partner .
21m bratty sub [In nappies with a butt plug and being denied so please bare that in mind for dares.]

Loves: Diapers, humiliating tasks, semi public, fear play, being a pain slut, bondage, collars, degradation & a hell of a lot more
Soft Limits: Sissy, more humiliation/ public, cum eating, begging, CBT, blackmail/TeamViewer control/Parental Controls
Nothing life destroying, illegal, permanent unless discussed, family, non-kink friends, Too disgusting/Messy

Kik: KinkyCheshireCat
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My avatar is the Kyouko Mikage. She is a futanari. She’s the main character of this manga hentai called Futaroma and it’s about exhibition. I just really liked it so I made it my avatar.
Likes: edging, short denial, rubber bands, hidden public (hope to have a friend to join in one day)
Dislikes: find as I go
Limits: life ruin, family, friends, piss, number 2
Pm me "Edge" and I'll edge 5 times, with no cum at end.
Go to this link to see my blog of ideas on mostly exhibition, some femdom, and a few other things.
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