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gD king
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Pencil Spell Your Name Pics Dare

Take a self pic for every unique letter in your name! Perfectly safe even if
you don't post pics. You can just delete the pics afterwards, but keeping
them in a zipped file with password makes the dare exciting, in that you
can have your daring pics on your desktop, and you can look at them every
day without the risk of getting caught...

Take one letter in your full name at a time, add the number/ to imagefap.com/photo/
look at the pic and act just like it in a self pic. Do not repeat any letter.

A: 57832242/
B: 1979190817/
C: 1040790233/
D: 1376740978/
E: 2040657403/
F: 957948493/
G: 1071915582/
H: 301497456/
I: 1433590797/
J: 375411832/
K: 1394417447/
L: 1534193085/
M: 592188010/
N: 857346044/
O: 514888338/
P: 1145044096/
Q: 1606548940/
R: 159616059/
S: 538002610/
T: 1980439151/
U: 2067381051/
V: 868804361/
W: 2127611008/
X: 209604042/
Y: 1580990313/
Z: 80955346/

What to do with the pics? Well, that's up to you and your limits, but if you dare,
KinkTalk.com has room for them! In the least, put them on your computer,
zipped with a password only you know. And write here about your experience
taking the self pics!
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Account Banned
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Very creative dare, I'm so gonna do this.
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gD king
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Originally Posted by sarahflood18 View Post
Very creative dare, I'm so gonna do this.
Yay! That will make your camera happy! Will surely be a bunch of fine pics!!
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Default Brilliant!

Well done. This is a very creative and fun dare. I like your thinking.

I will be doing this.
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gD king
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From Bigtitswhore:
Originally Posted by Bigtitswhore View Post
My first pic was me naked sitting on a chair, with my arms over my breasts.

Just sitting naked on the hotel chair was kinda gross I have to admit, and Jen was laughing manaically as she took the pic. This may have been a mistake. lol.

Pic 2 was the same woman, only now I had to lay on the chair and most of the pic was of my ass and pussy. I got to put a shirt on at least. I didn't have any stuffed animals on me.

Final letter M (KIM): same woman, who looks nothing like me. This time I had to get all the way naked again, and do a very strange move on the floor. My breasts hit the ground and I had to like look through my legs.

Prolly not attractive, but Jen liked it.
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I love this dare bandana! simple yet creative! Good Job

male/ 18 / US / STRAIGHT

YES: crossdressing, wedgies, bondage, partial public (if hidden)

NO:anal, messy, no shit/piss, ice, family

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letters, self pics, spell

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