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Default The Work Party

The Three Challenges
I am with my father, step-mother, and siblings. While sitting bored in a corner, I spot two of my least favorite people, Alli and Grace, girls that are in my grade, whose fathers also work at the same company. They are snobby athletic bitches who think they are entitled to whatever they want. The worst part is that my father and step-mom love them and always try to convince me to be friends with them. They are nice to my parents and then sneer at me when they won’t be seen. I avoid them at school and at volleyball practice, but I know my dad would force me to talk to them if he say them here. I stand up quickly and my dad looks at my questioningly. “Don’t feel good. I’m going to the bathroom.” He nods and I head across the room, doing anything I can not to be seen by them. As I slip into the bathrooms I glance over and see Alli smirk at me. I curse and run into some 30-something woman. “Sorry.” I mutter under my breath and head into a stall. Little did I know that the same woman I ran into would change my life forever.
I step into the stall and close the door just as I hear the bathroom door open. “Oh Anastasia? We know you’re in here.” I hear the door close and a lock click. “We’re all alone. Come out come out!” I step out of the stall and look at them defiantly. “What do you want.” It wasn’t really a question. I know they will pick on me just like at volleyball when they take my clothes or put guy’s boxers in my bag to make me look like a whore. I step to the sink to wash my hands and Grace steps in front of me. “We just want to talk.” Grace puts her hands on my shoulders and I let her push me back against the stalls. I act weak and defeated while I plan my escape. Grace is taller than me but I weigh more than her. Alli is a sprite of a girl but wouldn’t care about fighting dirty. Grace steps forward. “Take your clothes off.” I am momentarily stunned. “What? Why?” She looks at Alli and turns back to me. “Because you are worth nothing.” I laugh. Grace frowns and grabs for my hair. I duck and she grabs air instead. I kick her leg out from under her and run at Alli. She steps aside and jumps on my back, her hands fisted in my hair. I do not yell because I know people will come running and I will get in trouble. I feel her pulled off of me and I turn around to see who has helped me. It is the woman I ran into earlier. She is the cleaner there who has unlocked the door and entered the bathroom. She has Alli held tightly in her arms and has a foot on Grace’s face. “Girls. Let’s solve this little fight. I heard everything and I think I have a solution.” Alli gives one last struggle and gives up, nodding. The woman removes her foot from Grace’s face and she sits up quickly, rubbing the dirt off her face.
I stand there like a cornered animal. I do not want to be in this bathroom anymore. I turn to leave and the woman releases Alli and yanks my hair so hard I fall on my butt. “You are not going anywhere Anastasia. You will all call me Mistress Zaida or just Mistress.” I snort and rub the back of my head where she still has a hold on my hair. “You will all go back to your families. You all drove here separate from them. Tell them all you are going to spend the night together at a random friends house. Make it work or you will be in severe trouble- I will tell your families about your fight. After they leave, you will all get in your cars and pretend to leave. You will circle the block and come back and park behind the kitchens. “Or we could just leave.” I say it blatantly and she yanks up on my hair. “I took photos of you fighting. I have been following all of you for a while now. I have enough incriminating evidence for each of you to come back.” I glared at her. She released me and I stood up hastily. “I am the owner of this building. You will all come back as soon as your parents leave. Knock on the backdoor once all three of you are here. If one of you doesn’t show up, it’s a no go and all of you will get exposed.” She stares at all of us. Surprising everyone, Alli mumbles “yes mistress” under her breath. The woman smiles and stares at Grace. After Grace and I follow Alli’s example she unlocks the door and motions us out. She bends over the sink and pretends to be scrubbing as we leave. The whole incident took less than 5 minutes, but it felt like hours.
The night wears on and at 8, my parents leave. They easily swallowed my story that I was spending the night at the house of someone that I have never liked. It was ridiculous. At 8:40-ish, Alli and Grace’s parents leave together, and everyone else filters out by 9pm. We look at each other and all walk out separate doors, going to our cars. I watch them pass and I pull out slowly. I take a slow lap, laughing as I think about them sitting there, afraid that I wouldn’t show up. I pull in and Grace can’t hide the look of relief that I haven’t abandoned them. Getting caught for bullying is not something she wants. We get out of our cars and step up to the heavy steel back door. We knock and the woman opens it. She is wearing black tights and tight black t-shirt. She is very fit and I realize I over-estimated her age. She seems to be 25 at the most, only 7 years older than me. She is not wearing a bra and her nipples poke through the fabric that is strained to the limit around her large breasts. She is wearing high stiletto heels and her hair is in a high black ponytail. She ushers us in and we stand in the kitchen waiting for her to tell us her idea. “So. My solution for your conflict is to have a competition. This competition will be set up by and ruled by me. There will be various challenges and these will determine the winner. Before we begin, you all must sign a contract. You are 18 and can sign a legally binding agreement. All it says is that you must obey the declaration I will give as a resolution to this fight you are having.” She pushes three separate papers at us and I lift the 3-5 page document with tiny writing. Grace signs immediately and Alli follows her lead. Of course. Grace has never lost a competition in her life. I reluctantly follow suit, although I should have known better than to sign a contract that I didn’t read.
At this point, I become aware that the woman has padlocked the door shut and tucked the key into a hidden compartment. She turns and looks at us all. “Strip.” We look at her in shock. “Winning these competitions require you to follow every order I give you. Now do it.” I begin to take off my clothes quickly but she stops us. “Do it like you would for a boyfriend. Strip tease. Dance. Make it good.” I find it harder to do but I put in a good effort. I notice she seems to be watching mostly me. I unbutton my shirt and I shake my C-cup breasts. I twist my hips as I push my skirt down. I lean down to unstrap my tall wedges and she stops me. “Keep those on. You two can take yours off.” They are wearing sandals, not heels. I regret my earlier decision. I am down to my lace panties and my push-up bra. “Leave your bra and panties on.” I sigh in relief and see similar expressions on the other girl’s faces. She takes off her shirt and I see she is wearing a tight black corset that pushes her breasts up. She takes the tights off and I see a leather thong. She bends and scoops up our clothes, locking them into cabinet. She tucks the key into a pouch in her corset.
She tells us to bend our heads down and look at the ground. We do until we hear three rapid camera clicks. My head shoots up. “Ah. Just further reasons for you to go through with your promises.” She sets the camera down and begins to walk towards a heavy padlocked steel door. “Few people ever see this room. Consider yourselves lucky.” She swings open the door and I almost hit my knees. Alli whimpers and Grace takes a step back. “If any of you try to leave, you will all be exposed. Welcome to the dungeon.” Everywhere I look there are torture devices. Insane implements line the walls. She looks right at me. “Anastasia here knows what almost all of this stuff is. She masturbates to this stuff don’t you?” She steps up to me and puts her finger under my chin. “Bet you thought no one realized. Your ‘carefully’ covered tracks. All the porn pages you visit. I have even read the porn that you write. We will have to try some of the stuff you write about. And you Alli. Bet you thought no one knew about your lesbian fantasies.” Alli turns beet red and Grace refuses to look at her. “Grace. You are the opposite of Anastasia. She likes to be a sub, you like to be a dom, like me. However, tonight all three of you will be my subs.” Alli is the only one who looks confused. It is true, I have written various erotic tales about BDSM and me being a sub. I always masturbated with breasts tightly bound and nipple clamps attached. But how did she know that? And my stories were saved on a password protected zip drive. I begin to worry if any of us will escape.
She walks to the wall and grabs three black ball gags. “Put these on. Do it tightly if you want to move on.” She hands them to us and I have to force my jaw open farther than comfortable to shove it in. I pull it tight and lift my hair above it before strapping it. Mistress Zaida walks behind me and slips a finger under it. She un-straps it and tuts. “Not tight enough!” She pulls it so tight it is cutting into my cheeks and my mouth is gaping open, drool falling onto my chest. She padlocks it and I am stuck. She hands me a ponytail and tells me to put my hair up in a high ponytail. I do it and she nods. She moves on to Alli and Grace and I notice that I seem to be receiving much harsher treatment. Grace’s gag looks as though she could easily pop it out. I don’t think she even padlocked theirs. I sighed at the injustice of it all. “So girls, I have to tell you. I am not into the whipping scene. I occasionally use a cane, but only at select times. I have other ways to … get my point across. Let’s start with Alli.”
She pulls a length of rope from a trunk that seems full of many different varieties of rope. It looks like she has chosen a soft rope. She begins to make a figure eight out of Alli’s A-cup breasts. She ties it and then had Alli hold her hands behind her back with her hands on the opposite elbow. She then ties her arms together loosely and then attached her arms to the breast bondage. She pulls Alli’s legs apart and places each leg in a short leg spreader. Her feet are only held shoulder width apart. She does the same thing to Grace, except she actually wraps the breasts, causing them to protrude a bit. It doesn’t look very tight, especially compared to many I have seen online. I find I am not that worried for my turn. However, she reaches into the trunk and pulls out a rough thin rope that scratches my skin. She tightly binds each breast until they are turning purple and are pulled taut, my nipples protruding farther than I have ever seen them before. She ties my arms tightly together and then to my breast bondage. She places me in a spreader bar that forces my legs so far apart that I can hardly stand in my heels. It isn’t fair! I get rough rope, my breasts are tied way tighter, and I was forced to wear heels in a spreader bar that is ridiculously wide. I stare at her wide eyed but she ignores me. Right then, I decided that I would win, no matter how much she wanted me to lose. Little did I know what I was resolving to do.
Mistress Zaida lines us up, me in the middle. She places blinders on each of us so we cannot see each other. She walked to the trunk and pulls out three ropes with large knots tied into them. She ties them to D-rings on the other side of the long room. There are at least 30 knots per rope. She brings the first one across the room and slides it between my legs. She ties it to the wall directly behind me. My legs are spread so wide that it pulls right against my crotch. I can tell that once I walk it will pull painfully. All of a sudden I feel mistress take off my heels and the rope is even tighter against me. She tied it so taut that I am on my very tip-toes. I cannot see how tightly she ties the other girls, but I have a sneaking suspicion that mine is way tighter. She looks at me and shakes her head. She removes the blinders but before I can look around, she slides a full blindfold over my eyes, cutting off all sight. Now I will not even know where the knots are. Next I feel a well-known feeling. The bite of nipple clamps. These however, I judge to be clover clamps. My suspicions are confirmed when she tugs on the chain and they just get tighter. She pushes me down flat on my feet and pulls the chain under the rope before attaching it to my other nipple. Now if I stand on my tip-toes, I will be tugging my own nipples painfully. I hear movement and assume she is doing the same for the other girls. “If your nipple clamps fall off, you will start over. On the count of three.”
I hear one of the other girls stifle a sob as she counts down. She hits one and I take one hobbled step forward, doing as much as I can in the spreader bar. It pulls my legs apart so the rope is tighter on my crotch. I cry out at the rough pain and stop as I get to the first knot. It has something wet on it and I think that mistress has applied some type of ointment that will burn my most intimate parts. I go up on tiptoes and ignore the sharp pain in my nipples. This however, does not prevent the knot from rubbing its ointment on me. I get over it and want to touch my crotch and asshole. They are burning so badly I can’t even think. I hear Alli begin to openly sob and I remember that this is a competition. I hurry forward and I hear mistress yell. I grin with satisfaction as I realize that someone’s nipple clamps must have fallen off and she had to start over. I continue forward slowly, taking small steps with my feet spread wide. I get to the next knot, but I get over it quickly, used to the usual pain in my nipples. In fact, my nipples at that point started triggering the familiar pleasure and I felt my pussy begin to get wet. It helps the journey, washing out a little bit of the burning gel and stopping the rope from being so rough. I continue quickly and focus on the pleasure I am receiving rather than the pain. I do not listen to other girls. I do not think about what happens if I lose. I give in to the pain and pleasure.
After 10 or so knots I realize that they are not evenly spaced or evenly sized. They alternate in size and shape so there is no pattern. I recognize the fact and then go back into my own little world. Before I know it, I reach the wall. I run right into it because I did not think I would reach it so easily. I almost fall, but I balance myself and stand with my breasts and nipples pressed against the wall. I realize how wet I am and realize that just a little clit stimulation would push me over the edge. My own juices coat the rope and my own thighs. I hear footsteps and then a finger slides along my thigh. It comes to my nose and I am forced to smell my own juices. She then rubs it all over my lips and the ball gag. She slaps me on the ass and I jump forward, my nipples pushing painfully into the wall. She unties the rope from the wall. It drops, momentarily pulling on my nipple clamp chain but then falling to the ground. She takes off the nipple clamps and I gasp as the blood rushes back. I am unable to see where the other girls are, but I hear mistress Zaida’s proclamation. “Alli, you are out of the running. You did not win this competition.” Mistress pulls off my nipple clamps and I turn to see the other girls already off their ropes and looking at mistress mournfully.
“Anastasia, you are a true slut. Grace and Alli didn’t get wet from that, only you.” I blush and look down. “Here is the next competition. A domme-ing contest.” I gasp and she looks at me. “You couldn’t expect that all the competitions would be to your advantage you filthy whore.” She looks me up and down and returns to speaking. “Each of you will have full control over someone else and whoever succeeds at being the most vicious Dominatrix wins. Anastasia will go first with Alli. Then Grace will get her turn with Anastasia.” I sigh. It was only to be expected, since mistress has such an obvious favor for Grace. She releases all of my bindings and does the same with Alli.
Alli blinks in the light, but I walk over and immediately blindfold her again. I have never thought about having control over someone else. It is a big responsibility, one I am uncertain I want to undertake. I lead her to a spanking bench and strap her in. I place nipple clamps on her again and know I am doing poorly. I will not win this challenge. It hits me like a ton of bricks. I have no chance. Mistress Zaida even said that Grace liked to be a dom. I sigh and pick up a cane. I cane her ass until it is light pink, unsure how hard to hit, so I err to the softer side. Even so, Alli is sobbing uncontrollably, scaring me. I come to her front and begin to cane her breasts, occasionally coming up and hitting the nipple clamps directly. After 5 minutes, I am out of ideas, but I find myself unable to give up so quickly. I see a butt plug and I pick it up. It is smaller than any I have ever seen, so it will be perfect. I grab some KY lube, but switch it for some lube that advertises a strong burning sensation. I begin to rub it all around her asshole and she cries out. I cover the plug and quickly begin to push it into her ass. She is fighting me as much as she can to stop the invader from getting inside her asshole. I finally shove it in and she cries in a high keening voice. I ignore her and grab a vibrating dildo. I lube it with the same cream and shove it inside her dry pussy. She screams even louder, so I pick up a penis gag and shove it into her mouth. She is abruptly quiet. I give her the once over. I do one more quick round of caning on her ass cheeks and even hit her pussy lips a few times. I look at Mistress who looks unimpressed, and at Grace who is laughing silently. I walk to mistress and tell her I am done. “That’s it? All the stupid stories you write? All the nasty porn you watch, and that is all you have? What a stupid bitch.”
She leaves Alli as is and tells Grace to go ahead. She asks if there is a time limit. “No, I will tell you when you have done enough to beat this whore. But that does not mean you necessarily have to stop.” Grace grins evilly and turns away. She doesn’t walk to me, but rather to the wall of cabinets. She looks through it all, and I can see her mentally cataloging and planning her torture. I shudder. I should have checked out everything, perhaps it would have given me a few ideas. “Grace, do you need the spanking bench?” Grace shakes her head and Mistress smiles. “Good. We will leave Alli to ponder her loss.” Grace leaves me and sets up a wooden saw horse. She puts two suction cup dildos (both extremely large) on it and gets a step stool. She leads me over and tells me to suck the dildos as much as I can because that is all the lube they are getting, I immediately bend over the smaller of the two, assuming it will go in my ass. I get it as wet as I can, focusing on it rather than one what Grace is doing. “Stand up whore.” I do and she straps me into my heels again. She tells me to stand on a step stool and I do. At her instruction, I swing my other leg over and it lands on another step stool. My pussy is poised above the dildo. She tells me to crouch slowly, and I lead the dildo into my pussy as she does the same to my ass. Once they are both barely inside me, she tugs a string and the step stools are pulled out. I land onto them and they are both shoved into me all the way. I scream and she grins. “You thought this would be easy?” She handcuffs my hands to the saw horse behind my back and I am stuck.
Next she brings rope down that she has connected to D-rings in the ceiling. She wraps it around my breasts tightly and they jut out like hard purpling grapefruits. I see the rope is connected to a pulley and she cranks it up a few notches so my breasts are being lifted. I go up on my toes to relieve the pain. It hurts extremely badly and I see my predicament. If I rest my feet, my breasts will be pulled up painfully. Next she pushes me flat-footed and attaches nipple clamps and runs the chain under the saw horse. Now, if I go on my toes it will pull on my nipples. There is no place that is comfortable, and all the while I have these dildos impaled inside me. She smiles at my discomfort. Then she grabs a large ring gag and shoves it in my mouth. When I think I can take no more, I watch her tape a vibrator to my clit. I look at her and shake my head frantically, I can’t handle it. Her finger twitches and the little thing begins to pulse, and I feel my wetness almost immediately. She covers my head with a leather hood so I cannot hear or see anything. There is just a hole for my mouth. She makes the vibrator pulse and within minutes I am shaking. I try standing on my toes and then standing flat. Both hurt equally as bad. Just I release my orgasm, I feel a leather belt strike my stomach. I cry out as my orgasm is stopped short. I should have known I wouldn’t be getting pleasure. She continues to whip me and she turns up the vibrator. My ass aches around the giant dildo but I cannot do anything to relieve the pain. After what feels like hours, she stops hitting me. By this point, I have suffered through about 15 edges, never able to truly be satisfied. She unhooks my breasts from the ceiling but leaves them tightly tied. She unhooks my nipples roughly and I cry out as the blood rushes back. I have never had nipple clamps on for more than ten minutes, and that session was much longer. She removes the hood and I can finally see. She chooses to leave the gag in.
She unties my breasts the rest of the way and she replaces the stools under my feet, allowing me to step off the dildos and the sawhorse. She looks at Mistress Zaida and I see Mistress nod. “Grace is the obvious winner of this competition. So now we a have a tie-breaker. Whatever shall we do?” She looks around. She smiles and nods to herself. She doesn’t speak, but moves around gathering materials. She tells Grace and I to lie down on the ground. She ties us both in a tight hogtie and stands up. “So, this game is simple. Whoever can last the longest without calling out the safeword, which will be ‘submission,’ will be the winner. The twist is that you will not be able to see or hear the other person.” With that final statement, she moves forward and I see that Alli has been freed and is assisting her. Alli jams earplugs in my ear and I cannot hear anything. She pulls the leather hood down over my face and I lose all my senses. I cannot even hear people walking. I smile. I can easily stay in a simple hogtie for a long period of time. I should have realized it wasn’t going to just be a simple hogtie. I feel a cold metal hook enter my anus and I cry out around my ring gag. It is pulled up and attached to a collar that I feel locked onto my throat. Next, I feel my body being pulled up into the air. I am being dangled in the air by a hogtie. I feel a rope travel under my stomach and take a bit of the weight off my arms and legs. I am pulled even higher up and finally I stop. Suddenly, two jagged metal clamps bite down on my sore nipples. They feel like alligator clamps and I scream as a weight is dropped onto each chain. My tormentors flick each weight and my nipples swing, being dragged miserably downwards. My only comfort is that Grace is enduring this as well.
I feel sticky pads being attached to my breasts and my inner thighs. Clamps are attached to my labia and they are pulled apart and taped to my legs so my inner vagina is exposed. I feel another sticky pad be attached directly to my clit. I have a sinking feeling that I know what these sticky pads are. As a jolt hits my left thigh, I yell and know I am correct. Electrical pads have been attached to my body. I scream louder as my left nipple clamp shocks me. I soon realize it is a completely random rhythm, the placement and power of the shocks alternating. The clit shocks are the worst. I feel tears pooling in my hood as my sore body receives it torture. Within minutes, my muscles are dying. I am tensed from the shocks and I am wasting my precious energy. All the while, there is a person beneath me, flicking the nipple clamp weights. Right when I think I can finally get used to it, I feel a large metal dildo at the entrance to my pussy. It is shoved in and I realize it has spikes all around the edge. My tormentor roughly shoves it in and out of my pussy, regardless of the fact that I am dry. Well, not completely. To be honest, this stuff is starting to turn me on. After approximately ten minutes, I go into what I now know as sub-space.
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The next thing I feel is the nipple clamps being yanked off. I scream and writhe in my bounds, and I feel my nipples bleeding. I am slowly lowered to the ground and then untied. The hood is ripped off and the ear plugs removed. “What a slut.” Alli says as she snorts derisively. The other girls nod and I realize that they are all dressed. They leave the collar and anal hook in so I have to keep my back extremely straight. “So Anastasia, you are the winner.” I look up triumphantly, but the smile slides off my face as I see Alli and Grace smiling. They shouldn’t be smiling. “Don’t you want to hear what you have won?” Mistress Zaida laughs cruelly. “You should have read the contract Anastasia. It states quite simply that the winner of the competition will be the slave of Mistress Zaida and of the losers.” I shake my head violently and try to speak through the ring gag. Grace tilts her head and looks at me. “We have been planning this for quite some time. I never even participated in that last competition. You were the only person. If you had just submitted to us in the bathroom we would have been nicer to you.” I am sobbing uncontrollably, unable to tilt my head down because of the posture hook. Alli grips my hair and pulls my head even further back. “Welcome to your new life, whore.” She follows up this statement by spitting directly into my ring gag. Mistress Zaida steps forwards again. “We took pictures all night, so trying to get out of this would be a grave mistake. Also, that document you signed gives the three of us ownership of you. We will work out the details later.” She leans down and her tongue enters my mouth, swirling around. I look at the three of them, and I find that I am almost a little excited for my future with them.

This is an original story of mine that I have spent a lot of time on. I have also posted on bdsm library, and have recieved some good reviews. Starts slow, but heats up! Let me know what you think! I am still working on it, and I have about 3 chapters done (full chapters, not tiny little pages)
Loves: Nipple/breast torture, spanking, orgasm control, pee control, humiliation, life control (when and what to eat, when to sleep, weight control, etc.)

Likes: Bondage, light piss, asking permission, puppy play, anal

Limits: Public, illegal, family, bleeding, needles, fire, scat, Cam or Pics, heavy pee drinking
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i loved it. it was well written, i think i ran across a couple of errors but was to intrigued to care. i for one would love to be able to read more.


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I like it a lot! It's very detailed, and covers many of my fetishes. Also, I like how you explain how she comes to be in the service of the three women. Keep writing!
At this time I am not involved in BDSM, but I may still get on the site occasionally to check in with friends and read some posts. Please do not PM me with dares or requests for being your slave etc. I am not interested.
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