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Default Terry Babysits The Devil

(This is my first fiction story, so please be gentle with the criticism!)

Chapter 1

Terry was 16 years old with short hair, like most boys his age and average build. Not too skinny, but not fat either. His sister Gabby was 12. He referred to her as the devil because she made it her mission to piss him off whenever she could. So you could imagine his dismay when his parents had to go away for the weekend and he had to stay and babysit the little cretin.

"Seriously Mom? Why? I hate her. She's such a bi-"
"You stop with that language Terry. She is your sister and you have a responsibility to take care of her."
Terry groaned.
"I didn't ask for her to be born, y'know."
"Well you're a big boy now and sometimes you have responsibilities. I also would like to mention, her friends, Candace and Mary are going to be sleeping over for the weekend too. I trust you'll keep everyone out of trouble?"
"What?! Mom, are you fu-"
"Terry!" She shrieked. "What did I say about the language? You're not too old to have your mouth washed out with soap, young man."
Terry groaned again.

Terry's Mother and Father kissed and hugged the two as they left.
"I'm going to go shower. So stay out of trouble." Said Terry.
"Trouble? I'm an angel. Go get clean big bro." Replied Gabby with a smirk that made Terry suspicious.
Terry went to the bathroom and disrobed, looking at himself in the mirror with dismay. Terry was indeed one of the most attractive boys in his class. But he never tried to pick up any girls because of a....small insecurity. Terry's penis was an inch soft and 4 inches hard. He wasn't a virgin though. The one girlfriend he had, he had sex with after 4 months of dating, but due to his size, couldn't get her off. She mysteriously broke up with him after a week of the silent treatment and after that, he had always been very self conscious.

Terry finished up his shower and heard the doorbell.
"Terry, I'm taking a hard piss, can you get that for me?" Yelled his classy and extremely ladylike sister from the bathroom.
Terry had always wondered how he'd been so lucky to be stuck with such a nice and tasteful 12 year old sister. She never swore around their parents, so she never got in trouble like Terry. Terry put on a towel and walked downstairs to open the door, seeing Gabby's friends standing on the porch. He quickly felt a tug from behind as his towel was grabbed away and the door was slammed having Terry left naked and cold in front of Gabby's friends with nothing to cover himself with but his hands. Gabby's friends laughed.

"Alright big brother, here's the deal." Stated Gabby through the door.
"You are not in charge this weekend. We are. You're going to be our little boy toy. My friends have always thought you were very handsome and wanted to have some fun."
"Gabby! Please! Let me in. It's fucking freezing out here!" Yelled Terry.
"Language, language big bro. That's going to cost you. You didn't even say please!" Gabby's friends snickered at her brother's humiliation.
"Give me a reason to let you in. Maybe, I'll consider it."
"I have a good one!" Yelled Candace.
"Show us what you're hiding under those hands!"
Gabby laughed.
"The girl knows what she wants big brother!"
"Fuck that." replied Terry.
"Then I guess you'll have to enjoy the cold air out there."
Terry knew he had no other choice. It was winter and he would get frostbite soon if he didn't get inside. He decided to comply.
"Okay, fine. You win."
He began to move his hands away from his little privates.


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Very good start, I just love it. I do hope it will continue soon :-)
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this is really good! i like it alot! ill be checking back frequently for updates! I hope they come! if you need any help or ideas dont hesitate to shoot me an email
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Terry moved his hands away from little privates. It was cold out, so they were a lot smaller, to his dismay, than usual.
"Oh my god!" Screamed Candace. "How pathetic is that? My brother is 10 and his wiener is bigger than yours!"
The door opened behind him, and Terry turned around a flash from his sister's camera, capturing all of his shame and embarrassment on film.
"This is going to be a fun weekend Terry." Said Gabby. "You're going to do whatever we want, or I send this picture to everyone at school so they can all see your pathetic little dick!"
Terry turned red and felt his stomach drop. He was not looking forward to the next couple of days. Terry walked in with Gabby's friends as Gabby kicked him hard in his little balls and he fell to his knees.
"You pathetic little boy. You will bow to your queens!"
"Gabby, what the fuck?"
Candace kicked him from behind in his balls as Terry fell over with pain. Gabby put her foot on his pathetic excuse for manhood and began to squeeze.
"Gabby, please, stop!" cried Terry in pain.
"You will refer to me as Queen Gabby. I am your master now, you little boy bitch."
"Yes, Queen Gabby! Please!"
Gabby took her foot off of his balls and dick as tears of pain streamed down his face.
"Now stand up!" Yelled the queen.
Terry did as he was told. Gabby walked him to her room. She looked at his crotch.
"God. How pathetic. So fucking small."
She got a hairbrush out of her dresser.
"Bend over."
Terry did as he was told, knowing the consequences of disobeying.
Queen Gabby stuck the handle of the hairbrush right into Terry's tight little asshole as he yelled out in pain. More tears streamed across his face as he felt his poor butthole ripping.
"Mary! Get me some tape." She said. Mary brought her some tape. Gabby took big strips of tape and taped around his body to keep the hairbrush inside his ass.
"You better enjoy this, this will be your weekend." Said Gabby. Terry's dick got hard.
"Oh my god! Gabby look! He likes it!" Yelled Candace as Terry blushed.
"It's full out there and still pathetic." Said Gabby. "You like things in your holes like a girl? We'll make you into a girl. God, this is going to be the greatest weekend ever girls." Gabby's friends nodded. Terry did not agree at all.


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Nice start. Wonder were this leads to
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Ps i dont own any panties, bra's or any other kind of lingerie
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