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Default The Woods

So, this is my first story on GetDare. I've written a few before, but they weren't told well enough to share. I haven't written a story anyone has seen for several years, back at school. I am open to all suggestions. This is only part of what I have written so far, so I may not able to take account of all comments right away. I would like to thank italia13calcio for inspiring me to finally write for posting, and for his story Cousin T or D Game. More chapters to follow soon unless this is really panned, in which case I shall resume the habit of a lifetime of not writing fiction unless it is absolutely neccessary to reach the next school year.

The woods

Dramatis Personæ:

John, 14. Thinks he might be gay, likes spanking and being humiliated. A bit muscular, but still 14 so not that strong.

Tom, 17. Not sure. Not that muscular, but usualy win when they wrestle.

They have known each other for a little bit, occasionally talking in the woods, and have wrestled occasionally.

‘Lets play truth or dare’ suggested John.
‘Uhh’ wavered Tom
‘Go on’, ‘Why not?’ asked John.
‘Truth or Dare is a bit childish’ replied Tom, hiding his real reason, fear of how it might play out.
‘It can be as childish as you like’ said John.
‘Ok then, but as it’s your idea I get to have the last go, and I can insist on it being a dare if I want to.’
‘Alright, but I go first’ replied John
‘Ok’ agreed Tom. At least I will get an idea of the level if he starts, Tom thought.
‘Truth or dare’ asked John
‘umm, Truth’ replied Tom.
John’s mind raced. he had liked the idea of Truth or Dare with Tom, but now he couldn’t think of what to ask. He didn’t want to ask something too pathetic, especially after what he had said about it being childish, but he didn’t want to go in too hard in the first question.
‘Well what’s the truth?’ asked Tom ‘This was your idea’
‘Ok, Ok, give me a sec.’ Something about sex? That might provoke questions he didn’t want to answer. Boxers or briefs? Lame. He panicked.
‘What have you done with a girl?’
‘Sexually?’ John nodded. ‘Fucked, sucked, fingered, made out, lots of petting.’
‘You sucked her?’
‘No, you don’t suck girls you eat them out, which I haven’t.’
‘Your turn’ said Tom, with the hint of a grin. ‘Truth or Dare’
After that slap down John wasn’t feeling very confident, and didn’t dare go for Dare. ‘Truth’
Tom wasn’t sure what to ask. The same question back? Not very original, and he might end up on some sort of list asking a 14 year old that. But what else?
‘Last time someone saw you naked.’
‘Locker room Tuesday’
‘That doesn’t really count. Were you just getting changed?’
‘Yes’ replied John.
‘Strictly speaking that counts, but you knew what I meant. Changing doesn’t count.’ Challenged Tom.
John was worried. He had been relieved when he realised he could use the changing room, as other than that there was only a time when he was 12 and he lost a bet with some of his cousins. He didn’t really want to bring that up during a game of Truth or Dare.
‘It does count, but I’ll give you another truth’ conceded John.
‘Ok, your one to me. How far have you got with a girl?’
He had hoped not to have to answer that. It wasn’t much. Should he lie? he took a deep breath, swallowed and answered.
‘Kissing, making out, feeling up and oral.’
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Default Chapter 2

Chapter 2

‘My turn. Truth or dare?’ Asked John
Tom wasn’t sure what to say. Soon truths would either get stale or very racy, but he wasn’t keen to do a dare.
‘Dare.’ he said, surprising John.
John had been thinking of good truths, but wasn’t prepared for a dare. Take something off? Tom had seen his chests and the top of his underwear loads of times because he didn’t wear a top when it was warm. Should he even the score? Or a wedgie?
‘Take your t-shirt off’
John watched as Tom took off his t-shirt. His eyes lingered over the waistband of his boxers, his abs, his chest and, as he pulled it off and over his head, his muscular arms. His eyes must have lingered too long.
‘When you’ve finished eyeing me up, it’s your turn. Truth or dare?’
John wasn’t sure what to do. Having given a dare he didn’t want to seem a wuss by taking a truth, but he didn’t want to risk a dare.
‘Truth’ he wussed out.
‘Not very fair, but those are the rules.’ Now what to ask? He wanted to get him for making him take his top off and then not letting him get revenge. Something really bad. Fetishes? A bit far with a 14 year old. How he was punished? A bit strange, although it might be embarrassing.
‘When, where and how did you last cum?’ he asked.
John thought back. He had been looking at girl on girl on his laptop, but he had been thinking about boys.
‘Thursday night, in bed.’
‘How do you do it?’
‘What porn?’
‘Truth or dare’ asked John, keen to move on.
Tom wondered what to do. John had taken advantage last time, but he had just shown him how to ask really bad truths.
He had a few ideas for truths stored up, but after that last truth he knew just what to ask.
‘Have you ever been caught wanking?’
‘No.’ replied Tom. John was disappointed, he thought he was onto a good one.
‘Truth or dare’ Asked Tom.
John thought about taking a dare, but played it safe, or so he thought.
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dareman 1
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Good story so far looking forward to more
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wonderful story, but may i make a suggestion? try putting spaces in between where they talk. it would help me read a lot better. thanks!!!
Im leaving getdare forever. The reason is because i am getting married in october and plan to be clean with my life.

I would like to thank nakedlego for his genorosity and helping me around and i want to thank every one of my friends who had faith in me. You will always be in my mind. Goodbye, dear friends, until we meet in the air.
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a really good start lookin forward to more
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Default Chapter 3

Chapter 3

‘Again?’ sighed Tom.
‘Has anyone ever caught you wanking, and what happened?’
Tom was obviously prepared to up the anti. John hesitated, not wanting to own up.
‘Twice. The first time my mum caught me wanking to porn on my laptop when I was 12. The second was a few months ago, my little brother walked in.’

‘and what happened?’

He took a deep breath and fessed up.
‘The first time my mum spanked me over my boxers and made me wait in my room without my laptop. When my dad got home he spanked me with his belt, they took away my laptop for a week and when I got it back it had netnanny. The second time nothing happened, he’s only 11 I don’t know if he knows what I was doing, but he said if I don’t stop wedgieing him he will tell on me’
‘Truth or dare’ he asked.

‘Truth. I still haven’t got you back for that dare.’
‘We need to do more dares’
‘It’s up to you, when you start taking dares I’ll follow’
‘How are you punished?’
‘I’m not much nowadays, but when I was I just got time outs, sitting somewhere.’

‘Truth or dare’
John hesitated. He wanted to start dares, but was afraid of what Tom would do. He took a deep breath and said:
‘Finally. I’m tempted to say take your trousers off as I’ve seen your chest lots, and you’ve not seen mine’ John’s heart skipped a beat. he had been somewhat ‘enjoying’ this game, and without his trousers it would be obvious ‘but that does seem a bit mean.’
‘So.... Strip to your boxers, streak like that to that fence post and back’
John panicked. How could he hide his rapidly growing boner? Thinking quickly, he realised he could turn around to strip, but coming back would be tricky.
‘No. Thats too much’
‘Truth or dare was your idea. Besides, I don’t know what you’re afraid. There’s only me here, and loads of men will have seen your underwear before’
His boner was getting bigger. If he was to have any chance of pulling this off he had to go now.
‘Ok. You just wait till my turn’
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i liked it, Master. i didn't realise you wrote fiction ... is there any more?
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Not bad, but it just ended.
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