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Watch your steps

Posted Today at 01:09 AM by Cassandra

I would have liked to have shared a picture here but didn't find it. Someone was telling his therapist: "I give so much but I don't get anything back". It was the Santa Claus.

When you give dares or do anything public, you get asked by complete strangers, something like: "Hey, how are you? What are you up to? Could you make an add denial thread for me, too?" And then I sigh a little because it's so difficult for me to say no. He took the first obstacle by choosing an...
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back to what works... pm tasks

Posted Yesterday at 06:36 PM by CrimsonKitten
Updated Yesterday at 08:02 PM by CrimsonKitten

so this slut attempted a poll, which chose how often she was allowed to cum to switch things up, but there was less interaction, and it was not nearly as fun for this slut
so she is going back to pm's ☺️

This slut will blog post a running list,this list will compile along with reports (in comments) until this slut has received 3 CUM pm's
once that third CUM is received she will have until the following morning to complete all tasks on this list that are
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Captions by me c:

Posted Yesterday at 04:25 PM by SissyBabyPuppy
Updated Yesterday at 05:02 PM by SissyBabyPuppy

*1.: The Great Mall Accident*

*2.: Baby Books*

*3.: Oh My A Diaper*
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A Year in the making

Posted Yesterday at 02:27 PM by Doux et vivant

A year ago I met someone that changed my life. I met my Dom Morkhai..

Honestly, I was nervous and scared and didnít know what would happen but we connected right away on a level I never thought possible. Not only on a sexual level and emotional level, but intellectually as well and on a level that I can only call soul shattering.

He chased me. He overcame my fears and cared for me in such a way that it let my real feelings come out and it was amazing.

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Bet #3 for "Add to Gonzalez' denial"

Posted Yesterday at 01:59 PM by Cassandra
Updated Yesterday at 02:22 PM by Cassandra

Gonzalez and Cassandra made another bet, giving him the benefit of counting one complete hour in chastity for 3 hours of denial instead of just 2 within the denial time he does for Cassandra due to this thread, and she may not post the keyphrase DEEPTHROAT anymore (and when she does, it is ignored without substitute or compensation). The keyphrase had been chosen by Gonzalez in the thread after consent on the bet.

If the thread reaches 5,000 posts by the end of Sunday in GMT+1, Gonzalez...
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Bet #2 for "Add to Gonzalez' denial"

Posted 01-15-2018 at 04:33 PM by Cassandra

Cassandra bets the thread won't get 1,750 posts by 16.01.2018 midnight (end of that day, same day as this blog post) GMT+1 in that thread. If Cassandra is wrong because the thread got 1,750 posts or more by that time, Gonzalez got to choose 1 keyphrase Cassandra is not allowed to use anymore in this thread (and if she does, her bad, Gonzalez just ignores it). If Cassandra wins because it is less than 1,750 posts, then she sends Gonzalez a hypno file to listen to at least once a day for 7 days plus after...
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Bet #1 for "Add to Gonzalez' denial"

Posted 01-15-2018 at 02:54 PM by Cassandra

Sam (aka Samishere, who owns her pet Matt aka Matt, Nanami and Cassandra bet a threesome on how many posts the thread Add to Gonzalez' denial gets within it's given time to add denial time, exactly by 9 pm GMT on 27th January 2018.

We have these 3 cases, if the post count will be:

1st case: Less than 10,000
Sam creates an adding thread for oddjobber within his limits and involving Cassandra (privileges to give reduction tasks, add special tasks without reduction,...
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