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I saw 25 minutes, so I did 30 minutes
- How did you experience your cornertime?

I chained my ankles together and my hands behind my back. I stood facing the wall, nose pressed against the wall, with my pants at my ankles wearing only my blue metallic boxers.

- What were your thoughts at the beginning of your cornertime?

Not bad at all, as I used to have to do this at school very often.

- What were your thoughts at the middle of your cornertime?

Not bad at all, but cornertime is just extremely boring, as I noted at the start, I have spent a lot of time in the corner.

- What were your thoughts at the end of your cornertime?

It brought back a lot of memories of when I had to stand in the corner at school. The only difference with standing in the corner at school is your friends saw you being punished and cornertime also usually included writing lines(by hand) of course!
writing lines (by hand), standing in the corner, handcuffs, chains, caging (dog cage), ropes, blindfolds, gags, being a student, bondage

mouth soaping, paddling, whips, spanking, detention, writing essays (by hand), standing with nose against wall

Anything not listed, you can ask, but it's my decision.


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