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Likes, Dislikes and Limits with explanations.

Posted Yesterday at 01:34 PM by IceMaiden (IceMaiden's Blog of Awesome)
Updated Yesterday at 06:19 PM by IceMaiden



I love spanking. The sting of the hand or the implement, the pretty marks and/or bruises left afterwards. I enjoy wearing AM's marks, if it were possible I would be marked at all times in every place I could. The tenderness in the following days remind me of him, it make me feel completely owned.

Little space/play!

I love daddy time and movies together and glitter and songs and baking and crafting and painting and colouring...
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Denied by Girls...

Posted Yesterday at 07:20 AM by Sain

I'm just going to post my thoughts on the Denied by Girls Game. So far, I've played 5 times for a total of 139 days.


First off, why do I enjoy the game?

1. Active Denial
I find fixed denial periods boring. For example, if I got a two week denial period from losing a bet, that would be boring. However, a denial period that changes every day, with girls frequently posting to add or give reductions, is a lot of fun.

2. Submissiveness...
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Jay_brooks makes a deal

Posted 01-19-2017 at 04:22 AM by Cassandra

As I have mentioned before, our prizes make candidates waiting in a line. This is the preparation for Jay_brooks.

Here are the three secret packages for our candidate. If you are not him, go ahead and read them. Exploit your knowledge by giving our slutty candidate true and wrong hints:

(blue) Package A) For the next 14 days Jay_brooks gets 5 barehanded spanks on each ass cheek for every time he puts something into his ass, for every time he thrusts something in and out
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Tomorrow's events maybe good ??

Posted 01-18-2017 at 08:30 PM by Asher88

Okay another instalment though this one is written differently. Hope it might happen but the decision is up to Lucy and Sire.

With Feb 3-5 approaching fast and with the recent lack of ability to play with the certain area wunnolf has come up with this.
First thing is first that flogger really needs to be tested out. So 50 to each cheek, 30 to each boob, 50 to pussy and clit. In this order. Don't worry your boobs and nipples won't be forgotten put a nice layer of icyhot on them...
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Posted 01-18-2017 at 07:48 PM by Wedgiebondagebabe

Hello GetDare World. I have a question for all of you. You can choose the information you share with people. You can choose to be as specific or generic as you want. So here is my question. Why do you have to lie? (Some of you) Why do you feel the need to make up something from a small detail to an entire persona? This website is part making relationships with people and creating community. For me, one detail no matter how big or small it may be, a lie is a lie. I realize that you will not trust me off...
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vincentio makes a deal

Posted 01-18-2017 at 06:39 PM by Cassandra
Updated 01-19-2017 at 04:11 AM by Cassandra

Happy new year, my dear audience,

Last year we saw georgeswhore make a deal, and what fun we had with her proving her name. And hell, did she struggle with her price.

This time we have a hot new candidate. You might be familiar with his role as an escort of Alysandra's, also know as Trisha Moan and Victor Boner. And plenty of boners and dripping we'd like you to provide with our show again.
Save the date to tune in on in the SHOW.

Without further waiting,...
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I am starting to hate rules...

Posted 01-17-2017 at 08:01 PM by Wedgiebondagebabe

I decided that with a new year, being single and not really wanting any GD relationship that is too serious besides friendships, I wanted to try some new things and I wanted to try them more often. With that being said, I bit off more than I could chew. Originally I was going to have 5 rules for 9 weeks and then 4 rules on top of that for 3. To some this might seem like fun, but I realized something about myself. I might eventually like the idea of rules, but I do not like having to be the one to enforce...
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