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Catching up on PM dares/reports

Posted Today at 07:51 AM by CrimsonKitten

This slut is able to finally start her list of PM dares to catch up on today.
Going to be trying the stimulating gel on my clit (& nipples) along with the rewetting lubricant (and at least one of the 9 edges I must complete today) while out of the house and going to see how it goes at school today

Report to come later ❤️
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12 Days

Posted Today at 02:20 AM by IceMaiden (IceMaiden's Blog of Awesome)

On the twelfth day of christmas, my Dom he gave to me:

rubber band snaps,

minutes wanding,

topless squat thrusts,

booby cane strokes,

pubic hairs tweezed,

zaps to my foot,

minutes deepthroat

Clothes pegs

minutes porn


hours plugged

And a ruined orgasm for me.

Like an advent calendar, Icy may open one box for each of the 12 days, so she won't know in advance
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Hearty - Landing on 90

Posted Yesterday at 03:09 PM by AbusiveMaster

As hearty has her blog set to friends only, she has asked me to post this task on mine for her. As I am a good Sparkles, I am happy to oblige.

So a dice roll to 90, as has been done several times before. If she goes above 90 she steps backwards and continues until she lands dead on 90. For example, if she is on 87 and rolls 5, she goes up 3 and down 2, taking her to 88.

1- 50 jumping jacks with 25 pegs on.
2- 3 cold shower edges.
3- sing a song while gagged
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Opening up a little piece of me

Posted Yesterday at 06:46 AM by Pariahterror

So here I am writing a first bit about mysef. I don't know why I am doing this. Somehow I got triggered by the thread of Butterfly and some of her blogs. Triggered in a good way. And now I have the feeling I just wanted to write something and read some more.

I have seen this site multiple time before I actualy made a profile about 5 months ago. Before this I had only felt some of a submissive side of me with a dominant shell covering me.

I am not much of a person who just...
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PM Dares

Posted 12-10-2017 at 05:35 PM by Golden_Throw
Updated Yesterday at 02:51 PM by Golden_Throw

PM me PEE OUTSIDE and I will pee outside

PM me DRINK PEE and I will drink my pee

PM me GOLDEN SHOWER and I will give myself a golden shower

PM me EAT SHIT and I will take a bite of shit and swallow it

PM me STREAK and I will take 100 steps naked outside

PM me NAKED OUTSIDE and I will strip outside

PM me NAKED AND AFRAID and I will walk at 500 steps from my house, leave my clothes there and run back (Except me to...
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2 - 6 points

Posted 12-08-2017 at 08:41 PM by Golden_Throw
Updated Yesterday at 02:52 PM by Golden_Throw

Oh boy, I haven't updated this in while have I? If you have an idea for a quick punishment, post it in the comments. So,that challenge I made myself.

The first one I did was "Masturbate in a park" There is a long park where I live that's about a mile by 300 feet. Very long. So, I was walking home when I saw some bushes I could hide behind. Only problem was that there were some teenagers that might see me. I would estimate them to be about 17 and the other 18. So I get down behind...
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100 kinky and/or sexual words.

Posted 12-08-2017 at 09:12 AM by IceMaiden (IceMaiden's Blog of Awesome)

This was given to me by Sain for the 100 thread:

Write a blog post containing 100 different words that are sexual and/or kinky in some way. Have your wand on your clit on the low setting while doing this.

I tried to list only ones that I have tried, felt or want to try myself.

1: Submission
2: Surrender
3: Submissive
4: Slave
5: Dominance
6: Dominant
7: Master
8: Sir
9: Daddy dom
10: Cowgirl
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